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Good girl gone bad (GGGB)

Novel By: InfinityAndBeyond

Jasmine hates bad boys, every last bit of them. She hates the cliche of them and has always displayed her hate for them. However when she wakes up one Saturday morning naked and in Eric Johnson bed things become very complicated. Now for some strange reason Eric won't leave her alone, is it because he's bored or is it something else? View table of contents...


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"Dick face!"

I slammed the car door shut behind me and released a sigh, Andy looked over towards me.

"Cheer up kiddo, don't worry about Mum" well it was easy for him seeing as Andy was clearly Mum's favourite. I tried to ignore the burning sensation in my chest and swallowed my tears.

"Whatever" I muttered as I looked out the window, Andy sped up and soon we were on Jackie's road, her big mansion in clear view. Andy tooted the horn to alert Jackie and then cut the engine.

"Has Lola emailed you recently?" Andy anxiously asked me as he gripped the steering wheel tightly.

I nodded slowly "she said she might come down with the baby and stay with ... Dad"

Relief spread across Andy's face, Lola was his little sister, he did have to look out for even if she wasn't in the country. A heavy silence remained as I wondered what to say, it was still a touchy subject.

"I really miss her" I said looking out in front of me to see Jackie's door opening.

Andy pulled his eyes away from the steering wheel and placed his hand on my shoulder "I bet she misses you too"

"This is all Mum's f-" Andy put his hand up and shook his head, I pushed it too far.

"Don't start Jas, give Mum a break"

I was about to put up an argument when the back seat door was thrown open as Jackie threw her bag at the seat across her as she flung herself in. A rich perfume smell surrounded the car.

Jackie leant forward to give me a hug and winked over at Andy, I gagged. Andy scanned his eyes over at Jackie's luscious curves in her figure hugging dress and he bit his lip, I swatted his arm and pointed at the steering wheel.


Today was a long one but I was just looking forward to my last period with Harry. As I walked into my last period I saw that Harry was already seated on our table. He had a simple t-shirt on and a small silver chain around his neck; his ocean blue eyes were focused on his phone while his messy hair fell in every direction, as he typed something his arm bulged.

He looked up from his phone and did a double take as his eyes landed on my outfit. Check mate.

"Hi" I gushed as I pulled my chair out to sit down. "What you listening to?"

Harry shot me a grin that made his eyes crinkle and my heart jumped, I felt like jelly as his arm brushed mine to hand me one of his earphones. I nodded my head in time with the beat of the music and he gave a low chuckle making me squirm in delight.

"well hello sexy" that voice, that stupid annoying but fucking sexy voice that made me look up and take out the earphone, beside me Harry sighed and glared up at the one and only Eric.

I stood up quickly closing the space between us, he had a black jumper on today with tight skinny jeans and biker boots, it totally worked for him and couldn't help my eyes travelling down his torso. I lifted my eyes back up fast.

"Hey dick face, I have a name, stop calling me sexy!" I whispered. Eric leaned down and I felt his hot breathe tickle my neck as he leaned down towards my ear

"What should I call you then?" I felt myself sway a little towards him and my eyes close involuntarily. I was scared he was going to nibble my ear but I wanted him to as well.

Harry cleared his throat loudly causing my to jerk my head away and open my eyes, Eric frowned at Harry but then walked past me not before grabbing a handful of my arse. I slapped his arm and he walked away sliding down to his seat where he started chatting to Jessica a pretty blonde.

"God that guy annoys me so much!" I huffed as I took my seat back beside Harry who noticed the blush that was spreading round my face, he nodded but didn't look exactly happy so I snuggled a bit closer to him so now my mouth was by his ear.

"After class, we need to talk about our date arrangement" I said smiling as a small blush appeared on Harry's face.
"Eric! Jasmine!" Mr Davies bellowed as people started filling out the classroom, I looked over at Eric who was staring at me. Harry looked over at Mr Davies.

"I'll wait for you" Harry muttered not exactly looking in my direction.

I pulled my cardigan around me and walked over to Mr Davies desk, Mr Davies was quite attractive for an older man, and his stubble made him x10 more attractive. Eric stood beside me, way too close for my liking.

