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Famous: Behind Closed Doors (Continued from my short story)

Novel By: Jane Tehan

This is the second part of Famous:Behind Closed Doors so if you want to read it please read part 1 View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 26, 2012    Reads: 15    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

He had the most beautiful green eyes I'd ever seen. His hair was pretty much black a almost complete opposite to my auburn hair. He was slightly taller then me and looked gorgeous in the waiters uniform. "Oh miss I'm so sorry! I didn't see you there!" his voice was sincere and welcoming. "Its fine, you didn't spill anything" I replied with a smile. "Oh god, yes I did!" I look down at my dress and it has a tiny red wine stain on it. He suddenly grabs the glass out of my hand and rushes me off towards the kitchen; and all still while carrying his tray. As we entered the kitchen he moved a couple of plates and cups out of the way; grabbed me then proceeded to lift me up onto the table. His strength was over whelming and he lifted me up as if I was another one of his trays. He had somehow already managed to get a paper towel and some soda water. "Oh miss I'm so so sorry, you're dress is beautiful and I've ruined it! I'm so sorry!" he hurried. "No, no its fine really! I'm Elizabeth well... Liza what's your name?" he continued to carefully try and get the stain out. I grabbed his hands and stopped him; "What's your name handsome?". He smiled; his teeth were immaculate. He laughed under his breath; "I'm Samuel but you can call me Sam". "Nice to meet you Sam, and you don't have to worry about my dress it's only Prada" I smiled. His face went blank; "Prada? Oh shit...". I quickly grabbed his arms. "Sam its fine really!". I had not seen someone so handsome in a very long time. "Well I'm sorry I spilt some wine on your dress because you look absolutely beautiful in it" he grinned. I slid off the bench, attempting to look sexy. "Well thank you for that and thank you for trying to get the stain out of my dress, you're so considerate.... And handsome" he giggled, my flirting technique must have been getting better because he was blushing. "You must be joking because I'm in a dumb ass wait or uniform and you're in a dress that probably costs more then my rent for the year!" "Well I think you defiantly look sexy in it!" I wink. I am an idiot. Why the fuck did I do that? I bet now he thinks I'm an idiot. He grinned again; showing off his beautiful white teeth. "Hey is your last name Argon?" he asked. "Yeah..." I sighed. "I know I knew you from somewhere, I really liked The Robert Project. You did really well in it... And I much appreciated the almost nude scenes you did" he winked back at me. "I hope some people did because I had to work out a lot to look as good as I did". "Well it really showed". He moved closer to me but suddenly a shout came from behind us; "White! Why are you not out serving!?". "Sorry Mr Evergreen! I gotta go Liza sorry". I pulled him close then whispered "How about I leave my number at reception and you pick it up when you get off work?" "Deal". I quickly rushed out of the kitchen without even looking at him. My confidence had never been so high but then again I regretted being so forward. I dropped my number off at reception and left a note; 'Don't call me until the 7th cause I'm free for a whole month after that ;)'.


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