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The Fall For You (Completed)

Novel By: jademarie016

Nicole has fallen head over heels in love with Joshua Princeton...she just doesn't know if he'll fall back. She's invisible to him. All Joshua sees is his cheerleader girlfriend, Chloee, and jealousy eats up Nicole. However, her luck changes when she is assigned to tutor Joshua over the summer. Can Nicole make Joshua fall for her? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 12, 2013    Reads: 160    Comments: 9    Likes: 3   

Chapter 21:

Immediately the tears started rolling down my cheeks. He looked up at me and began crying harder. "I'm so sorry, Nicole. I don't understand what I did but..."

I didn't let Josh finish. I stood up and began shaking my head. "No...no...you have to ignore her, Josh! She's being unfair!"

He stood up and placed his hands on my arms. "Nicole. I can't ignore her...she's your mom. If she tells me to do something that concerns you...I have to do it."

I moved away from him. "How come you're not calling me Button? You never call me Nicole...unless you're being serious."

Josh dropped his head. "I'm sorry, Button...me not calling you that has nothing to do with this, I promise." He sat back down and placed his head back in his hands.

The way he was acting was new to me. I was use to the determined Josh-the one who knew what to do in ANY kind of situation. The Josh I was seeing in front of me...had defeat in his eyes.

"Are you going to break up with me?" I barely whispered my question. Even I almost didn't hear it.

But, Josh didn't get to answer because Luke walked back in with my mom. "Are you guys ready?" Luke asked smiling.

Josh raised his head up and wiped his eyes. "Yeah. I'm ready...are you Nicole?"

I wasn't paying attention to Josh. My focus was on my mom, who wouldn't make eye contact with me at all.

He asked again. "Button? Are you ready to go?" Josh had never called me Button in front of anybody and, this time, I looked over at him and straight into those eyes I fell in love with.

"Yes. I'm ready."

Luke clapped his hands together and said, "Alright then! Let's pile up in my car!"


We were going to a place way outside of the cities. You couldn't even get cell reception out there. Luke was blabbing to my mom about the scenic trails and how she was going to fall in love with all the sights.

Josh and I sat in the back, silent. I glanced over at him a couple of times...but he would never look at me. He would just stare out the window. I prayed I would have enough service to send him one message, and when I pulled out my phone I had one bar of service: just enough.

I quickly typed out my message and hit sent. It took forever for the little icon to notify me that he had received it and when it did, I smiled.

Josh's phone began vibrating in his pocket. I watched him pull it out and see who it was from.

The message I sent was very simple. All it said was, I love you...no matter what <3

He looked over at and sorta smiled. He, then, began typing back. We didn't have anymore service, so when he was finished typing, he passed me his phone and let me read it.

It said, I'll always love you. I'll always want to kiss you and hug you and hold you in my arms and never let you go...I want to be alone with you today (no distractions), try to make it happen...please."

The message was so thoughtful, it almost brought tears to my eyes. As I passed him his phone back, our hands barely graze each other...but that spark-that spark we both felt the first time our lips touched-was still there! He looked at me and smiled.

We kept our eyes locked and he mouth the words: "I love you".

My mom turned around and said, "You two are being awfully quite. Aren't you excited?!"

As soon as she spoke, I felt the hatred boiling up inside of me. I wasn't sure exactly what she said to Josh, but how dare she tell him to break up with me!

Josh respectfully answered her back and said, "You bet! Where exactly are we going?"

Luke looked back at us from the rear-view mirror and said, "We're taking the trail that leads to 'Bad Canyon Falls'! It's magnificent!"

"Oh I know! I use to take my little sister there all the time before...she had her accident." I could tell the subject of Jenny's blindness was awkward for Josh to talk about, so I jumped in and asked, "Why is it called 'bad' canyon falls?"

Luke smiled at me and said, "No one really knows. But don't worry, Nicole, nothing 'bad' has ever happened there."

I smiled back and said, "Good. So how many trails are there?"

"Uh...I'd say about 5. Why?" Luke looked at me curiously.

I replied, "Oh...I was just wanting to walk one with Josh, alone."

My mom looked back at us and had a look of anger on her face, but Luke replied "Why, that would be fine, Nicole!"

"Great!" I said while looking at my mom with hatred.


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