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Good girl gone bad (GGGB)

Novel By: InfinityAndBeyond

Jasmine hates bad boys, every last bit of them. She hates the cliche of them and has always displayed her hate for them. However when she wakes up one Saturday morning naked and in Eric Johnson bed things become very complicated. Now for some strange reason Eric won't leave her alone, is it because he's bored or is it something else? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 11, 2013    Reads: 1,618    Comments: 56    Likes: 16   

tumblr_mez82e9D5E1romzeno1_500.jpgEric Johnson

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTfTjlXQZFw81IVcCEB-dNJasmine Diamond

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRUTSfoAu0AV2vmp4fc91TJackie Riemond

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTZAZkB98KPr1WsPxeHYC1Sam White

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ_ov2c7TYvCdYrvMe5PJhHarry Edmond



I hate those cliché bad boys. Ones that smoke and sleep with girls every day, ones that maybe have an eyebrow piercing or have a soft spot for their little siblings. I loathe them.

So why did I wake up wrapped around Eric Johnson the baddest boy of our school naked?!

"Fuck no!" I spat out to the sunlight bedroom. To somebody looking at us it would seem like a beautiful picture. The drapes hanging loosely allowing sunlight to drip in, illuminating the room, the boys arm slung protectively over the girls naked back. The perfect romance.

For me this was my worst nightmare.

"Fuck no!" I cried out again, pushing off Eric as he started stretching lazily. I scanned the room in horror as I saw my clothes discarded around the room as if they had been thrown off in a passionate frenzy.

"Uuuuuuurh" a groan escaped from Eric's lips.

I scurried to the edge of the bed dragging the duvet with me.

"Hello sexy" he said in a deep seductive voice. I felt vomit form in my mouth.

"No!" I cried out again. Eric gave me a slow wink. I slowed down the bile.

"Did we sleep together?" I asked in a clipped tone

Eric looked at me as if I had just asked if I could have his babies

"Well we are naked and erm there's a condom wrapper on the floor... Actually several"

I held my head in my hands, feeling the tears form in my eyes.

"Cover your eyes" I snapped as I spotted my dress near his bedroom door, Eric looked bemused.

"Close your fucking eyes!"He nodded.

I ran out the bed but slipped on the duvet exposing myself.

"Damn that body!" Eric groaned, choosing to ignore my request and actually sitting up and staring at me as if I was the last cookie on the plate.

I dragged myself across his cream carpet and pulled my dress on; my hair flew in all directions.

After I was appropriately dressed I marched over to the sitting feature in the bed.

"If I hear so much as a fucking word about this then I'll..." Eric smiled coyly

"You'll what?"

"Cut off those balls" I said narrowing my eyes

"You don't even understand how sexy you are at the moment"

He flickered his eyes over my very revealing dress.

"Fuck off Eric" I said as I stormed over to his door and slammed it ignoring the dark chuckling I could hear coming from the room.


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