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Tell Me I'm A Natural

Novel By: Ink Stain

One boy can be trouble..
Two boys means a disaster
And three boys will lead to total destruction...

Lucida's mother, who is desperately trying to hang on to her youth, has gotten a new boyfriend, young Lukas who is way to young for Michelle, and way to hot to resist.

While trying to cope whit her mother, and keep Lukas at arms length Luce is growing more and more frustrated.

But what happens when her ex suddenly comes back and breaks down her unstable little world.
And when she can't resist Lukas anymore and gives in...

Between two boys, a crazy BFF, and a sexually confused best friend Luce once again finds herself in the middle of trouble...Three is a magic number? NOT!

AN; I am currently editing this story, checking for spelling errors, and adding some detail. Also the character previously known as Patch or Patrick is now named Lukas or Luke, if you will. I apologize if you find i confusing. I will try to get the whole thing edited as fast as possible!!! View table of contents...


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AN; I am currently editing this story, checking for spelling errors, and adding some detail. Also character previously known as Patch or Patrick is now named Lukas or Luke, if you will. I apologize if you find it confusing, I will try to get the whole thing edited as fast as possible!!!

Just Smile And Wave


"MOM!" I yelled as I walked through our front door, while feeling more than a little annoyed that she literally forbade me to hang out with my BFF Alex. We had plans to go to the movies to watch Paranormal Activity 3, and then we were going out to eat, at my favorite chines restaurant.

"I'm in the kitchen honey" She called, sounding very cheerful, which annoyed the crap out of me.
 I stalked towards the kitchen planning on giving her a peace of my mind, or at least get an explanation as to why I had to come home right after school. I was not a child anymore so she had better have an exceptionally good reason.

"What th..." I started to say as I walked trough the door, but stopped talking, as I suddenly found myself unable to speak. My mom was leaning against the kitchen counter in a short, and I do mean short skirt, and annoyingly enough my top! "Mom what the hell are you wearing? And who said you could borrow my top?" I yelled angrily, placing my hands on my hips, and giving her my death glare. But even though I shouted at her she just smiled and came over and hugged me tightly against her body.

"Do you like it? I bought this yesterday" She said pulling out in her skirt, and twirling around like a twelve year old "And you haven't been wearing this top in like forever, so I didn't think you'd mind"

I just looked at her as if she was crazy, which made sense since she was crazy. My mom had been a little weird this past month, well she had always been weird, but lately she was growing more, and more immature in person, and older in appearance, but sadly not in style. She constantly ran around in short skirts and shorts, swinging with her non-existent hips. Nothing she wore ever came below the knee, and she would rather die than wear a turtleneck. Since I was the teenager in the house I found it very unnerving that my mom was dressing just as young as me, but twice as slutty. According to a guy named Erick from my school, my mom was a MILF, which apparently meant; mom I'd like to fuck, in geek.

"I do mind, but you're already wearing it, so whatever. Was there any relevant reason as to why I had to come home? Alex and I were gonna go to the movies!" I complained, still standing in my pissed-off position, with knees apart and my hands on my hips.

"Oh yeah of course! Luce I have someone I'd like you to meet" My mom said, her smile stretching from ear to ear, showing off all her smiling wrinkles which made her look 5 years older than her 32 years. I rolled my eyes at her, and threw my arms up in the air in frustration. Here we go, it's another boyfriend, can't wait. "Really, mother? You forbade me to hang out with my friend just so I could meat your knew boyfriend?"

"Well honey I really like this one. And since I am going to a meeting at the hospital in a few hours, you will be here alone with him, so I thought I'd introduce you to before I went" She said, her smile fading the way it always did when I called her by her mother instead of mom, and I only did that because I knew she hated it, it makes her feel old.

I sighed deeply, and dropped my hostile act, I just couldn't stay mad at her, I found it difficult to be the kid and act out when my parent and roll model acted even more immature than I did.

