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The Fall For You (Completed)

Novel By: jademarie016

Nicole has fallen head over heels in love with Joshua Princeton...she just doesn't know if he'll fall back. She's invisible to him. All Joshua sees is his cheerleader girlfriend, Chloee, and jealousy eats up Nicole. However, her luck changes when she is assigned to tutor Joshua over the summer. Can Nicole make Joshua fall for her? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 4, 2013    Reads: 138    Comments: 9    Likes: 1   

Chapter 27:

I was so nervous to go see Josh, that I took my time finding his room. I was afraid that he would be mad at me or blame me for his accident...but most of all, I didn't want to see him in that hospital bed hooked up to all those machines. It would be unbearable!

I stopped at a bulletin board with photos tacked up on it. They were employees being recognized for outstanding achievement. I scanned their faces and didn't know any of them, until I got to the last photo. It was for outstanding performance in the operation room. The man was the surgeon who operated on Josh!

That made me feel a little bit better, so I started making my way, again. As I was walking, I peered into the rooms on the left and right and stopped at room 12. There was a little boy laying in a bed with his leg in a light blue cast. He saw me and waved wildily at me.

I wasn't going to ignore him, so I politely waved back. He smiled and asked, "Will you come sit with me? My mommy will be back soon...I'm just bored."

Smiling, I walked in his room and sat in the chair beside him. He looked about 5 years old and had dirty, blonde hair and ice-blue eyes. "I'm Mason. What's your name?"

"I'm Nicole. What'd you do to your leg, Mason?"

He was missing a tooth in the front, and smiled widely when I asked. He sat up in his bed and said, "Oh! It was awesome! I was riding in a dune buggy with my daddy and he was showing me how the gears worked, and...and I was wanting to try so when he wasn't looking I turned the gear up higher and got flung out of the dune buggy and slammed my leg into a rock!"

I gasped and replied, "Goodness! Didn't that hurt?"

"Nah! I mean...I might've cried for like 2 hours, but then I got this awesome cast! Wanna sign it?" He reached over to a table and handed me a red Sharpie before I even said I wanted to.

Taking the marker, I leaned forward and started signing his cast. He watched me intently, but then asked, "Why are you here?"

"Um...my boyfriend got hurt while swimming and had to have surgery. I was going to visit him."

His mouth formed an 'O' and then he said, "Well, you don't have to stay here. Go visit him!" I finished signing his cast and laid the Sharpie back on the table.

"I'm sure he's sleeping, so I'll go in there in a minute."

Mason nodded and reached under his covers. He pulled out a PSP and started playing a game. "I'm playing Mario Party 7! Do you wanna play?"

I giggled and replied, "No. I'll just watch from here."

"Suit yourself." He focused really hard on the screen and didn't even notice the woman, who I presumed was his mom, walk in.

She smiled at her son and then looked my way. She slightly jumped and said, "Oh! I didn't see you there. Are you a nurse?"

I quickly stood up and replied, "No..um.."

With the game still in his hands, Mason looked up and said, "Mommy, this is my new friend Nicole. She signed my cast."

His mom smiled and replied, "Ok honey." Then to me, she stated, "My son is always talking to people! Whether he knows them or not. Are you here with someone?"

"Yes. My boyfriend just got out of surgery and I was on my way to see him. I'm sorry if I scared you."

She laughed and said, "Heavens no! I just wasn't expecting anyone in here but this rotten thing...I hope your boyfriend gets better and thanks for keeping Mason company."

"Oh no problem! He's a sweet boy." We shook hands and then I said bye to Mason, who was still focused on his game. Walking out of the room, I smiled at the thought of Mason thinking his accident was awesome.

I was about to open the door to Josh's room, when I heard someone talking in there. I thought it was a nurse so I pressed my ear to the door and listened in.

"Joshy, you have to get better, darling. My life is nothing knowing you're not in it!'

I backed away in shock. I would recognize that Puerta Rican accent anywhere, but what I want to know is:

What the hell is Chloee doing here?!

A/N: Guys and Girls, but mostly girls! Haha What did you think? Major flip at the end, huh? XD I hope you liked and can't wait to read your feedback!!!! Tootles :)


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