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Baby I'm About To Have Me Some Fun

Novel By: iwritesinsnottragities

Jordan Kingston has always been the girl in the shadows at school. She was never paid attention to by anyone other than her friend Lucy, but that’s all about to change. Suddenly, one of the most popular girls in school decides to take Jordan under her wing, making all of the guys in school want her, and all the girls want to be her. Jordan doesn’t understand why this is happening to her but she decides to roll with it. But when two star sports players take an interest in her, will it be more than she can handle? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 21, 2012    Reads: 82    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

Chapter 1

"Miss. Kingston… Miss. Kingston… Miss. Kingston!"

My eyes shot open and I quickly lifted my head from my desk where it was laying. My history teacher Mr. Beck, along with the rest of my class was looking -no, staring- at me. I cleared my throat and quickly wiped my chin for drool, thankfully there was none.

"I'm so sorry if my lesson isn't interesting enough for you Miss. Kingston, but I would highly appreciate it if you could refrain from sleeping in my class." Mr. Beck said in a stern voice while a few girls snickered at me.

"Sorry Mr. Beck." I said quietly, biting my lip.

He grunted in response and turned away from me. I looked down at my book that I was previously using as a pillow and flipped to the appropriate page while listening to the girl behind me say, "Good job Jordan," with a nasty, teasing tone in her voice.

"So I expect you to read the rest of the chapter for homework and come in tomorrow with knowledge of the text. And a special assignment for Miss. Kingston, I would suggest that you try out sleeping in your bed at home. I think you would enjoy it." The class laughed again while I tried to ignore them and put my books away in my bag.

When the bell rang everyone got out of their seats and headed for the door. I tried to leave quickly but I couldn't get through the mass of people blocking my way.

"Aw Jordan, you are so cute when you snore." A girl said in a sickeningly fake sweet voice. I ignored her and headed down the hallway to my next class when I finally got through the door.

When I walked into my classroom, I saw Tinsley Rogan sitting in her seat in the back of the room which happened to be right next to mine. She had a few guys surrounding her, most of them weren't even in this class, and one of the guys happened to be gawking at the blonde haired beauty from my desk. Instead of interrupting his lust session, I just sat in the seat next to my real seat and waited for them to leave.

Tinsley was pretty much the most popular girl in the school. Everyone knew her, teachers, students, lunch ladies, even the janitors. She had long, wavy blonde hair, tan skin and a sparkling smile. In one word, she could be described as gorgeous.

"Gentlemen, if you don't belong in this class, leave. You can flirt with Tinsley later." The teacher came in and broke up the crowd of hormonal boys which I was thankful for. When the guy removed his butt from my desk I moved over to my seat and got out my books.

Tinsley giggled as one of the guys kissed her cheek before leaving. "Boys," She sighed. I looked up and saw that she was trying to start a conversation with me. I just smiled and opened up my notebook that I used for doodling. "You know what I mean?" she continued to say.

I smiled up at her nodded. "Oh, yeah." No, I actually have no idea what you mean.

"So I heard that you fell asleep in history class." She smirked at me, twirling her long hair around her perfectly manicured finger.

Great. News really travels fast in high school doesn't it? "Unfortunately," I mumbled, putting my attention to my doodle book. I was finished talking to Tinsley, but apparently she wasn't done talking to me.

"I also heard that this wasn't the first time it happened." She let her hair fall from her finger and rested her folded arms on her desk, crossing her legs and letting her kitten heel shoe slip from her foot, dangling it from her toes.

"That would be correct." Why was she even talking to me? It wasn't like I was popular or anything. For all I knew Tinsley was probably friends with the girls who made fun of me last period for my sleeping. She was probably setting me up to make fun of me. I didn't have anything against Tinsley personally, but it is just high school survival for me to be on guard.

"Why don't you try drinking coffee during that class?"

I slowly looked up at her and saw that she had what seemed to be a genuine smile on her face. I gave her an unsure smile back. "I'll try that. Thanks."

Thankfully Mr. Bruner started class up which stopped Tinsley from continuing our conversation.

"All right, settle down now." He said from the front of the room, tapping his pencil quickly on his desk. "Today I want you all in partners and then you are going to complete this packet which will help you to prep for the upcoming test. So now slide your desks together with the partner of your choice and I'll come around with the packets."

Before I could even comprehend what was going on I heard the loud noise of a desk being drug across the floor and then felt my desk get bumped. I looked over and saw Tinsley pull her chair over and then sit next to me, giving me a smile. "Have you ever considered getting highlights?"

Her question took me off-guard. "Umm, no not really." I mumbled, self-consciously running my hand through my brown hair.

She hummed and squinted her eyes while give my head a scan.

"Have fun." Mr. Bruner said while dropping a packet in the middle of us then immediately moving on to the next set of partners.

"Would you get them?"

"Maybe, I don't really know." I shrugged slightly, grabbing my doodle pencil and the packet and began to write my name at the top.

"Have you ever had a boyfriend?" she asked her next question.

I felt my eyes get wide and my mouth drop slightly. I glanced over at her and saw that she had a completely serious expression on her face. "Why?"

"Just wondering," she shrugged her shoulders casually, sliding the packet in front of herself and began to write her name under mine. "So have you?"

"No, I haven't."

"Interesting." She mumbled while I took the packet back and flipped it open to the first page.

I wasn't sure why Tinsley had a sudden interest in me, but I did know that I couldn't wait until this class period came to an end.

I put up the character pictures for this a while ago, so if you are interested feel free to take a look at those. I hope that you enjoy this story so far and consider sticking with me. Thanks so much :)


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