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Eternal hope

Novel By: jfliboon

(永遠の希望)in feudal era in japan, yuri yamashita faces events that envolves having her decide her own faith View table of contents...



Submitted:Mar 15, 2013    Reads: 62    Comments: 4    Likes: 5   

chapter 1:Its so dark. Everything seems to be far away. It feel like i am all alone.

I have no idea of whereI am. the only thing I know is thatI am all alone. as I walk into this eternal path,I saw a light right ahead of me and asI ran to the light,I saw a hand pulled me up andI woke up.I always keep having these kind of dreams,I wonder whyI always keep dreaming of the same exact thing everytimeI sleep.I looked outside my window and realized the moon was still out, it was still night.

You could see leaves slowly falling down from the trees branches and slowly making their way to the crystal beauty of the lake.

I always loved looking on such a scenery because it seem thatI may never reach such a paradise even though it was just right outside my room.

I wonder ifI could everchange my life, everyday is always the same andI am always stuck in this lonely room.

I am a daughter of a rich man and my name is Yuri Yamashita, my father is Tsubaki Yamashita and he owns a business selling and trading harvest goods with other villages. My father is an aristocrat who is known for his wealth. My father never let me out of my room, he said that the world is too dangerous for me andI should prepare myself before facing reality.I have never stepped outside my room because my father puts guards all around my room to guard me.

Even though I always asks my father why he isolates me from the world, he wouldalways tells me, "The world is a cruel world and if you want to be free, you will have to fight your way to earn your freedom". Father always bring books from places he traveled andI always loved reading these books. The books father gave me are remarkable, there were pictures thatI never saw in me whole life before.

I always wonder what the world really looks like,I could only see the world through the window that was always closed shut because of my fathers orders.I am always lonely but the books that my father brought me always kept me hoping that there was always a way to answer my questions bysearching for it myself.

I never met my mother or even my relatives, my father seemed to be my only family in the world. The only people thatI know are the servants that my father assigned to me, the guards that always kept guard of me, tutors that my father sent so that i can educate myself, and father that occasionally visits me when he arrives from his travels.

Servants would always find myred eyes strange because they never saw anyone with such features.I have long black hair, red eyes, and pale skin complexion. My father doesn't like it when I ask him whyI am so different from anyone, he always tells me that beingdifferent doesnt make youabnormal but it makes you unique from anyone else.

I always loved my father for being wise and caring but he always leaves everytime the sun goes down and he would be back after six or even seven days.

One day when my father left to leave for his work, I heard a rustling from the trees outside my window. I looked outside my window but no one was there it must have been my imagination or was it the wind blowing the trees branches and made the noise but I was pretty sure that someone was out there and that someone was watching me.

I ignored it and went back to read my book. Day has come and i was surprised to see a flower petal on my bed, it was a pink flower on the book that I was just reading before sleeping.I found it strange that the flower was there because there were no flowers near my room and I was pretty sure that it didn't just flew inside through my window because it was closed shut.

I asked the servants if someone had entered my room but no one seemed to have entered my room. I wanted to know what kind of flower it was and who gave it to me.I found out on one of my fathers books about flowers that it was a sakura flower.A kind of flower that are almost pure white with rich pink petals that are abundantly blooms during the arival of spring in april.

It was even more confusing because it was still winter and it is march today.

to be continued


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