"Oh okay, so were is thi.." Before I could finish my sentence this really hot guy walked into our kitchen, making every dream guy I ever had crumbled in sham, and die of envy.
 He was very tall, muscular but not to much, he had just the right amount. He had dark hair that fell into his smoldering green eyes, and when he smiled at me I got all hot and tingly inside, which wasn't a good thing... At all. I simply could not stop staring, and as if my jaw didn't drop when I saw him, it defiantly hit the floor, when he went over, put his arms around, and kissed my mother!

"Honey this is Lukas, but you can call him Luke. Luke this is my daughter Lucinda" my mother said smiling up at him, looking like a teenager in love.

"Nice to meet you Lucinda" Lukas said in the most amazing, sexy, husky, deep voice.

Needless to say I was in a state of complete shock, there was just no way that, that guy could bee interested in my mother!

"Luce?" My mom asked sounding a little annoyed that I wasn't saying hallo to Lukas.

"I... Erh... How old are you?" I asked, before I could stop myself, I just couldn't believe my eyes. Lukas chuckled, and it was a sound that did sinful things to my insides

"I'm 22" he said, with a smile.

-22! Twenty-fucking-two? 
You gotta be kidding me! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!?
 My mom isn't exactly old, she got me when she was 15, and I am 17 now, so she's 32, but still, 22!?

There was 10 years between them!!!-

"Oh" I said, not knowing what else to answer, I had never been in such an uncomfortable situation in my life, and trust me, I had been in some very uncomfortable ones "I.. I have homework to do" I said, saying the first thing that popped into my mind, that could get me out of the room with those two. I quickly excused myself and bolted for the stairs, feeling Lukas's eyes following me out, and my mom's poppy-dog eyes judging and pouting at me.

On my the way up the stairs I heard my mom quietly saying "Well... That went better than I'd hoped" and then she let out a frustrated sigh.

"Don't worry Michelle, she'll come around. After all we have the whole night together"

-The whole night alone with this Lukas guy?
A guy that I under any other circumstances would be all over, with drool running from my mouth...
No! Wait what am I thinking? He's dating my... My mother...-


I spent the whole afternoon in my room. It was my way of avoiding Lukas and the thought of him at all costs, there was just no way that I was spending time with him, alone. I got out of the shower, and through on some shorts and a tank top, and brushed my long dark hair. Having waist long hair was beautiful, but a nightmare, it tangles easily, and takes years to dry, plus I get all the blame whenever people find long dark hairs, and it doesn't matter if it's up, or in a braid, as if I was the only person with dark hair in this world. 
While trying to get a knot out of my mane, I felt my stomach complaining, and I noticed just how hungry I was. 
I quickly put my hair up in a messy bun on my head, and walked down into the kitchen, planning on raiding the fridge for all it's content, and then hiding it and myself in my room, storing food for the long night.

"Hey there" I heard a voice whispered in my ear, and I jumped in surprised, and quickly turned around to face Lukas, who was standing very close to me.

"Hi" I said, but it barely came out as a whisper. He smiled down at me, but did not move away. We were standing so close that I could feel his breath on my face, and it made sinful thoughts flood my mind, but I quickly pushed them aside.
It didn't make things better when he slowly looked up and down my body, and smirked, making my skin tingle, and suddenly I was all to aware of how short my shorts really were -I had underpants that was longer-.

"Where have you been all day?" He asked still standing close, still looking way to good.

"I.. In my room"

He took a deep breath "Too bad" he said before he changed the subject "I like your outfit by the way"

"Thanks" I managed to say, and pushed him away from me, trying to get some distance between us. I had to get away from him to stop all the dirty thoughts that was screaming inside my head, I really had to, he was my mothers boyfriend for crying out loud. I herd him laugh a little. I needed to think. I needed to clear my head. Was it just me, or was he making a pass at me? 

I walked over and hopped up on the kitchen counter, snatching an apple up from a bowl filled with fruit.

