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The Only One ...

Novel By: InspireMex2

Nyah Jewel's life changes when her mother announces she is getting remarried. Nyah is happy until her mother tells her that they are moving across the country. Now she must deal with a new school, new friends, and a new love interest? View table of contents...


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Chapter Two:
I woke up to my alarm going off. I looked at the time and it was 6:45am.
I sighed and got out of bed. I took off my pajamas and wrapped a towel around myself.
I walked downstairs to the bathroom and got in the shower. I had to wash my hair to make sure that my hair dye was set.
I decided to wear my black capris sweatpants, and a white tank top. I put on my knee high cheetah socks and my brown Dr. Martens. There wasn't much I could do with my hair so I put a black and gray cheetah print bow on.
It was October so I knew it was cold outside. I put on a tan scarf and my red Chicago bulls varsity jacket.
I grabbed my messenger bag and my phone then headed downstairs.
Every morning I toast myself a plain bagel and have a glass of orange juice before I go to school. So I went to the kitchen. My mom was there packing. It was only 7:26am.
I went to the cabinet and took out the bagels. I was still not speaking to her. It was the most awkward ten minutes ever.
I ate my breakfast and got up to leave.
"Nyah come here" I heard my mother say.
"What?" I said to her with an attitude.
"One, don't speak to me like that. And Two, you need to go to the office at school and get your transcript papers" she said.
"Fine" I said and walked out the door.
I was right it was freezing outside. I started walking in the direction of my school. It was only about two blocks away.
On the walk I started thinking about what my new school will be like and how the people acted and dressed in California. It's not like I care about fitting in or anything. It's just that I hope there will be people who I can get along with.
I sighed. California. When I think of California I think of cheerleaders, surfing, and stuck up jocks.
All this thinking had me in a daze; I didn't even realize I was already at my school.
I usually meet Lena and Ian by the water fountain behind the school but I went to the main office first to request a copy of my transcript.
I went into the office and approached the secretary.
"Good morning Nyah" she said.
"Good morning Lucy" I replied.
"What can I help you with today?"
"I need a copy of my transcript" I said.
"Okay then. Why do you need a copy?" she asked. I have talked to Lucy many times so I didn't mind telling her.
"I'm moving" I said.
"Oh no" she said, "You are one of our star students".
She's only saying that because two other students and I were chosen to perform for the Julliard scouts and rumor is I'm at the top of their list.
"I know but my mom and Eric are getting married and his job is moving him to California" I said.
"Well, you will be missed" she said. She printed out my transcript and handed it to me.
"Thanks" I said and walked out the office.
There was no point in me going to any of my classes since I was already technically signed out of school.
I figured I should go clean out my locker. It was on the second floor so I went to go up the stairs. Halfway up the stairs I saw Ian.
Oh God, I thought. He was not the person I wanted to see right now.
"Hey" he said giving me a quick kiss. "Where are you going?"
"My locker" I said.
"Oh, I'll walk with you then" he said.
"Um, Okay" I said.
We started walking in the direction of my locker.
"So I finished my history paper last night after an hour of staring at a blank screen" he said with a chuckle.
I going to miss him so much, I thought. He has been my best friend since 6th grade. We did everything together and there was not one thing he didn't know about me.
I looked at his brown eyes and I almost cried right then. He has the most perfect smile.
"What's wrong?" he asked as we approached my locker.
I opened it up and angrily started throwing stuff into my messenger bag.
"I'm moving" I said without looking at him.
"Where to?" he asked.
"California" I said. I started ripping the pictures off my locker door.
"What? Why?" he said. I didn't even want to look at him.
"My mom and Eric are getting married and his job is moving him to California" I explained.
"You can't move" he said.
"Do you think I want to? I already begged my mom not to go but she said it was final" I said.
He pulled me into a hug. "When are you leaving?" he asked.
"Monday and today is my last day of school" I said.
I felt him hug me tighter.
I pulled from him and wiped away my tears.
"Ian" I started to say before he cut me off with a kiss.
"I know this means we have to break up but I don't want to say the words" he said, "So let's just leave it with a goodbye. Okay?"
I nodded because it hurt too much to say anything.
He turned and walked away from me.
"By the way, I love your hair" he said.
I waved a goodbye and waited until he turned the corner before I started crying.
This really sucked. It was going to be a while before I talked to my mom again.
Everything was cleared from my locker so I figured I should find Lena so I could say goodbye.
I went to the cafeteria since she ate breakfast there every morning.
"Nyah!" I heard someone yell from a table in the corner.
I turned and saw Lena sitting with a group of our friends.
"Hey Lena" I said while waving to everyone else.
"So? Did your mom give up on the whole moving thing?" she asked.
"No. We are still moving. Today is my last day and I wanted to say bye to you in person" I explained.
Lena hugged me. "I don't know what I'll do without you! Where will I go when I can't stand my house?" she said, "And who will tell me the truth about whether or not my outfit
looks good?"
"You can send me pictures and call me" I said. She started to laugh and pulled out of the hug.
"Don't forget California is three hours ahead of New York" she said.
"Oh yeah" I said. Even more depressing.
"I'm going to miss you like crazy!" she said.
"I'm going to miss you way more" I said.
I said goodbye to everyone at the table and whoever else I ran into walking out the school. I promised Lena to text her daily and not to get a better and funnier best friend.
When I got home my mom wasn't there but I noticed that she packed up almost everything in the living room.
I grabbed some cardboard boxes and headed to my room.
I guess you could describe my bedroom as artsy or bohemian styled. I have a lot of photographs and magazine cutouts all over my walls. I wasn't looking forward to taking them
After three hours I finally finished packing. The only things left in my room were my bed, dresser and large mirror.
I heard my mother come into the house about an hour ago. She didn't even check if I was home or anything but she probably heard me up here.
I changed into a white tee shirt and gray sweatpants. I figured I would just make some popcorn and watch movies.
Fun night, I thought to myself.
I went downstairs and into the kitchen. While the popcorn was in the microwave I went to my mom's room. I thought that I mind as well get over being mad. Nothing was going to
change the fact that we were moving.
"Hey mom" I said walking into her bedroom.
"Look who's talking to me again" she said with a smirk.
"I'm sorry" I said," I know I was acting like a brat".
"It's fine. I expected you to react that way. And I'm sorry I didn't talk with you sooner about the situation" she explained.
I smiled. "So are you almost done packing?" I asked.
"Almost, all the furniture is staying. I thought we could just donate them or something. We are getting new stuff for the house".
"You found one already?" I asked.
She nodded. "You are going to love it. It's the cutest suburban house. It has a large pool in the backyard, four bedrooms, dining room, living room, theatre and an office for Eric"
she explained.
"Sounds nice" I said. Sounded like a typical California home.
"And I have a big surprise for you but not until we get there" she said. She looked so happy I couldn't help but smile.
I almost forgot about my popcorn so I went to the kitchen. I filled the popcorn into a bowl and headed upstairs to my room.
I chose to watch a Walk to remember, my favorite movie.
Halfway through the movie I started falling asleep. I turned the TV off went to bed.


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