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Catriona and Sin

Novel By: Isabeau

Anthony Sinclair, known better as Sin, is an Energy Master meaning he can see and control people's energy. He has a variety of powers that were gifted to him which he feels were more like a curse. He lives in a house with two other mismatched Energy Masters though not as powerful as he is. Gallagher, who has a soft heart and brings in any injured or sob story that comes his way. And Edwin, the sixteen year who is old full of potential.

One night, Gallagher brings in a beautiful girl named Catriona who has been attacked by a werewolf. Her and her very vocal spirit guide are not a welcome addition until it is learned that she is an Immortal.

Suddenly, everything is moving too fast as both Gallagher and Sin are falling in love with Triona and danger is around every corner. View table of contents...



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"Sin," Edwin's voice broke the quiet room in Anthony Sinclair's head. Edwin knocked on the door to the study. Sin cleared his throat letting him in. "What is it?"
"It's a girl." Edwin started. He wrung his hands together not meeting Sin's eyes. Edwin was still afraid of Sin and his powers as a Energy Master.
"So, why is this of importance to me?"
"Gallagher found her on the steps, she deathly injured-"
"Gallagher brought in another stray?" Sin questioned. He massaged his temple as he waited for the next question that he knew would come.
"He wants you to look her over."
Sin smiled cynically as he didn't rise from the settee. "Tell him, I'll look at her tomorrow morning. It is too late for his stray cats tonight."
"But, but, but, but-"
"Tell him that. I won't be coming. Not tonight and not ever again. The old beggar man was my last straw." Sin leaned back and took a sip of his sherry that had been sitting there for most of the night.
"B-b-b-but he will be m-m-mad."
"I'm not afraid of that man, Edwin. If he has any complaints, tell him to come down here and complain. But I am not going up to help his injured pet." Sin finished off his sherry and looked at the fire.
"Good night, Edwin." Sin said, his gaze unwavering.
"Well, c-c-can w-we borrow a sh-sh-shirt." Edwin was looking down at his hand.
"My shirt? Why the devil do you need my shirt?"
"Sh-she is in-in-jur-r-red." Edwin continued. "Real b-b-bad."
Sin raised his eyebrow. It was a look that had scared the hell out of most men and surely made this boy want to run for cover. "Her a-a-aura is gone."
"Well, that should mean she's dead then."
"Th-th-th-that's what's b-b-b-b-b-bothering Gallagher."
"Her sp-sp-spirit guide is h-h-h-here and un-h-h-h-happy."
"WHAT?" Sin yelled as he jumped out of his chair, dropping his empty glass.
Sin huffed angrily as he ran up the stairs. "Th-th-third d-door to the r-r-r-right."
Sinn rushed to the door. Gallagher was sitting on the bed, his dark brown hair falling into his face as he was whispering sweetly into her ears. The girl on the bed was deeply wounded, blood soaked throw her tattered gown and dyed the yellow cotton sheets scarlet. Her ivory skin tone was battered and bruised and stained purple making her look sickly as well as beaten. She lay on top of the blankets, her legs tangled in layers of her dress, the torso almost slashed out. Gallagher's aura was light pink, a sign that he thought of this girl romantically. Disgusting, Sin thought. Now, there was one thing missing from the girl. Her aura which should have meant she was dead, but she was still breathing.
Now, they had another problem. Even though Gallagher couldn't see her, Sin could. It was the girl's spirit guide was yelling as loud as she could in Gallagher's ear. She didn't have a serene voice like most spirit guides did. Her voice was high pitched and whiny. Her brown hair was short and hung in curls by her ears and her eyes were a flaming green. She was slight of figure and, as most spirit guides were, she was extraordinarily beautiful. The spirit guide didn't notice him enter the room. Sin ignored her.
Gallagher was gently touching the girl's face. Sin cleared his throat in irritation. He jumped up. Sin pushed the idiot away to get to her side. "Has she regained consciousness at any time?"
"No, I found her in a crumpled heap on the steps." Sin lowered himself to the position that Gallagher had previously sat in. Now, he had the spirit guides attention.
"Are you actually going to help her? Or is she going to die?" She tried to snipe, but he could tell there was concern in her voice.
"Gallagher, I need a bowl of warm water, multiple cloths, gauze, and a change of clothes."
