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Nothing But Memories

Novel By: jasy10155

After Amber Riley's dad dies she feels like she has no one left. She inherited his money and house and everything else he had but that doesn't replace the loneliness. She's 18, an only child, and feels like all she has are memories of her childhood.
She decides to go back to her childhood home to see if it could help. Could the person living there be the solution to her problems or just bring about more problems for her? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 28, 2010    Reads: 118    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

I opened the door to my late dad's house. It had an eery and cold feeling to it. I walked upstairs and to what used to be his bedroom. I looked around, everything still looked the same. He never did like change and that was even more evident when my mother died. She passed on my 6th birthday. As a result, I'm not fond of birthdays. I prefer to sit around and that's what I do. Every year I pull out videos of me and my mom and eat strawberry ice cream while I watch. Everytime I look in the mirror I see her in me. The curly brown hair, the brown eyes that look like a pot of melted chocolate, my freckles, my flawless golden skin, everything about me reminds me of her except my personality. That's more like my dad. I'm unpredictable, a tad bit moody, shy around people I don't know, smart with a smart mouth, and I laugh alot. I hate my laugh but everybody seems to think its adorable. I laid on the bed which still smelled like him and wrapped myself in the covers. I buried my face in the pillow. I started bawling and that's when it hit me that I no longer have anybody to pull me into their lap and tell me its gonna be ok. In my mind, that means it won't ever be ok. I ended up crying myself to sleep dreaming of all the good times. Mainly when I was 5 but they were still great times. I specifically remembered my mom telling me that all she wants is for me to be happy, when she was on her dying bed. I promised her that I would be and I know my dad would want the same. It just might take a while to adjust but I know I'll be ok, maybe. ****** The next morning I woke up to chirping birds. I walked to the shower and enjoyed feeling the hot water hit my back. It was a soothing feeling but it didn't eliminate the pain. When I finished I made me a bowl of cereal. I requested for at least a week off of work. I didn't realize how slow the days went by. I decided to go for a drive, aimlessly driving down the road. I found myself driving to my childhood home. I know somebody lives here but whoever it is wasn't home so I parked across the street and got out. I walked to the backyard and hopped the fence like I did when I was younger. I saw my favorite spot under the oak tree and took a seat. Everything looked the same. There was a new swingset so I gueas the owner has a kid. I rested against the tree having flashbacks of my 5th birthday party. I was in a princess dress that was the same as Belle's from Beauty and the Beast. "Are you ready to make your grand entrance?" my mom asked me. "Yeah" I answered struggling to walk in my little heels. "Wait Riley we need a picture" my dad said with urgency as he came running in with the camera. They always called me by last name and it stuck with everybody. I posed for my picture and walked out to my friends when I finished. That was the same birthday that I got my swingset. Best birthday ever. My thoughts got interrupted by a car pulling in the driveway. I didn't know what to do. I would've hidden but there was nowhere to hide. I heard a little girl who sounded to be about 3 asking her daddy if she could come swing. What is he gonna think when he sees a complete stranger in his backyard? I stood up and started walking towards the fence. I was obviously too late. "What are you doing in my backyard?" I heard the guy ask sternly while picking up his daughter. I turned around to face him. "Sorry I'm leaving" "What's your name?" he asked. Why won't he let me just leave? "Amber Riley but everybody calls me Riley" "You used to live here...you have your handprint on the porch with your name" he pointed out. "Um yeah" "I'm Bradley Parker and this is my3 year old daughter Amelia" "Nice to meet you I think I better get going" I said starting to climb the fence. "You can cut through the house" he laughed. "I think I got it but thanks" "You can come back anytime you feel like it" he offered. I started walking away and I heard him call after me. I turned around and he told me to call him and told me his number. I probably won't call him. It's not that he wasn't good looking cause in fact he was. He had shaggy black hair and blue eyes and appeared to be in his young 20's.

****Please tell me what you think. Should I continue it or would you like another chapter to help you decide?***


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