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Love at First...

Novel By: jhanery

Here is a story of a girl who fell in love with a guy right at the very first time she laid her eyes on him.
But how could she say it when they met in the most awkward situation? The girl as a prostitute and the guy as his customer. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 20, 2011    Reads: 211    Comments: 16    Likes: 4   


"Oh hi? I've been waiting for you. I thought you'd never get down here!" Alina welcomes me with that happy smile on her face. I pretend like I am happy too, so she won't notice how devastated I am. She starts asking me what happened and I just tell her how great Francis in bed and she is so excited to hear more. But I really am so tired. I don't even want to talk about it anymore.

"Ali, can I just tell you the rest of the story, tomorrow?" sigh. "I really am tired, that guy totally drained my energy. So..." Alina just stares at me, she seems convinced with my excuse.

"I understand. Want me to drive?" I nod.

Without her alive energy escaping her body even if it's already 3 in the morning, she drives the car and head home.

After cleaning myself and changing my clothes, I go straight to my bed and sleep.

For 3 nights, Francis hadn't show up in the club so I don't expect anymore. I don't want to disappoint myself for nothing. But at the 4th night, the moment I step my right foot in the club, I immediately see him. 2 girls are already flirting with him and I know them! Raquelle and Adora! You fucking slut! I smile when I turn my eyes on Francis because he doesn't seem to enjoy himself with those 2 bitches. I nod to Alina and she instantly understands what I'm thinking.

I walk towards one of our clients whose age is quite the same as Francis, maybe a little bit older, but that's fine. I walk pass through them making sure Francis sees me. When I'm already 2 yards away from him, I look back at him. And I'm right; he's been looking for me. Then I walk straight ahead sitting beside my chosen customer.

"Hi handsome!"

"Oh hi! Wow, you've got sexy body." I flirt with this crap for some time waiting for Francis to come for me. There was not a single minute I hadn't glance at their side. And couple of times, Francis' and my eyes have met. But I did nothing. Then finally! He walks towards us.

"Excuse me, can I borrow her for awhile?" His eyes are burning, and I know he couldn't take it anymore. He looks so angry, or jealous, but he still acts respectful.

"No... She's my girl. Can't you see?"

"Dude, I asked for her in the best way I can!"

"And I told you there's no way she's going to leave this table!"

"Oh yeah? I gotta tell you, I'm not in the mood to negotiate things. So if you don't want me to dig every inch of your face, I advice you now, get outta this place and leave Sherryn." The guy I approached to awhile ago, comes closer to Francis. They are almost at the same height, but Francis is more masculine.

The guy chuckles. "Are you threatening me huh? Or you just wanna make a scene? If that's what you want, I'll give it to you." the voice of the guy turns louder, he really started yelling to get attention then starts laughing when he face Francis once again. "Seriously bro! You really would fight to death for this whore? Holycrap! She's a fucking slut dude. You can't-"

Without saying a word, Francis hit the guy's face. The prostitutes are yelling, some are calling for the bouncer to stop the two, and the other customers are shouting, witnessing such a great fight. I really am so impressed how tough Francis is. But it's not the right time to just stand up. I immediately run to call the bouncers who already have heard what's going on. Upon reaching the area, two of the bouncers quickly hold Francis who's bursting in fury. And the 3rd one help the bastard 'guy' get up on his knees. His nose is badly bleeding and lips are cracked. Having beaten up, the guy rushes and get out of the place wiping the blood running from his nose.

The manager of the club comes out from nowhere. "Hey! What the hell had just happened here?" he's waiting for somebody to answer him, but no one did. "Sherryn!" He shouts, calling my name. I approach him. "Could you please tell me what's the meaning of all this mess?" Somehow, I feel relieved when people start to back up and continue whatever they wanna do.

"Jack, I'm sorry... I" Jack is somewhat like gay, we only knew that, when we decided to work for his club.

"You don't have to say sorry, I started it." Francis comes to the rescue.

"Oh hi sir? So you were the one?" Like me, I think Jack also got mesmerized when he saw Francis, but he's far more professional than me, even if I consider myself very good at dealing with stuffs life this, I know he won't just let it pass.

Jack glares at me, then to Francis. "Yes."

"But sir, it was all because of my Sherryn, over here. Darling, I want to talk to you in private." Jack looks at me straight to my eyes and I feel nervous. Damn! "Excuse us sir, but I really need to deal with some things with her! Sherryn, follow me." Francis grabs my arms as I am about to take my first step.

"She doesn't have to have word with you. I'll take her with me now." Francis pulls his wallet from his pocket, after giving Jack 500$, he gets out of the club with me and drive with his car.


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