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Her Secret Self: Darkness of my Soul

Novel By: jhanery

It's the story of how love conquers in the most difficult ways, and how could a person be so blind when he or she loves a certain person.

Genre could also be "Action" View table of contents...


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(Jhunie Trinidad)

It's already 11 pm, but I'm still here outside, waiting for no one, just looking at all those people who seemed so busy even at the middle of the night. I love how the city lights brighten the darkness of the night; it's not too clear like the sun, yet enough to see things, as we know it.

I decided to come to my favourite spot, in the park, that bench positioned under the tree. At times like this, It's easier for me to reminisce the past. I would never want to turn back to where I used to be, how I used to live, it's even worse living behind bars. But right at that moment, memory of the past, just flashed back to me again.

It was 5 years ago, when the worst day of my life came to me. I was very innocent then, I didn't know the in and outs of gamble of life. My mother was very sick, my father just died a year ago because of leukaemia and she was the only one left to support our living. I didn't know what to do, I had no money to take her to the hospital and people just won't listen to us, because we were so poor. I was so stupid to think anyone would kindly help us in our situation, the only penny we had was just enough for our food, to survive.

Then that night when I was staring outside our window, I saw 2 chicks wearing short skirts that almost show their ass cheeks and tops showing half of their breast. Something clicked to my mind! Right then, I thought I solved our problem. I followed those 2 girls, luckily I was wearing quite a decent dress hanging 1 inch above my knees with a thin strap on it. I reached the destination to where they were working, and I was right. They were prostitutes. I tried to enter the place but the bouncer did not let me in, I was only 17 and how I wished I was a little bit older.


Then suddenly the manager came out and saw me. She's a woman about 42 years of age. She spotted me from head to toe and asked me to come inside with her. She took me in her office and asked some questions. Bottom line: she let me work for her but she pointed out specifically that I won't be able to complain anything... I said yes and I started working for "DOM" that night. I never liked to be touched, and so since I was just new, Rebecca, the club manager, kindly guarded me.

A week later, a seemingly very rich guy came to the club. He looked decent and the prostis seemed to know him, and I knew he had been a regular costumer. Rebecca walked straight to him, he's about 6'2 and very masculine, not very handsome though, with a fierce pair of eyes. They chatted shortly then the guy looked straight into my eyes. He walked into me, he said I was recommended by Rebecca and I had to come with him. He took me in one of those rooms then I thought for a moment. Because it was my very first night and maybe, I was reserved for him so Rebecca didn't want me to be taken by any other guys, I was just starting to undress myself when he started to laugh. I was confused and asked him.


"Isn't it what you wanted?" I asked. He came to me and asked me to fix myself as he was going to ask me something that's more important and he promised me that the money I could get after I finish the deal would be 10x better than my salary and tips from those guys. I thought about my mother, who by then was getting better so I agreed.

He asked me steal a small box from Rebecca's drawer, "But it's always locked!" I said in frustration. Then he gave me a hair pin. He said I could use it to execute my goal and told me he'd be waiting for me outside.

As I was walking down the corridor, I could see those whores with those dirty old men starting their heat-up sex though they're not yet inside their designated rooms. I sighed and said to myself, I didn't want to stay in this place where I would need to use my flesh to earn money. Meanwhile, as I was moving softly and trying hard not to be noticed, I successfully reached the door towards Rebecca's office. At first, I tried to be fast, but I was already sweating and frightened that anyone might come at any minute, but the door stayed locked! So I tried to be calm, I bent the pin and after 30sec, the door clicked! Bingo! I entered the room and searched for the box, it was easier than I thought to find it and as I did, I ran, locked the door again and went to Roy, inside his car.

"Here it is!" I gave him what he wanted. He tried to seduce me, but I pushed him. He just grinned and gave me what I wanted. A thousand dollars for an easy task! I could think how our life could change, I could then give my mother a better medical assistance and her condition would be normal. But suddenly, Roy spoke up.

"I like you... Miss?"

"Jhunie, my name is Jhunie."

"Alright, Jhunie. I like how you work, very quick and the fact you're looking so innocent would help you greatly in your next tasks, If.... you want to continue, and earn more money!"It was unbelievable, I thought, but I knew I could do more and so I said yes.

Roy took me to a secret hide-out, but before that, I managed to give my mother all the money I had and took her to the hospital, I couldn't be with her for I had to work so I just asked the nurses to take care of her. Roy was very charming at first, but when we reached the place, he turned out to be like a child of Satan. After ten minutes, some of my "co-workers" showed up and greet me. But three people, I felt, really were grateful I got there. Chris, Czarina and Editha. Roy allowed me to adjust to the new environment before we started. According to him, I'd be undergoing into a difficult training to be a better "producer."


The 3 invited me to their room; it was very cosy unlike outside where dusts and large drums with cement on it everywhere. The place was just huge; There were plenty of rooms, more or less 6 if I'm not mistaken. Czarina said it was their headquarters and personal rooms, but they had their own house outside that world, they just stay there for a particular mission.

I knew that Chris and Czarina were in a relationship and Editha had a boyfriend but she broke up with him. They've been in the business for more than a year and are very familiar with stuffs about it. They also informed her that there is a "Big Boss," higher than Roy, who really was primarily the one who formed the group but they did not know the name. They only call him big boss.

After 15mins, Roy came for me and showed me my room, it was fine, white everywhere, a single bed with white sheets, a table and a chair, there was also a little drawer beside the table at the left side, and on the right side was a refrigerater.

Roy brought me to the far end of the place, it was a shooting place. A couple of targets and not so far from it is a table full of diff. Kinds of guns. That was the start of my training, and I thought that right then and there, there would be no turning back...


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