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The Engagement by Jayda West

Novel By: Jayda West

James Winslow, a wild, party-going twenty-three year old, is stunned out of his wits when his father tells him he has to find a wife. What’s worse is that James only has three months. Desperate, he decides on the first person that comes to his mind.

Steffannie Carterr a nineteen-year old secretary at Winslow and Winslow construction, is the exact opposite of attractive with her gaudy styles and outdated fashions. She utterly hates her boss James Winslow, an arrogant jerk with a huge ass ego. So it shocks her when he tells her that they’re getting engaged. She despises his guts and wouldn’t do anything to help him, but at the expense of her job she reluctantly agrees.

Has she made a terrible mistake, or will she find herself smitten for her flamboyant boss? Will James find himself falling for the witty girl-next-door, Steffannie?
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Submitted:May 10, 2011    Reads: 520    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

Chapter Nine

In the morning, I expected to have a terrible backache, since I probably spent the whole night on the floor. However, I woke up in my room, on my bed. How did I get here? I'm sure I didn't get up, I didn't even remember getting up after I fell asleep. Then how did I… oh wait… James! He carried me up here? My skin crawled at thought of him carrying me up stairs in his arms. I really needed to take a shower!

I acted on that thought and rushed to the bathroom, sliding out of my clothes and turning on the shower. It was refreshing and soothed my body. The back of my head still ached from that couch cushion!

I was downstairs in a while, when I realized that I had to make breakfast. Ughh! That lazy bum. Couldn't he make a meal every once in a while? Disgruntled, I stormed into the kitchen, only to find a certain someone cooking…that's right, dainty James was cooking. I fake gasped and he turned around, an angry look on his face.

"What?" He spoke gruffly, that's when it hit me that he was wearing an apron. I wanted to just snap a picture of him a mass email it to everyone at the office. But I didn't, because my head couldn't take another hit.

"You're cooking!" I exclaimed sarcastically, he rolled his eyes and turned back to the frying pan firmly in his grasp. I have to say, he looked odd in the kitchen. Like a big bear crouching over a tiny set of crockery. Just the thought of it made me giggle.

"Why are you laughing?" He asked, sliding the eggs out of the frying pan and onto a waiting plate.

"Hm, nothing" I said that just to piss him off.

"Yeah, like I believe you" He hissed, turning off the stove. He walked with the two plates to the nearby table. I had a seat and he placed a plate in front of me; bacon and eggs.

"Hm, this isn't three bad" I said, putting a piece of bacon in my mouth. It tasted, well it tasted good. Who knew James was this useful?

"Oh thanks" He said with false enthusiasm, as if he really cared whether or not I liked his cooking. That's when I remembered, THE PARTY!

"So, like uhm, why are you going to uhm, propose at the, uh party" I stumbled over my words, unsure of how to approach the situation. He smirked from behind a glass of OJ. I swear, this man was irritating!

"Haha… the only reason I'm doing it there is because of the hype" He said casually, averting his eyes. Like it was normal to propose to someone, just because of who would see you.

"Hype? You said it was you're buddy Gregg's party?" I said confused, I mean if it was his friends party it couldn't be "hype".

"Yeah, My buddy Gregg Von Baldacci?" Wait… THE Gregg Von Baldacci? The famous director? Oh, I get it now. Everyone's gonna be there, paparazzi, celebrities; everyone who James wants to see our 'engagement'. My stomach twisted just thinking about it, all the big names of Hollywood would be there! Maybe I'd even be on E! tomorrow night. James probably noticed me melting out of my chair.

"Wait, you know Gregg V.B.?" I asked in disbelief, I mean for once I actually cared about who James kept as 'buddies'.

"Yeah, we were college roommates" He said, as if nothing was odd about that. I wish my college roommate had been Anne Hathaway, but no, I got stuck with nerdy Beth Reid.

"So like, you guys are that good friends?" He rolled his eyes at me as if I was asking stupid questions. What? I wanted to know.

"Yes beanstalk, we are" He said directing his attention to the plate. I decided not to ask any more questions.

So I sat across from him, eating my meal silently. In my mind, I started to plan what I should wear. Maybe a cute dress. I thought about it for a sec and then I decided to call Krystal for some ideas. She always had the best ideas for things to wear! Yeah, maybe that's what I should do. I guess my thoughts were playing out on my face because James crinkled his nose at me.

"Don't embarrass me" he said vaguely. Embarrass him? I should be the one saying that to him.

"How are you gonna do it?" I asked tentatively, I really needed to know.

"Don't worry about that. Just make sure you do whatever I say" Damn, this man was controlling.

"Hm" I said, gulping down some more food.

"Oh and remember when I placed the food in front you and you saw the black dots on the eggs?" He said cheekily. What was he coming with now?

"Yeah, it's black pepper right?" I said, unaware of the mischievous smile on his goddamn face.

"No, it fell" He said getting up. I wanted to vomit, that was so disgusting! I wanted to wring his head right off of his body. Ew! I just ingested floor filth! Oh my gosh, I need to see a doctor and have him rinse my insides! James that douche!


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