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Good girl gone bad (GGGB)

Novel By: InfinityAndBeyond

Jasmine hates bad boys, every last bit of them. She hates the cliche of them and has always displayed her hate for them. However when she wakes up one Saturday morning naked and in Eric Johnson bed things become very complicated. Now for some strange reason Eric won't leave her alone, is it because he's bored or is it something else? View table of contents...


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Chapter 1: what happened at Eric's party?

Jackie slammed an iced coffee down on the shared table and raised her perfect eyebrows at me. "I got you your damn coffee, now spill! Where did you go last night?"

She slid down to her seat, her big bouncy curls framing her angelic but Jackie was far from angelic.

With a superstar Mum and a rock star Dad, Jackie took from her father's genes and was a rebel. Jackie had the bitch factor locked down.

I looked out the window where I saw a paparazzi snapping frantically. "Erm that guy..."

"Yes I know, spill!" Jackie sipped loudly

"I went home" I said lying through my teeth.

Jackie rolled her eyes and put down her iced coffee "Bullshit"

Images flashed through my head of Eric pulling my dress over my head and breathing deeply on my neck as I groaned in pleasure.

"You've gone red" Jackie said, pointing a sharp pointed red nail in my face.

"You slept with somebody" Jackie said posing a little for the guy outside the window then sticking a middle finger up, the guy scurried away pleased with his pictures.

"Fine don't tell me, but I will find out you bitch" The door opened to the cafe and I felt a cool breeze drift into my cardigan.

"Eric what do you want?" My head snapped in the direction of Eric who was standing behind his best friend Sam.

"Sam is so yummy, I could just eat him" Jackie breathed out, eyes in the same direction as me.

Eric and Sam ordered and Jackie caught Sam's eye. Sam started whispering to Eric and they slowly swaggered over to us. Eric gave me a wolfish grin.

"Hello ladies" Eric grinned. He had his eyebrow piercing in and a cigarette behind his ear. Bad boys were so disgusting. I looked at the window intentionally.

"That party was fucking amazing" Jackie gushed to Eric but scanning her eyes over Sam. Eric laughed "it was certainly a great night for me"

I clenched my fists under the table and carried on staring at the window staring at the dog peeing against the pole

"I met a girl last night" Eric boasted while Jackie raised her eyebrows and I could feel myself panic, Jackie wasn't dumb.

"She practically rushed me up to the bedroom!" he exclaimed his eyes boring into me. I slammed my fist against the table.

"Thank you Eric for that lovely information, thanks for the party" Eric gave me a wink and Jackie looked back and forth between us.

"Erm Jackie?" Jackie whipped her head towards Sam who was looking agitated.

"Sam" she drawled

"Erm... I...... Er"

"Sam you have my number, I'm available on Friday at 8. Let's have a fucking good time" Sam got redder by the second, Jackie was an intimidating girl.

"Okay bye" I spat out mostly to Eric who licked his lips and mouthed the words sexy. After their order was up they left allowing me to breath.

"You banged ERIC" Jackie practically screamed at me causing people on other tables to jump

"Bad bitch" she muttered in shock.

Another image of Eric nibbling at my neck popped into my head and I groaned, Jackie gave me a wolf whistle

"I did and I hate myself for it" I whispered shaking my head in shame.


Monday morning and everybody was gossiping about Eric's party except for me. I walked into the girl's bathroom to find Jackie on her phone she held out her hand and mouthed wait. I looked at my face in the mirror

"So I have the house to myself" Jacki snapped.

"Ok you could've just fucking said that" she snapped off her phone and gave me a quick hug.

"My mum's PA, it's like she wants to be my best friend. I just wanted to know if my parents were going away this weekend and she starts jabbering on about her sick cat"

Jacki spritzed on some perfume but stopped and looked over at me.

"Oh yeah, Sarah told me that Harry's been asking about you" I stopped looking in the mirror

"Are you being serious?" I asked turning to face her excitement lighting up my eyes. Jackie resumed spritzing

"Yes, apparently wants your number or some shit like that"

I jumped up and down causing Jackie to roll her eyes at me "Do you know how long I've been hinting that I want him, I mean maybe if I just stood in front of him naked?"

Jackie gave a small laugh and got out her red lipstick that was banned from this school but when your parents paid a large fund towards the school; rules didn't mean a thing.

"I mean Harry is cute but like Eric is one sexy bad boy"

I rolled my eyes at her as she started blotting the red lipstick on some tissue

"I hate-" Jackie rolled her eyes back as she clipped her bag shut

"You hate bad boys..." The bathroom down opened and a couple girls walked in talking about the latest concert that was coming up, they flashed smiles in our direction, Jackie disregarded then but I gave a little wave.

Jackie came up close behind my ear.

"If you hate bad boys... Why did you sleep with one?" She chuckled as she clomped over in her heels to the bathroom door and winked

"See you at lunch bad girl"


I walked into my English class quickly looking in my mirror as I sat down as any minute now Harry would come in flashing me that oh so cute smile.