"Would that be permission to retrieve one of your shirts?" Gallagher asked, without taking his gaze away from the girl.
"Yes. Do not take one of my good ones." Sin gently lifted her small wrist and took her pulse. It was slowing.
"Go now."
"Yes, milord." Gallagher said as he quickly left. Edwin peeked into the room. Edwin was young, only 16, with a stutter that refused to leave and sappy blue eyes. His hair was short and blonde, but he was a powerful Energy Master who had just tapped into his ability. He could see and manipulate people's auras as well as see spirit guides when they decided to show themselves.
"Edwin, go help Gallagher." Edwin jumped up and ran. Sin never understood why Edwin had decided to live in his home when he was so deathly afraid of him.
It didn't take long until Gallagher and Edwin had returned to the room. Sin was feeling her legs to make sure that no bones were broken. Nothing was broken so far.
"Thank you," He said as he took the basin of water. He gently dipped the cloth into the steaming water. He slowly peeled away the royal blue cloth away from the bite. It was from the bite of a werewolf, he would have assumed. Luckily the bastard wouldn't change her, if he had any say over the matter.
Her creamy skin was pasty and covered in blood. She grimaced though still unconscious. Gallagher jumped forward until he was practically breathing down Sin's neck.
"Don't hurt her."
"She's hurt. The best thing that we can do is help her heal. Let me do my job, Gallagher." Sin breathed deeply and felt him back off. He wiped away some of the blood as gently as he could. Her shoulder was completely out of place causing all the tendons stress.
"I need to put this back into the socket." He murmured to himself. He looked at his resources. He wasn't pleased.
"Edwin, can you hold her still, because she is going to jerk awake." Edwin's eye widened immensely, but he nodded his head. He positioned himself over her.
"What can I do to help?" Gallagher asked as he once again was almost literally standing on Sin's back. Sin quickly swung around and he slammed backwards.
"You are to do nothing. You are to make sure that the water is hot and the cloths are clean."
"But I can help-"
"You cannot! Obviously, you are attached to this pet more than your others,"
"They are not pets,"
Sin glared at him. "I don't care. You are endangering yourself and her safety if you can't do anything but stare at her as if she were a piece of art sitting on a pedestal."
Gallagher looked at him blankly. "I will get her one of your shirts."
Cody smiled humorlessly. "I'm glad that we have come to this agreement."
Gallagher glared, but he left the room. Sin turned back to Edwin who was staring with his jaw dropped. "What, you imbecile? I need you to hold her shoulders straight, or as straight as they can be at this point."
Edwin nodded and held her shoulders. Sin breathed in slowly. "On the count of three. One, Two," He pulled as hard as he could. Edwin went flying across the room, obviously not having a strong hold on her shoulders. The girl's eyes drastically opened and she winced so hard the rest of her body shook, but her eyes glazed over quickly after. He laid her back down before turning to Edwin who was regaining his balance after being launched at the wall.
"YOU IDIOT! Did I not tell you to hold on?!"
"I-I-I-I," Edwin stuttered shaking as he looked behind him at the wall. There was now a large dent.
"Forget it, I want Gallagher in here." Edwin shook his head confused. "NOW!" Edwin jumped at the sound of Sin's booming voice and quickly scampered out of the room in search of Gallagher.
"What are you doing to her!?" The spirit guide hollered as her arms flailed in front of her. She stood in front of Sin. "You ARE trying to kill her."
"You are being over dramatic. I'm trying to help her." Sin muttered.
Sin massaged his temples with his fingers as his thumbs rested on his jaw line. "I suppose that I have moved it enough to go back into place without as much hassle." He lifted her up slowly. She was somewhat awake, but still in a state of shock. Her head bounced side to side. He braced her against him, wrapping his arms around her narrow waist. Her shoulder was digging into his chest and she was firmly in place. He encased her shoulder in his hand. Breathe in, breathe out…pull.
Her eyes popped nearly out of her head, her body shivered, and she screamed bloody murder.
"Catriona!" Screamed the spirit guide.
"Sinclair!" Gallagher yelled as he ran into the room and through the spirit guides hazy being to the girl.


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