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The Fall For You (Completed)

Novel By: jademarie016

Nicole has fallen head over heels in love with Joshua Princeton...she just doesn't know if he'll fall back. She's invisible to him. All Joshua sees is his cheerleader girlfriend, Chloee, and jealousy eats up Nicole. However, her luck changes when she is assigned to tutor Joshua over the summer. Can Nicole make Joshua fall for her? View table of contents...


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Chapter 9:

Well, the big day had arrived. Our town had its annual Summer Fair and traffic was always a disaster. I was on my way to Josh's house to have our first 'official' study time. I honked my horn as a group of stupid kids walked right in front of my car. They were about my age and I'm pretty sure one of them was Flash. He always hung out with the weird, gothic teens, however, I felt like he didn't fit in with them.

Josh's directions to his house were pretty complex. He didn't live in the city...in fact, I swear he lives on another planet! After I drove pass the city limits sign, I called Josh. "Hey, so..I'm out of the city limits. Where do I go now?" I heard him laugh at me. "Hey now! Don't judge...those directions were complicated!" He, then, said "Button, what are you seeing right now?" I looked around and noticed a wide, open field. "Um, I see a field with alot of horses in it." Again, I heard Josh laugh but then he said, "Good! You're right in front of my house! The driveway is about to come up."

There it was! A long, dirt, driveway leading to an amazing log cabin at the end. I pulled my 2004 Camry in front of his house and got out to see Josh in a white t-shirt and navy blue, basketball shorts. Although I thought the simple clothes he was wearing suited him, he looked like he just woke up. I looked complete opposite. I was wearing light-denim, short-shorts and a hot pink tank. I had put my hair in a side-braid and the only make-up I wore was eyeliner and eyeshadow.

"Hi, Cutie!" Josh hollered from the porch. I gave a little wave as I continued making my way to his house. His home was incredible! I would have never imagined Josh living on a ranch or something. "This place is incredible, Josh!" I exclaimed when I walked up to him. He held out his arms for a hug while he said, "Thanks. This is my grandparents house. I've lived here my whole life." I almost asked why but then I remembered what my mom had said about Josh's parents.

"So, are you ready to study?" I asked. I had a feeling we weren't going to study...and I knew for sure that we weren't, when I saw that goofy grin of his. "Button, have you ever rode a horse?" Josh asked.

Before I knew it, Josh was carrying me piggy-back out to the field I passed earlier. I was laughing the whole time but I was begging him not to put on one of them. "Josh! Josh, I can't ride a horse!" He just kept laughing and wouldn't let me down. I finally gave up and decided to take my mind off of the horses and enjoy the view. Josh's house was surrounded by beautiful mountains and I noticed his grandmother had a garden in the back. I would love to stay here forever.

"Alright, Button. Meet Ginger." Josh was showing me his horse, Ginger, who was named for the color of her coat. She had a blonde mane and stood tall next to her owner. Beside Ginger, stood another horse who looked more fierce and stern. Josh saw the look of fear plastered on my face and said, "Don't worry, honey. You're riding Ginger. I'm riding Goliath." The name Goliath made me back up a little more but the warmth of Josh's hand on my back, stopped me.

"You can do this, Button. It'll be fun." He said softly. Still, I began pleading. "Josh, what if I fall off and Ginger kicks me in the head? Or what if Goliath hurts...you." A playful grin came across his face. He said, "Nicole, trust me, I'll be right beside the whole time...and Goliath is my horse! He loves me. C'mon, give it a chance." Josh, then, picked me up and sat me up on Ginger. To my surprise, I wasn't afraid anymore. I was actually excited!


Josh and I led our horses down this secluded, narrow trail into the woods. Since it was the middle of the day, the woods were full of sunlight and you could see nature at its best! We saw so many creatures like: butterflies, squirrels, chimpmunks, and even a turtle! I was mesmerized by the beauty before me.

We finally exited the woods and came upon a gorgeous meadow lined with rows and rows of flowers. Josh climbed down from his horse and helped me down off Ginger. He tied them to a tree branch and held his hand out for me. We walked up a hill where Josh had laid out a picnic consisting of peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches, grapes, and sparkling water. "How sweet!" I exclaimed. Josh smiled and said, "I hope you're hungry."

We sat atop that hill and talked for hours about everything. I laid my head in his lap and had our hands intertwined. "I've always wanted to bring someone up here..it's kinda my secret spot." I looked up at Josh's gorgeous face and honestly answered, "Well, I'm glad I got to be the one to see it." With that, he bent down and gently planted a kiss on my lips. "Nicole, you don't realize how hard I'm falling for you." We held each other's gaze for a long time, until I finally said, "I bet I do."

I got up and broke out into a run. I turned back to face him and smiled. Josh had his eyebrows arched when he asked, "What are you doing?" I yelled, "Frolic with me!" I turned back around and waited for Josh to catch up with me. I could hear him laughing behind me and felt his arms wrap around me. I felt my feet come off the ground, as Josh wrapped me in his arms. Me and him fell on the ground and laughed together. He raised up on one arm and said, "Button. What has gotten into you?" I giggled and said, "I don't know, Josh. Maybe you make me wild!" I placed his other hand on my cheek and whispered, "Well I like this you."

It was almost sunset when we began our ride back. I was suppose to be eating dinner with him and the grandparents and I was kinda nervous. "Don't be! There going to love you!" Josh exclaimed for the millionth time. "I can't help it," I said "it's been awhile since I've done the 'meet the family'" He grinned and said, "Button, I know they'll love you!"


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