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Good girl gone bad (GGGB)

Novel By: InfinityAndBeyond

Jasmine hates bad boys, every last bit of them. She hates the cliche of them and has always displayed her hate for them. However when she wakes up one Saturday morning naked and in Eric Johnson bed things become very complicated. Now for some strange reason Eric won't leave her alone, is it because he's bored or is it something else? View table of contents...


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Brother and sisterly love

"Andy, you home?" I yelled out as I shut the front door and dropped my bag on the laminated flooring, I slipped off my pumps. The house echoed back in silence and a glum feeling settled in my stomach, I tied my hair in a messy ponytail and stood by the foot of the stairs that led up to Andy's, mums and my own bedroom.

A loud giggle erupted from upstairs, I found myself blushing furiously. Really Andy

I walked into our kitchen that was joined with our living room and got a glass out of the cupboard. I stood by my fridge and stared at the pictures that Mum insisted we put up.

Baby pictures of Andy and I were at the front, I pushed them away gently to see the hidden picture of Lola, my sister who ran away but I'll tell you that story another time.

I poured my glass of water and sat down on one of the black stools that were around the counter top, my phone produced from my dress pocket in my hand. I scrolled through my messages and found one from Mum

I'll be home later, cook or order something if you like

I sighed and deleted the message, recently Mum had been working these crazy shifts but I think it was to distract herself from getting angry with Lola. Mum had become really distant lately and frankly I was done trying to make the effort. It started with the small things like not wanting to give Andy or I hugs, then conversations angered her so she stopped talking to us and finally she stopped eating dinner with us, she'd just take her plate upstairs with her silently but then two minutes later and she was engrossed with her latest conversation on her phone.

I heard Andy's footsteps on the stairs, he scanned the hallway and then motioned for somebody to come down, soft footsteps padded down the stairs

"Hi Andy!" I bellowed causing the girl next to Andy jump and Andy throwing me a frown. There was a brief and very awkward hug and then the front door shut leaving Andy to walk into the kitchen

"Who's the latest slut then?" I said flashing him a cheeky smile, Andy stopped frowning and smiled at me, he couldn't get mad with me.

"That's my girlfriend actually" he said as he punched me in the arm to which I yelped out and punched him back. Andy started poking at my cheeks.

"How is my favourite sis?" I noticed he quickly landed his eyes on the fridge door where her picture was behind everybody else.

"I have a date with this really cute guy called Harry, but this other guy won't leave me alone!" I cried out, I literally tell my brother everything because... Well strangely he listens maybe because he notices that our Mum doesn't really care anymore. Andy ran his big man hands through his hair and took a seat across me

"Do go on" he said. I rested my phone on the counter top

"Well you see Leon's brother, Eric?" Andy gave a brief nod

"I slept with him" I quickly shot out to prevent him from asking any questions

"But now he literally won't leave me alone, every god damn 5 minutes he tells me how good he gave it too m-" Andy covered his ears and crumpled his face in disgust.

"I don't want to think about my little sister in that way but either you gave it to him really good-" he made gaging noises and I swatted his muscular arm.

"Or! He might have developed feelings for you" I choked on the water I just swallowed and Andy calmly watched me until I had stopped

"You done?" I nodded but nursed my throat

"That guy has no feelings at all" I muttered. Andy shrugged and got up off the chair.

"Where's Jack?" Andy was referring to Jackie, they had this flirty thing going on but I knew it was nothing serious, I frowned at him.

"You claim you have a girlfriend, leave Jackie alone" Andy gave me a cocky grin, his impeccably straight teeth sparkling, Andy had certainly inherited from our Dad's side, while I had an almost caramel shade to my skin like Mums, Andy was paler. Andy had dark hair and light blue eyes while I had light hair and dark eyes.

We didn't actually look like each other that's why when we're out together people assume we're a couple, with my petite height and his 6 foot something height we easily looked like a couple. Disgusting much?

"It has to work on both parts, if I stop texting Jackie, she has to stop texting me" I rolled my eyes as I walked into our living room and out to our hallway so I could get my school bag and start some homework. Andy followed behind.