Mr Davies held some papers in his hand and sighed "Eric, your grades are slipping, your step-mother won't be happy" Eric snorted and looked over at me shrugging his shoulders. What an idiot.

"Jasmine, no need to worry your grades are perfect as always" I gave a smug grin over to Eric who rolled his eyes and ran a hand through his light brown hair.

I looked over at Harry who was now bending down to pick something up that he dropped on the floor; I craned my neck to check out his arse.

"Jasmine? Did you hear what I just said?" Mr Davies said a little louder to get my attention. I snapped my head up and blushed.

"Sorry sir, what did you say?" I looked back over at Eric to find him grinning at me

"You have to help me out here Jasmine and tutor this helpless boy" I felt my body stiffen and my eyes narrow into slits, I pushed past Eric so now I was standing in front Mr Davies.

"Sir-" I gritted out "I hate him, please don't make me do this" Mr Davies not so subtly checked out my breasts and my stomach and I slammed my hand down on his desk.

"Jasmine-" he replied as he dragged his eyes off my chest "this will look good on your CV or when you apply to college, this will benefit you too"

"I can't believe this" I hissed under my breath. Eric bit his lip as I turned around to face him "you dick!" I shouted out as I came up in his face not caring that if I stood any closer to him my lips would be on his. "You fixed this didn't you?" I whispered to his lips.

"Jasmine, language!" Mr Davies said standing up and pulling me away from Eric who was smiling at me. I put up my middle finger. I ran my hands through my hair breathing through my nose. I glanced at Harry and he gave me a small smile.

"Jasmine, I need you to start urgently, maybe this weekend?" I held my head in my hands, so now I was meant to sacrifice my weekends for this guy.

"Fine whatever, can I go?" I said not even waiting for a reply as I trudged back to Harry who pulled me in for a hug.

"How about this Saturday we go out, we can make a day or it" Harry gave me a questioning look and I smiled, I couldn't help but smile when I was around this guy.

"Oh no! Sorry-" Eric came up behind me, his arms hovering around my waist, not sounding sorry at all.

"- she has to tutor me this Saturday" Eric said proudly as he snaked his arms around my waist, I pulled away so fast I fell onto Harry, he held my hand. Eric glanced down at our hands.

"There's always Sunday" Harry replied mostly to me and I nodded staring right back to Eric who's face hardened.

"I'll call you Jasmine" Eric replied before rushing out the classroom.
"More sexy time with Mr sexy?" Jackie laughed as I explained what happened in English.

"How sexy" Jackie said as the wind picked her hair to which she quickly tied up. I frowned and I bit angrily into my sandwich.

"Hey you wanna stay at mine this weekend?" Jackie asked as she also bit into her sandwich, her painted red fingernails brushed crumbs from her dress.

"It's closer to Eric's house" she laughed, I hit her. A shadow blocked our sunshine and I looked up to find Tommy standing sneering at Jackie

"Jas! Nice to see you" he said but only had eyes for Jackie. I gave a small smile and took out my phone, let Tommy and Jackie have their moment.

"Can you get out the fucking way" Jackie gritted.

"No" Tommy replied and I couldn't help but laugh at the way Jackie recoiled. Nobody but Tommy had the guts to talk back to Jackie.

"Take down those photos" Jackie snapped as she put her sandwich down in the box on the grass


Jackie gave a small scream and stood up so now they were face to face. They would actually be a perfect couple; Tommy had curly hair just like Jackie's which he ruffled back.

Jackie had always complained that she wouldn't be able to find a guy who she could go on a date with and she wouldn't have to worry about knocking the guy's confidence down because she was inches taller. Tommy was still taller than her even in her killer heels.

"The only reason why you won't put down the pictures down is because you like me!" Jackie gave a snort. Tommy scoffed.

"What a big headed ego monster like you... Please, don't flatter yourself" I gasped a little but couldn't help enjoying their little spat.

"Well at least I don't have to insult people to make myself feel better" Tommy growled and then stomped off; Jackie clapped her hands and then sat back down beside me

"God that guy is so annoying!"

A/N: I'm thinking of next chapter, Eric POV thoughts? Let me know in the comments! <3

tumblr_m6wioffeUq1rafjg8o1_500.jpgTommy (:


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