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The story of an unexpected pregnancy

Novel By: JaelleMarissa

this is my story of how i met my boyfriend and his twin brother and how kaymon and i had a son together. View table of contents...


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Kaymon and I are the best of friends. We were having lunch, so we could talk about our school project (Damien) who is a baby and since we both want kids one day we decided to take this class together. When I started feeding Damien along comes Anariza to start up some drama with Kaymon.
"Kaymon I hate you and every time I want to talk to you in private you're always with her".
"Who's her?" Kaymon replied
"KYRA!" Anariza yelled "you're always with her and don't think I don't know what y'all be doing in her apartment."
I interrupt and say "Anariza what the Hell are you talking about?"
"You know what the Hell I'm talking about Miss I'm so Fucking Perfect" Anariza said.
"YEAH we've been playing spoons everyday at 4:30 p.m." Kaymon said
"SPOONS OH MY PELVIS you've been playing spoons I Knew it YOU TWO ARE FREAKS WITH A BABY" Anariza said "why didn't you count me in? It could have been a three-some which is much better, if you know what I mean."
"Anariza do you even know what spoons really is?" We asked her.
"Yea spoons' is a game you play with multiple people making out and taking off their clothes. Do I look like a retard to you? I'm actually not that stupid."
ANARIZA!! SPOONS' IS A CARD GAME PLAYED WITH MULTIPLE PEOPLE AND SPOONS. There isn't anybody stripping or making out!" I said
"Oh well my bad. Sorry. Ummmm……….. Kaymon our high school reunion is next, it's a dance, and I need a date. Would you be my date?" Anariza asked
"Ummmm………. Next week?" Kaymon asked
"Yea next week" she said
"Well next week Kyra and I have something to do. I'm sorry." Kaymon said
"What do y'all have to do next week that you can't even go with me to our high school reunion? Anariza asked
"Anariza: Kyra and I are going home so I can finally meet her mother after all these years of waiting, plus I think my girlfriend would be mad if I went to our high school reunion without her. I know we've been out of high school for four years now but it's out eight year of being a "couple"."
"Kaymon you have a girlfriend?" Anariza asked
I start talking to myself about my unexpected pregnancy that's been going on for almost nine months now. I'm too scared to tell Kaymon that our irresponsible partying got me pregnant. I was wasted, he was wasted and I lost my virginity to him that night. That was the BIGGEST mistake of my life.


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