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Misery Only Knocks Twice.

Novel By: Inky30

Kristin aka "Kiki Hudson" had given up on dating.
It was an effort she was unwilling to go to. To her the world had no colour ever since her mother had been murdered when she was ten years old
The only thing she was sure of was that Darren Kelleher, her brother's best friend, was a pain in the backside.
However, when for unknown reasons, Darren moves into the Hudson household, cracks began to show in his muscled facade.
Unbeknown to herself, cracks also start to appear in her own.
Little does she know though that his secret is one that will tear her life and family apart.
Misery already has knocked on her door once; Surely it can't come knocking twice.
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Submitted:Dec 11, 2010    Reads: 4,344    Comments: 62    Likes: 21   


The night you get a knock on the door at two thirty is the night you know something is wrong.

Two things started the times when I got a knock on the front door at two thirty:

First time: I found out my mother had been found dead on the side of the road.

Second time: I found out my brother's asshole best friend needed some place to live.

Both were eight years apart but both were going to change my life forever.

Chapter One

Dipping my hand into the fridge I pulled out the slimy bit of chilli chicken between my fingers flicking my tongue underneath to catch some of the sauce that was dripping underneath it as I kicked the fridge closed behind me. "Wow, real attractive sis. Your table manners are amicable!" I froze, almost dropping the chicken in my hand as my brother's voice interrupted the previously quiet kitchen. I had thought I was home alone. I turned around to give out to him as I always did before I froze seeing he wasn't alone.

Darren, my brother Stevo's best friend stood behind him staring at me as my annoyed eyes met his. His eyes flicked down over my low tank top and bed short shorts as my eyes suddenly widened and my cheeks burned slightly to be caught by anyone looking like this at half three in the afternoon. I almost dropped my chicken. "I see you've had a productive day!" Stevo joked as he stepped in the door with Darren following him, his eyes still stuck on me inexplicably. I exhaled sharply through my nose, regaining my composure before turning to look at my brother and narrowing my eyes at him. "What happened to your date with Kooki or Cookie or whatever her name is? She see what an asshole you are and run away from that uni-brow of yours?" I popped the chicken into my mouth as Stevo turned to me with a pissed off expression on his handsome, boyish face. "What would you know about dates Kiki? It's been a while since your last in the middle ages!"

I scowled as I jumped up into the stools beside the kitchen island. Now that had been low. I could have gone on dates, I just chose not to indulge in the silly rituals of going out, doing make up, fixing my hair and shaving my legs so I looked absolutely perfect. I preferred bumming around in my shorts, listening to music and drawing whenever and whatever I felt like. Besides I was streaky with charcoal most of the time so what was the point on dressing up nice only to come home grumpy from a shit date, start to draw and ruin the lovely dress I would be wearing? "Just coz I don't feel the need to be a perpetual slut like you!"

I watched as Darren's tanned skin pulled into a smile on his handsome, eye catching face. He caught my eye with his dark brown ones before I turned away, crossing my feet under me. I couldn't deny that Darren was hot but it was a pity he was a full time asshole.

Darren had been my brother's best friend since I was twelve and they were fifteen and ever since then he liked to remind me that I had gaped like a gutted fish when he said hello. He also liked to remind me that I had been covered in paint that had fallen me in mum's old studio. I blamed hormones making me hallucinate that he was hot when he wasn't. Yet again he was an asshole and cocky as hell.

"Can't help people want a slice of Stevo loving!" My brother chirped as he threw himself down carelessly as always onto the leather three seater beside the door.

I gagged noticeably as I shivered "Never let me have to hear you say anything like that again Steve seriously!" I shivered once more as Darren stepped in front of me and hopped up easily onto the countertop. "Well make yourself at home Darn!" I muttered antagonistically as he scowled at me calling him Darn, something I had been doing for a few years now. His full, plump pink lips turned upside down as I grinned internally seeing this still bothered him. He exhaled audibly before turning to me and casting his deep brown eyes into my light green ones.

"Well you're just a ray of sunshine as always aren't you! Such a welcoming girl as per usual!" He grinned so his big white, shiny teeth glistened at me as I raised a plucked eyebrow at him, trying my best not to smile at him.

I shook my head. "I'll say goodbye to you no problem!" He narrowed his eyes at me as something like annoyance and disappointment jumped through them as I felt a bit of shame in my stomach for being so rude before it passed just as easily. I jumped down off the stool and snagged my hoodie I had discarded earlier from beside Stevo. "Try not to make too much of a mess ye pigs? I saw the kitchen last Friday and I am not cleaning it again!"

"You make us a sandwich then sis!" Stevo challenged as I turned around and glared at him.

"Sure I will if you want that sandwich to be shoved so far down your throat it comes out your ass then no problem!" I hitched a phoney smile on my face as Stevo shook his head with pretend shame at my harsh words. As I turned to go out the door Darren's admiring grin caught my eye as I gazed at him for a second before stepping out the door. I thought about it, how his eyes glimmered chocolate at me before I put it down to admiration that I had finally put my pigheaded brother in his place.

I strolled back into the kitchen and scowled immediately as I saw Darren lying on the couch sipping from a bottle of water casually. "Oh great you're still here!" I sighed rolling my eyes down at him on the couch.

"Oh great you're still as friendly as always!" He retorted his voice irritated before his face grew devilish as he regarded my skinny jeans and black band t-shirt. "I preferred the short shorts to be honest!" He winked at me sexually as I grimaced.

"You are such a creep Darn!" I uttered disgusted plonking myself onto the arm of the sofa. He regarded me with his brown eyes. "I'm just being honest!"

"You're just being a creep!" I muttered looking down at him with unfriendly eyes as he gazed at me, our own little staring competition.

"I'm hurt! You know creep and cute start with the same letter!" He winked once more as I couldn't help but look down at him and laugh. "So do desperate, dreadful, dumb and o, Darren!" I chuckled as he shook his head at me. "Anyone ever tell you, you have quite a mouth on you?"

"Now you're looking at my mouth? You really are a creep!" I exclaimed smiling at the corner of my lips as he let out a huff torn between amusement and vexation.

"You'd only love that wouldn't you Kiki Dee?!" He smirked, his full lips turning into a huge smile as I pretended to shiver before giving him my best dirty look. "Stop calling me Kiki Dee!"

"Stop calling me Darn!" He tilted his brown hair at me so it flopped onto his forehead as I shook my head, not conceding. "Then you're going to have to put up with it Kiki Dee!" I grimaced at him, exhaled and hopped up. "You're putting footprints on our couch!" I pointed out angrily as he grinned at me irritatingly. "Spank me then why don't you?"

I let out an "ugh" before shaking my head at him and murmuring "Creep!"


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