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Best fucker 2

Novel By: Iwrotethis

Natasha finds sam View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 28, 2012    Reads: 4,622    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Please read best fucker 1 then this****Natasha*****. I got out of sam's hot tub. I walked upstairs and took a shower. I came back down and saw sam sitting on his couch. He looked really nervous when he saw me. I sat down next to him. Hey. I said. Hey. He replied. Wanna watch a movie? He asked. Sure! I said. He put in some movie I had never seen. I got bored after an hour and went up to his room. I fell asleep on his bed. I woke up around two and went downstairs. Sam was asleep on the couch. I walked over and looked at him. He was hot. I really wanted him to be my boyfriend but we were to good of friends. I stared down at his crotch. He must have had an erection because of the bulge in his pants. I had never seen a dick before so I was curious. I crouched down and pulled his pants off. Making sure he was still sleeping I pulled his boxers down. I sat staring at his teenage cock. Sam must have felt his boxers go down and he opened his eyes. What are you doing! He yelled. I wanted to see your dick. I'm sorry. Sam must have had an idea because he stared at me. Then can I see your pussy? He asked. I nodded because it was only fair. I pulled my jeans down and slid my panties off. Sam stood staring at my pussy. Out of no where sam jumped up and pushed me down. He got on top of me and slid his shirt off. He grabbed mine and slid it off to. He pulled my black training bra off and sat there. Sam what are you doing I don't want to get pregnant! I said. Don't worry. He said. I am not mature enough to produce sperm. Ok. I said. We laid together until sam said. Ready? I nodded. Sam pushed his cock into my pussy. I grabbed the edges of the couch as he thrust into me. His thrusts came harder and harder. As he continued to fuck me I realized I was about to cum. I'm going to cum sam! I came in a huge burst of squeals. My juices dripping out and on to the couch. Sam continued to thrust each thrust making a squelching sound. All of a sudden I felt a warm liquid in my pussy. SHIT! I really did cum. Sam said. He pulled his cock out. That was great! I said. But I came in you! Sam said. I don't think I'll get pregnant sam don't worry. I said. We both fell asleep. I woke up still naked. I got up and headed for the shower. I turned the water on and sat on the ground crying. What if I will get pregnant. I'm only 13. The door slid open and sam walked in. I'm taking a shower! I said. Ya well I'm addicted to you Natasha. I really couldn't complain and let him in. He stepped in and I made room. I backed against the wall and let him enter me. He thrust in and out. Each thrust sending me against the wall. As he thrust he kissed me. Sticking his tongue in my mouth. He thrust harder and deeper each thrust making me scream in pleasure. He came just as I did and we both moaned. A knock on the door startled both of us. Get in the closet. He whispered.


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