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You're joking right?

Short story By: Inhuman

Tags: Romance, Life

Lexi Reaves was quite happy with how her life was going until Liam Farlo showed up, claiming to own half of the apartment she was living at.
He is a sexy, toned and witty 20 year old man who seems perfect for her. But one problem is she doesn't like him. And there are other guys that seem to appear from all over the place...
Will she get over him and settle in her shared apartment or will she drive him out?

Contains strong language.

Copyright 2013 Inhuman View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 19, 2013    Reads: 105    Comments: 7    Likes: 4   

"Bathroombathroombathroombathroom!" Liam shouted at me and pushed passed me trying to get into the doorway.

"Listen idiot. I'm going first." I push him backwards with my hip and right hand and keeping my towel together with the other. "I need to take a shower." He turned and smirked at my towelled body

"So do I, let me go first." I blushed at his scrutiny then flipped him the finger. "No way idiot. I need to take a shower, I have 25 minutes to get ready for work and so I need to go first. End of conversation."

He slipped his finger into the top of the towel and tugged gently. "What are you doing you perverted freak!" I yell at him and push him away.

He smirks at me "You said you needed to take a shower and well so do I. So let's take one together, hurry up and take off that towel." I blush a deep red and step back wards.

"Screw you. I want you to move out." He grins and steps with me.

"You know there was a mix up and I don't think I will be moving for quite a while yet. No space." He pouts and leans forward.

"And why should I care." I snap defensively and raise my chin. I will not give in to this idiot of a roommate. "Just move out of my way so I can take a shower." I glance at the clock down the hall. 20 minutes left.

"Okay I'll move. On one condition." He smirks yet again and leans closer as if in dramatic effect. I lean closer too, interested. "I'll only move...If you...Kiss me." He purred into my ear seductively.

I flinched backwards in shock. "No way you idiot. You're such a damn pervert!" I cry out hurriedly, blushing bright red. He smirks at me and looks at my blushing cheeks.

"Come on, time's ticking Lexi. 15 minutes." I tap my foot impatiently and consider it.

"Come on Liam, just let me use the bathroom and I'll kiss you later." I say crossly and try to push past him. He put out a muscular arm to block the doorway. I looked up his arm, trailing each inch of it slowly with my eyes.

"What are you looking at?" I hear his smile, stupid asshole.

"A perverted idiot who wont let me take a shower." I moan annoyed and try and move past his arm put he just circles it around my body and pulls it flush with his. I can feel his strong chest through my towel and his flannel shirt.

"I've given you my options Lexi." he growls at me and my legs shake. I look up into his blue eyes, which seem warm even though they look icy.

I lean forward slowly. "Fine, I really need to shower. But it doesn't mean anything you pervert." He smirks at me triumphant and if I was wearing any panties I swear they would drop. I blush at my thoughts. What are you thinking Lex? Get your head out of your ass.

I lean further forward and pull his shirt downwards so we could get some kind of height similarity. I breath in a few nervous breaths, looking at my feet.

He smelled nice, like... like...the lime shower gel I keep in the bathroom. "Hurry up. 10 minutes." He grinned sarcastically.


I stopped, millimetres from his lips. I bit my lip in thought. He reached up and pulled my lip free. "Don't do that Lex, not if you want to make it to work on time." He said huskily. I wasn't listening though. I lean to the left and trail my nose up his neck slowly and breath deep. "Lexi. I don't want to take advantage of you but it's going to happen if you keep doing things like that." He added gruffly but didn't pull away.

I grinned but leaned back, hiding my smile. "Have you already showered?" I asked accusingly and narrowed my eyes. It took him some time to recover from his sexual trance, then he smirked again. "Yup."

I punched him in the chest and scowled. "You fricken' perverted asshole!" I repeatedly shoved him but he was too heavy. "What? I did nothing." He smiled innocently and I just gaped at him.

"Nothing? you pervert! you sicko! Your creeper! Y-" My towel slipped a bit, revealing a little cleavage. I looked up and saw Liam smirking and staring. He leaned forwards tracing a cool finger up my cleavage and into my collar bone and I shivered. He placed his hand against the curve of my neck and twirled a small piece of my brunette hair around his finger.

He leaned in and his warm breath tickled my ear. He trailed hips lips up the length of my jaw and kissed my temple. I shifted away uncomfortably and he let me go. "Tick tock Lexi. 5 minutes." he whispered roughly and walked away down the hall.

"You little shit. Do you want to die!" I screamed at him walking away and I heard him chuckle.

Shit. I'm dead.


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