"Sooo. How long have you known my mom?" I asked, swinging my legs in the air, and as I did I mentally slapped myself for not just running up to my room. But I wanted to know more about him, and I needed to know what I was dealing with.

He turned around to face me

"About a month" He said as he moved closer, so he was standing right in front of my legs, forcing me to stop swinging them.

"Uh... So your her boyfriend?" I asked, sounding kind of lame. Of course I already knew the answer to my question, but I couldn't come up with a better question, and I needed to distract him.

"I guess you could say that" He said, his voice deep, husky and very sexy. Apparently my attempt to distraction him with my questions didn't help, because his hand leaned against the counter resting just beside my tight, making obvious contact. I felt my legs grow numb, but warm were he's hand touched me.

-Okay think, Luce, THINK!-

I felt tingly all over, and for a second I found myself wishing he would put his hand completely on my thigh.
I swallowed and took a bite of my apple, and was a little more than shocked when he leaned in and took a bite of the other side the same time as I did.

"Mmm" He purred, looking straight into my eyes. And my breath caught when his thumb graced the side of my thigh.

-Why does it have to feel so good when he touches me?
No Luce, stop just STOP!-

"Ooookay, I have homework to do!" I said, and hoped sideways down from the counter, to ignore further physical contact with Lukas.

"I thought you already did that earlier?" he asked smirking at me.

"I.. I forgot I also have... A ... An essay for tomorrow" I stammered.

"I could help you?" He offered leaning in again, and I feared that this time he wasn't going for the apple.

"No, no that's alright, I... I'll manage" I said quickly, before he could get any spunky ideas.

"Okay" He said stepping back from me, finally giving me some space.

I smiled shyly at him and I hurried up towards my room, annoyed with his effect on me, and even more annoyed that the only food I got was a stinking apple. 
As I reached the stairs, I heard Lukas laugh from the kitchen.

*Lukas's point of view*

I stayed in the kitchen, and looked after Luce as she ran up the stairs, she was probably going up to hide in her room again for the rest of the night.

I could not help laughing a little to myself, what the hell was wrong with me? 
I hadn't even known the girl for a day, and I had already made her uncomfortable by slightly hitting on her, and judging by her reaction she kind of liked it, but she also freaked a little, which meant that I had to keep it down or else I she was going to freak completely.
 What was it about her that made me act the way I had? This was so unlike me!
 She was my girlfriends daughter, and the fact alone that I had a girlfriend should keep me completely uninterested, but somehow that did not seem to matter so much.
I frowned a little and shook my head.

It wasn't that that I didn't like Michelle, I did, I really did, she was a really nice woman, but there was something about her daughter, maybe it was the fact that she was younger than me, but still seem more mature than her 32 year old mother, or the fact that she was insanely beautiful.

I sat down and rested my head on my hand -Oh Lukas, what are you doing?- I asked myself, but I quickly pushed the thought away.

I needed some fresh air to clear my head.

"Hello?" Asked a voice in the other end of the phone.

"Hey man" I answered as I turned and walked down the road, taking a walk to clear my head.

"Lukas?" Adam asked sounding a little confused.

"Yes! Have you already forgotten the sweet sound of my voice darling?" I teased with a fake hurt voice.

"Of course not, I was actually just having my special time with myself, funny thing, I was just thinking about you when I was about to..."

"DUDE! That is far enough!" I shouted into the phone, but Adam just started to laugh

"I always win" He laughed.

"Only because you turn into a complete pervert!"

"So? Sue me! Or the woman who made me!"

I smiled to myself, Adam would never change, he would try but only if it had something to do with a girl, but he would never really succeed.

"So, to what do I owe the pleasure of your sweet melodic voice in my ear, on this lovely afternoon" Adam asked with a fake British accent.

"You can get your ass out of bed and come show me a good time!" I said and smirked as I kicked a rock into a garden on the other side of the street

"Ahh but I was just having a good time, and in my mind you were..."