Soon the bell rang and everybody filed in, Eric who sadly happened to be in my class brushed against me winking and making rude gestures. I could smell the cigarette smoke tumbling out his mouth. As Eric took his seat at the back of the class he gave me a last wink and put up his feet on the table so his t-shirt rode up a little revealing an impressive chest, he caught me looking and waggled his eyebrows.

Harry came in one earphone in and my attention immediately turned to him. His blonde hair looking ever so light and his cute blue eyes searching out for his seat that was next to me. As he sat I sniffed the air breathing in his heavenly scent.

"Hi Harry" I smiled making sure I showed off all my white teeth and pushed my breasts a little forward.

"Jas!" He exclaimed his attention shifting towards my chest. Result.

We were halfway into the class when our teacher a burly grumpy old man called Mr Davies threw a question out.

"Why do women play hard to get?" I sighed and I dropped my pen as I waited for the sexist's comments to follow, Harry shot up his hand brushing my hand, a blush creeping onto his face

"Sir, to be honest it's not always women, men like to feel that they shouldn't have to air out their feelings but maybe it's because they're shy" Harry threw me a look and I couldn't help but squirm with delight, he basically just said he liked me.

A loud snort interrupted my squirming.

"What a load of bullshit" Eric's voice travelled through the whole classroom causing everybody to drop their pens, their eyes fixated on Eric.

Eric stood up and I sighed deeply, I wondered why Mr Davies hadn't pulled him up on his foul language.

"Women play hard to get all the time even though they clearly enjoy a man's company" I felt myself grow frustrated and angry because Eric was directly looking at me as if I was the only person in the classroom.

"Women are always in denial" he took a bow and a few boys whooped and cheered, other girls gushing. I was frowning and was looking everywhere but at Eric. I heard another sigh and turned when I saw Harry shaking his head.

"What a pompous twat" Harry gritted out and I felt my crush for him grow stronger.


The bell rang for class and I slowly started packing my bag, c'mon I was literally begging to be asked out.

"Jasmine?" Harry was now standing face to face with me. I batted my eye lashes a little.

"Yes?" I asked in a small voice staring at his big brown eyes.

"Do you wanna go out some time?"

Yes! Fist pump, dancing on the table.

"Yes that sounds great" I smiled as he handed me his phone and I hastily tapped my number out. I watched as he walked out looking back at me smiling.

I heard a cough behind me and I whipped my head around to face a smirking Eric

"Leave me the fuck alone Eric"

Eric leaned against a table and I was now fully aware that it was just me and him, in a room, alone.

"Baby, chill" he looked over my body eyes remaining on my breasts that were out a little in my dress

"I mean it Eric, what happened was a mistake; I have nightmares about it that's how bad it was" Eric didn't seem fazed at all.

"Babe, we used like 7 condoms, it must've pretty damn good" and then he walked out leaving me to slam my head against the wall.

I had plenty of friends but Jackie was my best, so we usually just sat alone at a corner in the lunch hall. Jackie had her lunch in front of her already and she was texting furiously.

"What's up?" I said as I sat and I put my bag on one of the empty chairs and starting unwrapping my sandwich.

Jackie gave me a pout her brown eyes getting bigger, she then pushed her iPhone in my face, I scanned the picture of a very drunk looking Jackie leaning in close to Tommy, a guy who she loathed.

"Tommy?" I questioned. I noticed it was at Eric's party a flashback of my clothes being thrown on the floor by Eric made me want to throw up what I had just eaten of my sandwich.

"Tommy put it up on his instagram this morning; so many people have liked it and asked him if we're dating the little dick!"

"Did you sleep with him?" I asked with a mouthful of food not caring how unlady like I was being. "Yes I did" she spat out and I couldn't help but chuckle.

"Bitch you slept with Eric" my laughter stopped abruptly.

"It's different" I said swallowing my bread.

"Speaking of Eric..."

Eric and Sam walked towards our table, Jackie gasped and quickly ruffled her hair and squeezed her boobs together.

"Jasmine" Eric smiled down at me, his green eyes glinting.

"Sam, can I talk to you?" Jackie practically purred as she searched for her bag and realized it was on the floor, she bent down making sure she flashed a bit of her thong, Eric and Sam watched intently. Jackie stood next to Sam and she started leading the way.

"Jackie! Jackie don't leave me with... Arh!!!!" Eric had already sat in the seat that was once occupied by Jackie.

Eric started biting into his sandwich; I looked around me and wondered why nobody was attempting to save me from this arsehole.

"So are you and that gay guy Harry dating or something?" He raised his eyebrows my mouth flapped open.

"Why do you care?" I narrowed my eyes.

"He's gay" Eric burped loudly and started rubbing his stomach knowing full well that this action would reveal his stomach. I willed my eyes not to even so much as glance at it.

"I'm so much better than that fag; I mean you enjoyed it... Remember when you were practically screaming my-"

I stood up hastily, causing my chair to scrape across the floor, a few heads turned in our direction.

I leaned over the table so now I was towering over him

"Listen to me you dipshit! This, this right here is sexual harassment! I could report you"

I now realized that I had pushed my boobs up in Eric's face and he clearly wasn't listening.

"ARRRRRG" I shouted marching out the lunch hall and past Jackie and Sam who were now leaning against a wall kissing.


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