"Where's mum?" Andy asked a stern look on his face, I also wasn't the only one who noticed Mum's sudden detachment.

"Working late" I sighed as I pulled my bag with me and perched on the stairs. Andy looked down at the flooring and then met my eyes; I could tell what he was thinking.

"Dad called for you" I tutted loudly and stood up to walk up the stairs, I didn't want to be rude to Andy but I didn't want to talk about my Dad. Andy stretched a long hand to pull me back.

"You can't ignore him forever" I folded my arms against my chest not caring that I probably looked like a little kid.

"It's okay for you, you actually get on with his "new" family, they like you!" I avoided meeting Andy's eyes because I knew they would be sad, I knew I wasn't trying but he left us and created a new family, why did he come back into contact?

Andy pulled me into a hug, holding me close. Sometimes he knew I just needed them.

"At least talk to him" Andy replied into my shoulder. I gave a small nod and pulled away giving him a small smile and running up to my bedroom.

An hour had passed and most of my homework was done, Andy had ordered Chinese and he told me it would be ready in about half an hour. I changed into one of my dad's old shirts and flicked on my computer. Opening up my Skype account I saw that my Dad was online. I took a deep breath and clicked the call button.

It dialled and then my Dad's face popped on the screen.

"Hey pumpkin" he gave me a heart warming smile; I realized that I'd missed it.

I gave a wave and noticed how different he looked, his facial hair that I loved to touch had disappeared, I remember him telling me once that he would never cut off his facial hair. His hair had now been styled and looked heavy with gel. The worst thing? He was wearing a suit.

"I-i thought I'd say hi" I uttered. Dad's eyes looked wet and I felt my heart tug.

"You look so different pumpkin, so mature!" I gave a robotic laugh and tried to not retort that its because he didn't bother to come round or call.

"Brian!" A sweet voice echoed, Dad gave me a panicked look, noticing my instant eye roll.

"Sorry Jasmine, what is it Harley?" I hated the name Harley, always have. So wasn't it strange that it happened to be Dad's wife's name?

Dad bit his lip as the voice carried on talking, he slowly nodded.

"Jas, I need to-" I narrowed my eyes.


Before Dad could see angry tears spilling out my eyes I flipped my laptop lid closed. Andrew pushed open my door "Jas, what happened? His sympathy made me cry more, I gave out a frustrated cry.

"People suck!"

The next morning I decided to look extra nice for Harry. I put on my favourite pair of plain jeans and topped it off with my white crop top and then my knitted cardigan. I let my hair loose out of the plaits I had in before so it lay in soft brownish golden crumples. I applied a little more makeup then usual and pushed thoughts of my Dad away. I spritzed on some perfume and descended downstairs.

The sharp smell of coffee drifted from the kitchen, Mum sat down at the counter top, iPhone in hand a small smile playing on her lips. Mum was a beautiful lady her vibrant eyes hid behind her smart glasses, her brownish golden curls up in a messy bun.

"Good morning Mum" I said fixing my face with a smile, Mum didn't reply.


Mum put down her phone and almost seemed surprised that I was in the kitchen

"Jas! I didn't hear you come in"

"Funny that because I did say hello twice" I mutter. Mum drained the last dregs of coffee in her mug and then placed it in the sink. Mum leant against the sink trying to make eye contact with me.

"Your Dad called the house phone, started rambling on about telling you he's sorry"

I had my back to Mum but I knew she was looking at me curiously. An awkward moment passed until Andy strolled in twirling his car keys. My brother dropped Jackie and myself to school every morning.

"Hi Mum" Andy smiled, Mum went over to hug Andy and I tried not to feel the burn as I didn't get a hug. Andy towered over Mum. Andy looked over at me and he could tell l was pissed so he withdrew from the hug

"You ready Jas?" I gave a brief nod and picked up a fruit from the bowl.

"I'm working late kiddies" Mum said, putting her blazer on that hung from the chair she was perched on. Andy opened his mouth to say something but then closed it and led me to the front door.



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