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Tags: Romance

What's a girl to do when she has to date a guy she HATES...Well read to find out!! View table of contents...


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College Hostel California

(An alarm clock goes off. A hand comes out from a mess of blankets and quilts and turns off the alarm)

Zara: - Sneha, its time to wake up. You can't be late again. Mr. Rods was really upset when you walked in ten minutes late to class on Tuesday.

Sneha; - (still under the blanket) Oh come on Zara. It is only eight o'clock in the morning. Class doesn't start until nine thirty.

Zara: - but Sneha do you have any idea how long you take to dress up? And then you just need to have your humungous breakfast without which you can't function normally.

Sneha: - Fine, fine I am waking up.

(Sneha goes to get ready while Zara opens her chemistry notes and starts reviewing for their upcoming test)

College Cafeteria

(Zara and Sneha go and take their seats in the college cafeteria. Sneha orders French toast, scrambled eggs, sausage and bacon with orange juice. Zara orders waffles with maple syrup and apple juice)

Sneha: -(in a teasing voice) Why didn't I notice? Someone is on a diet

Zara: - (blushing) Pssh! I just don't have such a fantastic metabolism as you.

Sneha: - (confused)So let me get this straight. You aren't on a diet and yet you are eating so little?

Zara: - If you weren't so unobservant you would realize that this is all I eat for breakfast.

Sneha: - (Smirking) But still, maybe you are dieting for someone special. Oh this is so cool. 'Zara the brainster' is falling in love.

Zara: - (rolling her eyes) how stupid can you get? I am not falling in love. You know me since high school. I don't go falling in love with every guy who looks hot. In my life, love will always be secondary. I want to do something with my life first. I am trying so hard to get into medical school and the only way I can make it to medical school is by having good grades and maintaining my GPA. And just think about this. Which guy in the world is going to fall in love with me? All I ever do is study and study and study. I am not pretty, I am socially awkward and...

Sneha: - (interrupting) Wow, it really must be really boring being you (she pats Zara on the back in a consoling manner)

Zara: - (angrily) Sneha?

Sneha: - Zara? (looking at the clock) Oh shoot! Look at the time. We have to be quick

(They quickly run and go for their chemistry class that is on the furthest end of campus)


Mr. Rods: - Miss Sneha?

Sneha: - (in her mind) Oh shit! (Out loud) Yes Mr. Rods

Mr. Rods: - Why don't you explain to the class the process of the reduction oxidation reaction?

Sneha: - Um yeah sure. Okay so we take a substance and we add electrons and then take them off and you know stuff happens.

(The whole class laughs)

Mr. Rods: -(Upset) You may sit down now. As I was saying this may show up on the exam so take out your notebooks and take some notes. I never understand with you students and how you end up taking your life and the fees your parents pay for granted. College costs a lot of money and yet you gullible fools end up wasting the opportunities and the education that is being offered to you all. Anyway, as I was saying, the oxidation-reduction reaction is....

Sneha: - (whispering) did you see that? He only asked me a question to embarrass me. He could have easily asked you but no lets make fun of poor innocent Sneha.

Mr. Rods: - (Sensing some whispering) Do you have a problem Sneha?

Sneha: - (guilty) Of course not Mr. Rods

Mr. Rods: - then start paying attention...In order to balance these reactions.....

Zara: - (chuckling) maybe you should take his advice and pay more attention in class. You know stuff doesn't just randomly happen in a redox reaction.

Sneha: - (grumpily) Oh stuff it.

After Class

Sneha: - (jumping around) I know, I know, I know

Zara: - What do you know?

Sneha:- Why Mr. Rods was upset?

Zara:- Why?

Sneha: - Because....(long pause)...HE NEEDS TO GET LAID!!!!

Zara: - (shocked) WHAT? Where the hell did you come up with that?

Sneha: - Okay so listen to this (Zara shakes her head in defeat) Mr. Rods is single after his divorce and he hasn't got some action since forever so he takes out all his frustration out on all of his students. So maybe if we get someone to do some hanky panky (she winks)

Zara: - (sighing) okay that's it. You have gone absolutely mad and I don't think I can live with a crazy person. You have to shut up or someone will hear you.

Sneha: - (shrugging) So what? It's a free country.

Zara:- You will be the death of me.

(They go to their next class and the next one and the next one after that)

(After all their classes are over, Zara turns on her cell phone. After few minutes her phone starts ringing)

Zara: - (picking up the phone) hello?

Person: - Can I speak to Zara Sharma?

Zara: - Speaking.

Person: - Hi Zara, this is Kunal

Zara: - Hey hi Kunal. How are you? How's college going on?

Kunal: - Oh you know the usual. Summer is going to start soon and then I might start looking out for a job or an internship.

Zara: - Wow thats great.

Kunal:- So how have you been?

Zara:- Just trying to get by with classes and extra curricular

Kunal:- (smiling) your still the same Zara I....know.

Zara:- Haha

Kunal: - So I was wondering if I could come and meet you sometime.

Zara: - (surprised) You want to come over here to California?

Kunal: - Yeah if you don't mind.

Zara: - Of course not. You are most welcome.

Kunal: - Okay so then I will book a flight and let you know when I am coming.

Zara: - that would be great.

Kunal: - Oh ok then Zara, see you soon.

Zara: - bye Kunal.

(She hangs up the phone)

Sneha: - (smirking) So who's Kunal?

Zara: - Ugh! Sneha, Kunal is JUST A FRIEND. We went to middle school together and did our freshman year together and then my parents and I moved here to California and we've just been friends.

Sneha: - So um nothing's going on between the two of you?

Zara: - (pretending to talk to a kid) no

Sneha: - So what'd he say?

Zara: - that he is coming to meet me this summer.


Zara: - It's not like that Sneha.

Sneha: - (smiling naughtily) Oh we will find out soon enough.


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