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LOVE as we know it

Novel By: jashodhara25

Jennifer was a happily married young woman, anticipating the birth of her first child...until her life changed forever View table of contents...


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Jennifer looked down at the broken pieces of her favourite vase lying next to her- one hand stroking Gigi, her dog who had solemnly laid her head on her mistress's lap and the other on her pregnant belly. Life as she knew it had come to an end. Jennifer sat absolutely still, going through the conversation she had with her husband an hour ago over and over in her head. But no matter how many times she thought about it, it still didn't make any sense.

It had been just like any other day. A normal Tuesday in their perfect lives. William called to say that he would be home early. Now that was something pretty rare. Amanda decided to make something special for him. She made pot roast and his favourite apple pie. She even put on a nice dress thinking that it would make him happy.

Jennifer and William had been married for four years. Theirs was a fairy tale love story. They met on the first day in law school and were married by the time they graduated. She decided to stay at home while he went on to become a lawyer at a renowned law firm in New York. When she got pregnant, it was as if the void they never even knew was filled. They had just found out that she was pregnant and they were both anticipating the birth of their baby. He had been a little distant and preoccupied for the last few days. When Jennifer mentioned this to her best friend Pamela, she dismissed it saying that he was probably nervous about being a father. Apparently her husband, Daniel, had done the same thing before the birth of their baby, David. Little did Jennifer know that her life would be changed forever after that day.

William came home that night and was fidgety throughout dinner. He wouldn't look her in the eye and barely talked. After dinner, as they sat down to watch the news he said,

"Jen, we need to talk."

"yeah, I figured. What's up?"

"I, um, I cant do this anymore. I tried. Believe me, I did."

"are you drunk? What are you even talking about?"

"this…us…our marriage. I cant do it anymore. I know you're pregnant with our baby and you are probably going to hate me for it. But I cannot be married to you anymore. I have filed for divorce"

Jenny was still in a state of shock. "divorce? You want a divorce? you want to end this?"

"yes. Im so…"

"Will, are you leaving me for Sarah? Are you leaving me for her?"

"Jennifer, I love her. I never stopped loving her. And I love you. But I'm just not in love with you anymore."

"you're not in love with me? I'm pregnant for god's sake? You told me you would never see her again. You promised me. I forgave you, William. How can you just end this?"

He stood up. "I'm always going to be here for you. And one day you'll thank me. And whatever you need, I'll give you. I'll always be there for the baby too. Here are the divorce papers."

"William, no, wait. We'll get through this. We got through it once. We'll do it again. Just don't…"

"don't make it any harder, Jen. I'll pick up my stuff later."

Having said that, he walked out. Jennifer took up the vase on the table next to her and threw it at the door after him. It has been an hour since he left. Not once did Jenny cry. She had known for a while, or at least suspected. She just didn't want to believe it. She believed in second chances and she believed in her Will. But he let her down. He let her baby down. And in that moment she made a decision that neither she nor her unborn baby would have anything to do with William.


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