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Love at First...

By: jhanery

Chapter 4,


“Why did you do that?”

“Did what?” He says without even detaching his eyes on the road.

“Pull off the car.” I say calmly. I am waiting for him to do it, but he didn’t, instead, he continues driving and I have no idea where he’s taking me. “What the fuck is your problem? I said pull off the car!” he looks at me; I guess he sees the irritability in my face so he stops and parks the car at the side of the road.

“I’m taking you to my place.”

“O yeah? Did you hear me say I like the idea?”

“I don’t need your approval, okay? So please, just shut your...” he stares at my lips then swallow up. I don’t know what he’s thinking, he just looks straight ahead to the road again and starts the engine again. “...just shut up. Don’t worry, I won’t harm you.”

“I know.” He looks at me for a second then smile.

“Good.” He drives the car in full speed, and we reach our destination without talking. He takes me to this bungalow, yet big enough for a single person to live in.

“You live here?” I ask.

“Yeah. C’mon, I’ll show you around.” He holds my left hand and gives a mild grip. I smile secretly. His house is so neat and organized. I sit on the couch then he walks towards the kitchen.

“Are you hungry?” I hear him say, shouting from the next room. I decided to follow him, I hope he won’t mind.

“You cook?”

“Uhumm. I live alone so I surely need to learn how. You?”

“Of course, want me to show you?”

“Sure.” He’s got pretty much everything I need in my recipe, within 20 minutes, I finished my own version of adobo, It has sweetness on it, which I really like compared to the traditional one.

“Hmmm. It’s delicious.” He looks amazed and I love the expression in his face.

“Geeze! Cut the crap, will you?”

No, seriously, this is so good.” He eats like he hasn’t eaten for days. “So, aside from being a great cook and having an oozing sex appeal, what more do I have to know about you?”

“What do you mean?”

“I want to know you better She.”

“My life isn’t really interesting.”

“Hmmm, okay. I’ll start. I’m Francis Bradley, 30 years old, lawyer. Mmm, what else?” he paused a little bit and seems like he’s really thinking. So you really are serious about this, huh? “Can’t think any more right now.”

“Why do you wanna know me? And in the first place, why did you take me in this place?” I lean closer to him. But instead of answering my question, he stands up and gets the dishes to clean. I wait patiently till he finishes it all. I didn’t even bother to help him cause I know he just did that to have some time to think before he answers me. Well, he surely has something in mind; I just can’t figure it out.

When he had finished all of it, he pulls a chair and sits in front of me. “Do you really want to work as prostitute all your life Sherryn?”


“Then quit.”

“Why?” I lean my back onto the chair and fold my arms across my chest. He leans closer to me and put his arms on my thighs, seemingly imprisoning me by his presence.

“I want you Sherryn, and I’m a hundred percent sure you want me too.” He starts kneading my thigh, he’s turning me on so I stand up.

I remember how embarrassed I was the last time we spent time together, maybe he’s just playing a trick on me or something. “So? Why would I care if you want me? And about me wanting you –” chuckle. “- it was all an act in my part. It’s my job, remember? I flirt to earn money.”

“Liar.” He stands up and kisses me, but I do not respond.

“You finished? We’re not in the club, so I don’t have to-” he kiss my lips again, I didn’t know that he is just waiting for my mouth to open up so he could penetrate his tongue inside my mouth easily. I try to escape, but he’s locking me with his strong arms. When I stop struggling, his kiss becomes passionate and gentle. I get carried away by his charm, again, and kiss back. I miss him. I miss being with him. I miss everything about him. The kiss grows deeper and my knees are getting weaker. I cross my arms around his neck for support and he hugs my body tightly. How I wish we can stay this way for as much as we could, how I wish he’ll no longer act and show me as if I’m nothing to him.

“Mmm, I knew you were lying Sherryn.” The kiss has ended but his arms are still tightly circling my body. “You don’t have to pretend like you don’t want me, because it clearly shows.”

Using my free right hand, I pinch his belly so I could get away from him. Finally he takes his arms away from my body, he looks quite hurt but he’s still smiling, he’s annoying me already by that naughty smile but it looks cute. I take two steps back and cross my arms around me. “I’m not pretending okay! And will you please stop smiling?!”

“If I stop, will you come to me?”

No.” A huge sigh comes out from his mouth.

“Ok Sherryn, I’ll stop this nonsense game, but can we please sit down first, I have something important to tell you.” I’m thinking twice whether to let him get into my nerves or not, but finally I sit down. I just want this thing to be over; first, I don’t really know why he brought me in his house. Second, he’s unbelievably very nice to me; he’s acting like we’ve been friends for a long time. Third, everytime he’s making out with me, it makes me feel like he’s not doing that just to satisfy himself, it feels like he’s doing that because he really likes kissing me, and that’s not usual for someone who’s so successful as him, being a lawyer. I’m not degrading myself; I just don’t see the point of him, liking a whore like me.

“Okay, tell me your motive once and for all so I could leave this place as soon as possible.”

“You’re not leaving my house... yet.” He pauses for awhile, trying to see my reaction but I stay quite so he continues. “The first time I saw you, I told you, I don’t really picture you out as a slut. There’s something different about you that makes me think that you’re genuine. I need your help Sherryn.”

I sigh. I’m touched because of what he said. But I’m worried that he’s just taking me for granted. “And then?”

“My parents fixed a marriage for me.” He stands up, and I could see he’s really pissed off. “I don’t like the idea Sherryn, I really don’t! I’m 30 years old for Pete’s sake, but my parents have been doing a lot of dramatic gestures lately which surely driving me nuts! I can’t just ignore them, I’m their only son.”

“So what do you want me to do?”

“I want you to act as my fiancée. Only for awhile, I just need to make them believe I’m soon getting married with someone I love so they won’t force me to meet that... shit! I don’t even know the name of the girl!”

Silence. It’s not enough to say that I’m hurt to hear that he’s just going to use me. But at the same time, I kinda like the idea, it means I’d get the chance to be with him, for a while. So that’s why he’s been so nice to me.

“Ok, I’m in.” He excitedly grabs me in my shoulders and hugs me. I’m not a mellow dramatic person, but everytime I’m with him, my heart just sinks and my body softens like jelly. I feel so vulnerable, so unlikely me, cause I’ve been living my life with my tough personality.

“Great! Wow, I don’t know what to say. Thank you Sherryn! C’mon, it’s time you’ll know more about this place.” He grabs my hand and shows me around. There are two bedrooms in the house; he first shows me the masters bedroom which is obviously his room. The second one, according to him is going to be mine, for the mean time. I sit down in the bed, then he sits beside me.

“I know it makes you feel like I’m just using you. But I swear I want that idea to get out of your mind. I’ll treat you kindly. I promise!” He smiles; I know he’s telling the truth, he holds my hand then looks at me in the eye. “You’d probably wonder why I decided to give this room to you instead of having you in mine.” He draws a naughty smile. “I ahh... I must admit, aside from the fact that I really am drawn to your sex appeal, I also like having sex with you. And I might not stop myself, every night, getting you near me if I don’t do this. It’s the least I can do to- ”

I stop him from talking by lightly pushing my index finger against his lips. “I understand. You don’t have to explain, I know the feeling cause, I too, like having you inside me. I mean it’s not that I-”

This time, he’s the one who stops me from talking, but doing differently, he directly kisses me on my lips, if this happened to be a game, surely, I wouldn’t know who’ll win...


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