"Adam, I'm serious, I need a distraction!" I sighed.

"A distraction? As in girl trouble?"

"I wouldn't exactly call it trouble just... Disturbing interests that could possibly lead to trouble"

"Hold on, I'll be there in five... Send me your location" Adam said and then he hung up.

I quickly texted my location, and put my phone back in my pocket. I needed a guy's opinion since I couldn't trust my own judgment on the subject, a fact that scared me a little.


"Are you still seeing that old chick?" Adam asked, as the waiter came with his scotch and my beer

"Michelle is not old, just... Older" I said, and raised my eyes brow at him "Seriously? Scotch? It's not even 4.pm"

"It's cool and you know it! You're just upset that you can't pull it off... And as for Michelle, she is old and you know it! How come you can't find a girl on your own age, or younger?" He asked and wiggled his eyebrows "Young girls are so much easier, they haven't decided what they want yet, so they'll settle for just about anything"

"You are such a douche" I said, and tasted my beer.

"No, I'm a realist! Now, what is it that's disturbing you?" He asked, and sipped his scotch, whilst giving the young girl behind the bar a grin and a wink before returning to our conversation

"Michelle has a daughter." I sighed, and downed the rest of my beer like a thirsty cave man.

"And I'm guessing she is hot by the way you just gulped down that beer?" He asked, eyeing me suspiciously.

"Painfully so" I admitted.

"So fuck her!" He said, as if he had given me the answer to all my problems, making it sound as if it was as simple as that, and that I was to stupid to see it.

"Believe it or not, but not every human being solves a problem with their dicks" I snapped. I was started to be a little annoyed with Adam, he could be so incredibly immature.

"Yes I know, but I'm just staying... The world sure would be a better place" He said, and turned his attention to the girl behind the bar once more.

"Yes well, just forget it okay? it was obviously a mistake telling you this" I said, and started to get up, but Adam caught my arm.

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry, I will take it serious just sit down?"

I eyed him for a second, but decided to sit down nonetheless.

"So what is it about this..?"

"Lucinda" I answered

"Lucida" He said tasting the word before he continued. "That is so disturbing?"

I sighed "She is incredibly beautiful, and truth be told she makes her mother crumble in shame. And even though I only just met her today, but I have a feeling that her being around is going to bring me some... Difficulty"

"You want her more than her mother, and the mother is your girlfriend" Adam said, stating the obvious.

"Basically, yes" I said, and ran my fingers through my hair.

"Oh boy" He said, "you my friend, have been put in a dangerous position, and obviously you can't do anything about your attraction to this Lucida"

I looked at him with shock, I knew I could do nothing about my attraction, well at least not anymore than I already had, but to hear it from another person stung, and to hear it from Adam -then man who encouraged all sorts of perversities imaginable- just hurt awfully

"I sort of already did…"

Adam almost choked in his scotch "Excuse me?"

"I sort of already hit on her" I said shamefully.

"What kind of animal are you? You only just met her, and under these circumstances even I could hold longer than that! How long had you known her before your stupidity took over?"

"About 4 hours" I mumbled feeling rather stupid and out of control. Adam was right what on earth was I thinking? Had I gone momentarily insane? And if so, would I do it again?

"Man, you really are an animal, aren't you? Well there are only two solutions to your problem. And the first one is; get the fuck out of there!"

I frowned, not really liking that idea, I wanted to know more about, Lucinda, or Luce as her mother called her, and even though it was a stupid idea I could not just leave her, it would be an unsolved mystery that would haunt me for the rest of my life.

"What's my other option?"

"One word; threesome" Adam said with an evil smirk on his face, as he winked at me.

"You my friend are truly disgusting!" I said, making a revolted face.

Adam nodded in agreement, and took a sip of his scotch "and you, my friend, are out on deep water!"



Just somthing I started writing.

Please let me know what you think.

And tell me if you think I should continue.

^^¨Thanks for reading^^


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