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Love at First...

By: jhanery

Chapter 2,

“Let’s go somewhere else.” He whispers in my ear, I slowly nodded. We check in, in one of the rooms upstairs. As we come inside, he immediately hugs my body so tightly and kisses me. I’m feeling so hot. First time that I feel this some kind of need and so much heat even ice or water can’t subside. Our lips taste every inch of pleasure for a quite awhile, like a real couple missing each other’s tenderness.

“Uhmmm, let me take a shower first, hmmm?”

“Okay.” He pulls my hand and we, together, come inside the shower. He pulls my dress up my head and throws it somewhere. He lowers his head and meet my lips, while unlocking and taking off my tube-bra. “You’re so beautiful.” I felt like those words are so true and come from his heart so I hug him. Then he takes off his shirt and unclasps his belt then holds my hands guiding it to touch his chest. I caress his broad shoulders, while he, taking off all the clothes left in our body. He turns on the shower, grabs the soap, and washes my whole body. He concentrates first at my breast and I love the way he pinches my nipples and caresses my whole breast. I know he’s so used in doing these stuffs. I bet many girls underwent this whole thing with him, but I don’t care. I just want to enjoy every second and very inch of the moment now that I’m here with him. He moves his arms, brushes his fingers through my skin, and reaches for my clit. He’s moving so seductively, I couldn’t help myself but moan.

I begin to caress his body, too. I grab the soap from his hands and started to rub it gently on his skin. Then I lower my head and slightly bit his nipples. He held my head and pushed it downwards. I figure out what he wants me to do as I look at him. His eyes are closed then I look straight on his c*ck; it’s so hard and erect. I release the soap from my hands then stroke that huge thing.

“Uhmm...” he moans as my soft hand touches his manliness.

“You like that, hmmm?

“Uhuh. You’re doing great!” Then I open my mouth and starts playing with the head of his cock. “Shit! I like that!” I want to deep-throat him, but I could only have half of his on my mouth. I keep doing that for more or less, 10 minutes. Then he pulls me up. “Let me take you to bed.” He grabs the towel and dries my body then I wait for him as I lay myself in the bed. He joins me after only seconds; he kneels down on the floor, pulls my both feet and spread my legs apart. Without any warning, he plays with ‘my’ over and over until I reach my orgasm and squirt my cum all over his face.

“Want me to shower again?” he laughs softly as he wipes the cum off his face. I smile.

“Of course not! You’ve got some work to do pretty boy!” I pull him on top of me then spread my legs to give him full access then he holds his manliness and aims it on my p*ssy.

“You ready, hmm?” He stuck his head on my neck kissing it and giving small bites, when he sensed my head nodding. He quickly pushes his hardness on my hole.

“Oh!” Hearing that, his thrust becomes slower. For some time, he kept on doing that while his one hand is caressing my breast and another hand pressing my butt.

When I feel like I adjusted myself to his hugeness, I extend my both hands on his butt pulling and pressing them towards me. He understands it, then his thrusts become faster and faster. Only moans can be heard, skins smacking and hitting each other. As we reach our climax, his thrusts grow, faster than ever, and I know he’s about to cum. “Uhmmm....” And before he could shoot his loads inside me, he pulls his c*ck and shoot em on my belly.

He rests his tired body on the bed, and then I grab some tissue on the bed-side table and clean our body. He looks at me with his brown eyes. “What?” I’m getting conscious the way he stares at me.

“You don’t seem like a usual prostitute, you know?” He moves and leans his back on the head-rest of the bed, then pulls me towards his body. I hug my left arm around him then he continued speaking. “We had sex already, but I still don’t know your name.”

“I’m Sherryn... Sherryn McCord.”

“Francis Bradley.”

“Is this your first time here?”

“Actually, yes. I came here to look for my friend.”

“Okay. To be honest, the first time I saw you, I thought you were looking for a prostitute... like me.” My voice, for some reason, turn down with those last two words. He laughs.

No. It’s my first time to sleep with... someone like you. And I guess, I might actually come back next time, well. Maybe!” I feel glad that I’d see him again, but knowing he’s not sure. I suddenly get sad. We talked a lil bit more, then he get up.

“I hate to ask this... but how much?”

My eyes open up wide, as if my eyeballs are going to come out. I feel so stupid, but I pretend it was nothing. You’re a prostitute! I remind myself. I honestly thought he’s different, that he could love someone like me. I never thought that he’d offer me money like what customers used to do after they enjoy and satisfy their needs, I don’t care if he did that just to show me he’s just being polite. All I know is that I’m offended! I won’t let you humiliate me just like that! If you treat me as bitch, nothing more but a plain bitch! Then so be it! “Well... Since I enjoyed you. $100 would be fine.” I say it with disgrace and sense of humiliation.

He looks shocked with my reaction, but didn’t say a word. Shaking his head, he pulls the wallet from his pocket and gets some money. He gives me $200.

“Hey! I said I only need a hundred dollars!” the insult I supposedly aimed for him bounces back on me.

He creates a disgusting grin on his lips which makes me even more furious, seems like he’s playing a game on me. And I hate that! “You did pretty well! Keep it and I expect a better performance next time.”

He walks out of the room then the door closed. I feel so weak and I want to cry. But then I decided to stay strong. He’s never going to love me! He won’t love any woman of my kind. After I completely compose myself, I prepared myself to get out of that room and meet Alina, whom I’m sure, waiting for me to tell her my story.


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