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His Unwanted Legacy

Novel By: JAW

The sequel to 'Lost in the shadows' so I recommend you read that first.

Claudia is now left to cope after Aaron, and all he threw in her path. And she's not coping as well as she's pretending she is. Has Aaron ruined Claudia's year and her faith in love?

In this sequel, some of most of your old favourites are back, and I've added a handful of new characters. Some are nice, some are evil, and some; well, not everyone fits into a catagory.

For Jacqui, who practically forced me to write a sequel. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 19, 2009    Reads: 175    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

I dipped my foot into the cool water, titling my head back to get the full effect of the sun.
I glanced around.
Indi and Zeke were inside, grabbing something to eat; while Aimee and Nick were involved in a full on make-out session.
I heard the door shut behind me, and I knew Zeke was back because of the familiar gagging sound.
"I know what you mean," I said, laughing. "Couples are so annoying."
"I don't know about that," Zeke said coyly, wrapping his arm around Indi's waste.
Nick and Aimee clambered out of the pool and, water dripping from his arm; he had food in his mouth in a matter of seconds.
"Pig," I stated, poking my tongue out at my brother.
He laughed and sat down on his towel.
"I can't believe we have to go back to school tomorrow," complained Indi.
"I know," added Nick.
I could hardly believe it had been three weeks since Aaron's death. Everything seemed to happen so quickly. The aftermath had been deadly. For days, everyone was over-sensitive around me. They'd try so hard to keep the conversation off the one thing that was on my mind. The next step was them relaxing, only to gasp in horror if they let his name slip. But now, three weeks later, I seem to have showed them I'm fine. And I'm trying so hard to convince myself that I am.
Indi glanced at me thoughtfully. Best friends since forever, I'm guessing she feels that it's all her fault. Nick, my foolish, over-protective brother, seems to think that too. This, of course, is stupid. No matter what, Aaron would still have been a drinking, drugged up bastard.
'I'm only going to see you on weekends now," complained Aimee, leaning into Nick's shoulders.
"You could move schools," he joked.
"I wish," she replied wistfully.
I glanced towards the sky. The sun was fading and the clouds were tinged a faint pink colour. Indi shivered, with the sun setting; the warmth was disappearing too.
"Let's head inside," Zeke began. "Besides, Aimee and I have to go."
We all stood up reluctantly. Inside, Aimee threw on a pink dress over her white bikini. Zeke put on a t-shirt as Aimee wrapped her arms around Nick's neck.
"Really," I complained. "Do you have to?"
Nick rolled his eyes at me, and then kissed Aimee. Zeke leaned in for a quick kiss with Indi.
I sighed. Couples.
Zeke headed towards the door, followed by a longing look from Indi.
"Nick," I stated. "Aimee."
"Guys, break it up!" instructed Indi.
They sprang apart, guilty looks etched upon their faces. Sheepishly, Aimee headed towards the door.
In unison, Nick and Indi sighed. Having a best friend and a brother who are head over heels is not the most pleasant experience.
"Come on," I said, stifling laughter.
"They'll be here again before you know it."
I pulled on a t-shirt and shorts, then dragged Nick out the door.


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