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Been Here All Along

Novel By: jasy10155

Love is one of those things you cant compromise on. You either love somebody or you dont. You go through so many people and heartbreaks to find the one person that can make it all better. But what if that person has been there forever and you just didnt realize it? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 10, 2010    Reads: 195    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

This is a test chapter to see if i should keep going and i will try to update regularly so please comment and tell me what you think :)

Beep! Beep! I heard the car horn outside the house. Time for another day in the hell hole people call school. To make the whole thing worse, I just had to be a junior. This is the toughest year. I grabbed my toast and walked out the door to join my two best friends. Cameron and Camden Washington. They were identical twins. To the point that I still get them mixed up and we've known each other since daycare. I think there is something wrong with that situation but they dont seem to mind. Im Alex Johnson and Im 16. Im spontaneous and loveable. Camden is like my other half. We're closer than me and Cameron but we're all so close that you wouldn't notice. I got in the backseat. "Hey cupcake" they greeted at the same time. Most people get that name as a pet name but I got it for downing 7 cupcakes before I got sick. No, Im not a pig, we were having a cupcake eating contest. "Hey Cam, hola baby" I replied back. Cam is Cameron and Baby is Camden. Camden was born second so he's thebaby of them.

"Why do I still get called baby when Im clearly the most mature and the tallest?" Camden questioned.

"Well you arent the most mature but you might be the tallest. Its close between you two" I answered.

"Im 6'2" Cam commented.

"Ok so maybe Im not the tallest but still I dont think the name fits"

"How tall are you?" I asked.

"6'1 1/2"

"You guys are huge. Im just my little 5'4 self"

"Aww poor you but youre a cute little 5'4 girl" Camden added laughing.

"Cute? Im 16 I dont want to be called cute"

"Well unlike him I'll tell you that youre pretty hott. We actually had this conversation last night and Camden added that he would sm-" Cam got interrupted by an embarrased Camdenkicking him,whos face was as red as a strawberry.

"He would what?" I inquired.

"Nothing" Cam finished.

"I wanna know" I pleaded adding a puppydog face on the end of it.

They both looked at me and looked away trying to avoid eye contact. The puppydog face is irresistable. Cam glanced back to see me still holding the face.

"He said he would smash you" he said giving in.

I looked at Camden. "What does that even mean?"

"He would have sex with you"


"Thank God we're at school" I heard Camden mumble before jumping out and practically running to his class considering we were late.

I got out and casually walked to class like I had nowhere to be. I walked in and took my seat beside my other best friend, Lilly.

"Whats up girly?" she greeted.

"Not much"

"Something is cause I saw Camden practically run to hisclass so what went down in the car?" he asked nosily.

"Cam told me that Camden said he would smash me"

"Oh what did you say?"

"Well I just said 'oh' what was I supposed to say to that? Im just not one to have sex with anybody. Thats how my mom had me I dont really want to be a mom yet." I explained.

"Yeah well I can see you being a teenage mom" she added just as calmly as if she was telling me she liked my hair.

I just glared at her.

"Really, Lilly, really? Thats what youre going to tell me. Well just for that youre gonna be stuck babysitting" I ranted.

She didnt say anything for a while as we both took notes.

When she finished she looked at me "Fine by me I love kids"

Ugh I swear it was so hard to make her regret anything. She was the most chill person I know. We finished our class and stopped by our lockers.

"There go your boys. I'll see you later" she said walking away.

This is normal routine. We walk to my locker. I meet up with Cam and Camden and we meet up again at lunch.

I walked up to them expecting my normal greeting but instead Camden acts as if he doesn't even notice me.

"Hey baby" I say trying to get his attention.

He smiles back and keeps walking.

I grabbed his arm and spun him to face me. "Baby please talk to me. I dont care if you want to smash me it doesnt change the way I think about you" He has no clue how much I think about him or how I think about him.

"I just didnt want you to know that" he murmurs.

"Why not?"

"Its just awkward. Now you might think I just want to get in your pants"

"No I know you better than that. Youre my main man anyway" I say smiling.

I see him trying to hold back a smile and I know that we're back to normal. Camden plays football so he feels like he has to be tough. He only smiles in private. Cam plays football too but hes more of the goofball.

"Kiss her" I hear Cam try to slyly cough.

I laugh a little, hoping he will but of course he doesnt.

"You arent very good at that Cam" Camden points out.

"Shut up. If you would just handle your business it wouldnt be necessary."

"Im not even the one that likes her. Youre the one in love with her"

Today it seems like the truth is just coming out.

"Camden you weren't supposed to tell her" he says through his teeth.

"Payback for earlier"

"Guys come on please stop with all this" I cut in. Well now I know how Camden feels about me without asking. This sucks.

"You said you would smash her doesnt that mean you like her?" Cam says as he ignores me.

"No shes just hott. I dont like her" Camden answers.

"Im sick of listening to this so whenever you want to grow up let me know and I'll be ready to be around you again" I started walking away. Why doesnt Camden like me? The only person that I care about what they think about me and he doesnt like me. Well Im not gonna sweat it. I can live without.

I glance back and I see them going to class with thankfully they dont have together. I walk into class and pull out my phone. Text message.

Sorry for acting like I was 5 but you know how I am -Baby

I replied Its ok baby just ignore Cam sometimes cause you know he has to have the last word -Cupcake :)

Thanks for understanding. This is why youre my best friend, i love you -Baby ;)

I laughed a little just thinking about the memories me and him have together. About 45 minutes later I got another message.

Can you ignore everything that was said today between me and Camden?? -Cam

Yeah you guys are my boys I can do anything you ask -Cupcake :)

;) -Cam

You are one bad kid -Cupcake

As you are a bad girl, maybe me and youcan see howbad each other is-Cam ;)

He is such a flirt. I just like playing along.

Maybe -Cupcake ;|

My house or yours? -Cam

Either -Cupcake

Ahah i love you Alex you like to go along and kid around -Cam

Who said I was kidding -Cupcake

Oh well then, honey, lets get it on after school if you really want to ;) -Cam

I'll think about it -Cupcake

That ended our conversation and started my nap.


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