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The Fall For You (Completed)

Novel By: jademarie016

Nicole has fallen head over heels in love with Joshua Princeton...she just doesn't know if he'll fall back. She's invisible to him. All Joshua sees is his cheerleader girlfriend, Chloee, and jealousy eats up Nicole. However, her luck changes when she is assigned to tutor Joshua over the summer. Can Nicole make Joshua fall for her? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 5, 2013    Reads: 230    Comments: 7    Likes: 2   

Chapter 7:

He didn't answer right away. He looked at me with a some-what blank expression and then answered, "I want to say yes...but I just don't know." My heart was almost shattered. Did he still love Chloee even after all she's done to him? "You don't know what, Josh?" I asked carefully. He tried grabbing my hands again, but I wouldn't touch him until I got his answer. "Button, are you the girl for me?"

What kind of question was that?! "Josh, there's only one way to find out." I walked towards him and slowly put my hand in his. I wanted to be with him...I wanted to give him my heart and soul, but what did he want? "Come here. Sit on my lap, Nicole." I hesitated for only a moment but then did what he said.

I straddled him and let him put his arms around my waist. This immediately felt right to me. I wanted to stay in this moment for the rest of my life. He lifted my hand up to his lips and gently starting kissing up my arm. I wanted to close my eyes, but for some reason, I held his gaze. Our eyes were locked as I felt his hands fiddling with my shirt. "Josh...are you really wanting to..." He nodded and started lifting up my shirt. I held my arms up in the air and felt the coolness of my room.

He threw my shirt in the floor and studied my body. "Button, have I ever told you, you're beautiful?" I smiled and said, "Not until tonight." Next was my turn. I pulled his shirt out of his waistband and slowly lifted up over his head. His perfectly toned muscles showed now and couldn't help but feel the heat rise in my cheeks. I lifted my hand to touch his chest and abs, but he lowered it. "Not yet." I could've swore I wimpered but he didn't hear it so I ignored it. Our lips touched and didn't part for awhile. Josh's lips were so soft...like they had never been chapped. I bite my lip whenever I get nervous, and so I was embarrassed for him to kiss me. But, obviously, he didn't seem to mind because he kept kissing me.

His lips moved down my face and began kissing my jawline and throat. I sighed and rested my head on his. How did he know what I would like? I, then, felt his hands on the clasp of my bra and I accidently tensed up. He raised his head and asked, "Are you ok, Honey?" My body relaxed again and I nodded. I said, "Sorry...I don't know why I did that."

He grinned and replied, "It's ok, Button. Just tell me when you want to stop." I nodded again and said, "I'm ready."

I sat completely still as he unhooked my bra. I won't share what happened at this moment, but let's just say it was heated. I laid there in nothing but my underwear while Josh ran his hands up and down my sides. He laid on top of me, not laying with his full weight, but enough to have me pinned. I had my hands intertwined in his hair and we were talking.

"What just happened, Josh?" I asked. He arched his eyebrows and said, "I think I fell in love with you, Nicole Bishop." This was the moment: this is when I had to ask. "And what about Chloee?" He smirked and asked, "Who's Chloee?" I playfully nudged him and said, "Seriously, Josh." He took my right hand and placed on his cheek. "I don't love her anymore, Button. I'm ready to just dive in...with you and only you." I smiled big and said, "Finally, that's what I've been waiting to hear."

He laughed and took me in his arms and wrestled with me in the bed. This moment was amazing...until I looked at the clock. It was 9:00 pm! We were suppose to go have dinner with my mom...and never did!

"Fuck." I mumbled. Josh kinda grinned at me cussing and asked, "What's wrong, Button?" I got out of the bed and quickly started getting dressed. "We were suppose to have dinner with my mom at 7. Remember?" Josh jumped up, also and said, "Shit." I giggled and ran into my bathroom to make sure my hair and clothes looked "innocent"and "normal-looking".

After we were sure we looked normal, Josh and I casually made our way down the stairs. We almost walked right into her. "Mom! We are so sorry we missed dinner. Completely lost track of time.." She just stood there with her arms crossed and foot tapping. "Do you two want dessert? Or have you already had something 'sweet'?" Josh began sweating and said, "Maybe I should go..." My mom replied, "Maybe you should. Have a nice night."

I walked Josh to his truck and gave him a hug. "I'm so sorry about her." He pulled me into a hug and whispered, "It's ok. Nothing, not even your evil mother, could stop me from seeing you again." I grinned and kissed him goodnight.

After he left, I slowly walked into the house to face the doom I was about to go through. I quickly said a prayer and then met my mother at the door.


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