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Frist Love

Novel By: Iurivang

After being rejected more than five times. Lizy gave up on searching for the right guy.
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Submitted:Feb 8, 2012    Reads: 39    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

Lizy has never fully loved someone ever in her life as it is. Lizy is your typical 17 years old girl. She haves long dark black hair. Her eyes are dark brown. Lizy always wore light makeup. She had a strange taste in fashion. Lizy loved wearing dark clothing. Lizy hates wearing pants, so she always wore skirts and dresses.

Lizy loved and is talented in art, music, dance, sports, school, and novel writing, almost too perfect, but she was terrible when it comes to dating. I guess you could say no one is ever perfect.

Lizy read many books that had a heartbreaking story, of course Lizy had never fell in love before, but she had liked many guys in the past. The guys Lizy ever liked had all rejected her. Lizy of course got over the heartbreaking feeling. Lizy felt like she was a parasite whenever she went to chat with the guys she liked. Because eventually they admitted that they did not liked her. This caused her to regret ever talking to them.

Every time a guy confessed to her about how they feel about her. She had to reject them because she knew her friends would hate her.

Lizy had met a guy that had liked her very much, but after 3 days of talking, he seemed a little obsessive and weak. She wanted a strong man who could protect her when she needed it. So she stopped talking to him.

It has been over two years of no dramatically experiences. She feels very unattractive, but it's not like she can help it. She wrote many stories online, because it was something she enjoyed, reading and writing.

Lizy had just moved to a new city. Lizy used to live in the country. Lizy moved because her father had a promotion and had to relocate. Her dad works as a business man. Lizy's family is really rich, due to their history of business.

First day at school, no one knew who Lizy is. She was out casted. When she entered school grounds nobody said hi to her or even looked at her. Lizy looked around the school ground spotting many gang groups. Goth, Girly, hot guys, nerds, gamers, artist, ugly one, etc. Lizy hoped that she wouldn't fall in any of the groups, because she had experienced many things in the past. Lizy wanted to keep a low profile if possible.

When Lizy reached her classroom, the teacher asked the class if anyone wanted to show Lizy around school. No one raised their hand. So the teacher picked. The teacher announced a name Ethan. Ethan got up and said with a relaxed firm voice, while giving an awkward grin "it's nice to meet you Lizy, I am president of this class." A girl sitting next to Lizy was pouting, and staring at Lizy.

The teacher then interrupted their moment and said "Ethan, it is your responsibility to show this young lady around school." Ethan turned his face away and said "yes, sir." Lizy was intimidated by his grin. Hoping that it didn't mean anything, since he is he president, she was hoping for a warm greeting.

Lunch time, Lizy sat at an empty table. The people who used to sit there, moved to a different table. Lizy didn't mind this because they didn't say a word to her; like bullying her. She also ordered food different than the lunch menu, because she never liked the school's lunch. She preordered her food from her favorite restaurant.

To Be Continued


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