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Dating Bad Boys and Disappointing Mom 101

Novel By: Jax Malo3

Aria Roslyn is the typical daughter of two wealthy parents. Her dad only wants to make her happy, but her mothers seems to get enjoyment out of making Aria's life a living hell. Aria has rebelled, by wearing ripped jeans, band t-shirts, some peircings, and maybe even some tattoos in unseen places...

Christian and Drake LaRoux just returned from a reform school, with their friend Skye Evans. Now the rebellious boys are all grown up, and even badder than before. Christian seems to continually run into his hot neighbor Aria...maybe it's not such an accident... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 25, 2010    Reads: 541    Comments: 19    Likes: 4   

Chapter One
"It's just not right! My daughter should not be involved in this stupid waste of time!" My mother screeched.. This stupid waste of time was my art class, which I didn't think was a stupid waste of time. My dad clearly didn't either, and was just staring at the floor with his jaw clenched. My dad never fought her on anything. Anything. And he knew how much I wanted to do this. Her once dark hair had turned gray, due to her obsessive screeching at things she didn't like and she had the same petite body with long legs. We were both around 5'6'', where my dad stood at 6'3'' with a pretty evenly muscled frame dressed in his usual business suit. My mom wore a cream color Juicy Couture sweat suit and gold silk high-heels. No thanks.
I stared pleadingly, with big blue eyes. "Dad," I said, almost frustrated enough to the edge of tears. It just wasn't fair. I even paid for it with my own damn money. Not hers! Not that she worked for it or anything.
"I'm going whether you like it or not." I said. I felt like screaming out curses that they didn't even know I knew. Ha. Wouldn't they be surprised? I almost smiled just thinking about it.
"What are you laughing at, Aria?!" She screamed. I shrugged. "Nothing. I'm going to art class. You already made me late. Bye." I said. I ignored her threats and screeches. I looked up at my dad accusingly. "Thanks." I said sarcastically, extremely angry.
I walked out of the humongous kitchen, through the foyer, and out the double doors. Sometimes I just hated them. This being one of those times. I especially hated my mother. A lot. Mean, I knew, but I just couldn't help it. She was so judgmental. It was like if you don't do something her way your life was rui-
"OW!" I yelled. I felt something run right into me. I fell onto my butt, and everything in my big bag spilt out, including my sketchbook. I flushed with anger. So not a good time to run me over. I looked to the side of me and saw a skateboard with checkered shoes and black skinny jeans. Lovely.
"Fuck! I'm so sorry!" A deep smooth voice said. I rolled my eyes, despite the shivers it sent down my spine. I knew that voice.
"Christian." I said flatly. He grinned charmingly at me. He looked up with blazing blue eyes through his shaggy black hair. His friends skated up towards us. "Shit man! You knocked her over!" One of them exclaimed.
"That's okay, D." D was for Drake, Christian's brother. They were ten months apart. "It's just Aria." Drake slapped him across the chest. "Don't talk to a girl like that, bro." He scolded. Christian rolled his eyes and I scrambled to gather all of my stuff. My Ipod was still on the ground, which Skye, his other friend, picked up immediately. He punched in my password. I had no idea how he remembered that.
"Same old, same old Aria." He shook his head, which was covered in shaggy bleach blonde hair. His crazy green eyes lit up, and Drake looked over his shoulder with amber ones. Drake had dark hair like Christian, who was still staring at me eagerly.
"Can I help you with something?" I asked, shoving my sketch book in my bag. I was already late. "What are you wearing Aria?" He asked me, with an amused grin. I looked down at my outfit. There was nothing wrong with it. Besides the fact that my mother had called it trash. I had on white skinny jeans with rips in the knees and thighs, and a loose black Rolling Stones razor-back tank top on. I was wearing strappy flat sandals that were a metallic black.
I rolled my eyes. "Grow up, Christian. People change while you're at your reform school." Another chill went down my spine. "Are you cold?" He asked, still grinning cockily. "No." I said flatly, and snatched my Ipod out of Skye's hands. "Hey!" He yelled loudly. Thank God I was already halfway down the street. My mother couldn't hear us all the way down here. She didn't exactly approve of boys who had been sent to reform schools because of marijuana smoking and vandalism. I mean, it's not like I haven't ever tried pot, but all the adults in this neighborhood had sticks up their asses. Including Christian's dad.
Christian handed me his black hoodie anyway. "Take it just in case." He said, smiling. I looked at the black shirt he wore, without sleeves. It showed off his now-toned arms, far from the scrawny ones I remembered. I took it, knowing he wouldn't let me leave without it.
I got in my red Ferrari and pushed down the gas pedal, speeding away.
a/n my new novel…finally… please comment(: I'll love you forever….♥


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