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finally first crush became last girlfriend

Novel By: Jitender negi

it is book about a boy who love lots of girl from his childhood from the time he know the meaning of girlfriend. He changes his girlfriend from class to tution class. School to college . but after having lots of girl in his life, doing lots of fun in his school , college . and office life .he can not be satisfied. He does not find the happiness of real life and real love , in the last he get marriage to his first crush or you can say that the first girl of his life ,with some conditions and problems . even he does his Phd in chemistry just to marry her. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 8, 2012    Reads: 184    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   


Party is going on full of flow of enjoyment everyone is enjoying the party which is given by mr negi complete name jenik I think correct whould be Dr. jenik negi because he has done phd

Everything was happening in the party, in a corner eating in another corner childrens are dancing , some where business talking And in some corner boys are trying to flirt with unknown beautiful girls . and I am sure that in every party there is always a one unknown girl and a known boy who exchanged , their contact number. Anyway it was the 7th birthday of kartik negi , son of Dr. jenik Finally party is going to be finished. So everyone is leaving one by one. Dr negi is standing at the door and saying bye. At last mr gupta co worker of Dr negi is standing at the door to leave. He is talking to Dr negi about some office discussion , suddenly he sees the name plate of house, and become shocked, Dr jenik asks what happened , why are you looking at the plate like this,

anything wrong in the plate , mr gupta replies , no no it,s all fine, nice house plate, nice written Negi house ,Dr. jenik negi but why it is written advocate sarika mishra negi. Dr jenik replies so what it,s true , sarika is my wife and she is an advocate. Gupta ji replies , the world mishra . Dr negi replies , but she is from mishra family and she did not want left her name after the marriage, that,s why sarika mishra negi. Gupta ji replies "ok so ur parents found a girl for you from mishra family. No no I found sarika Dr negi replies . gupat ji asked in a very strange expression "means'. Dr negi says means what I loved sarika it was a love marriage. Gupta ji says , are you kidding, looking at you noone can say that you have done love marriage. Dr. negi says , so what that is not my fault if nonone believes, but I have done love and love marriage also if u dose not believe. U can ask to anyone who knows me. Even u can ask my wife and parents. Gupta ji says , still I am not able to believe that u have done love marriage . It is up to you believe or not, Dr negi replies. Gupta ji voice No no I did not mean that , anyway will you please tell me how did you meet , how did u propose each other, how did you convince your family for your marriage , and many more about your young age time. Dr negi says in surprisingly voice 'Are you out of you mind it is a long story , it will take so much time as you will start sleeping. Gupta ji but I want to know the whole story , please please please. Ok ok if u really want to know I will tell you the whole story. Dr negi replies.

Gupta g in a very eager voice , ok so start . Dr negi replies are you mad, I can not tell you the whole story standing on the door , let,s go inside . have a cup of coffiee and I will tell you with my wife ok. Both moves inside. And sarika wife of jenik negi also join them. Gupta ji now do start. Dr negi but let the coffiee come then I will start . gupta ji 'but why coffiee' . Dr negi 'so that u could not sleep before the story ends. Gupta ji ' why whould I sleep , is story is boring . Dr negi 'no it is interesting but long too. Gupta ji ' I do not care , u start the story I will not sleep because this is the first time I am seeing any couple who have done love marriage and living happily together. So do start quickly , I can not wait. And servants enters in the room with coffie. Gupta ji "now start please.

Dr negi "ok ok I am doing". He sees his wife avantka , both gives a smile to each other. Gupt ji " sorry to disturb you but you can play smile smile later. Right now please start the story , I can not control . Dr negi 'ok fine I starts". Dr negi with a smile on his face " as usual everyone has his wonderful childhood life .I also had my childhood life . so I starts when I was in sixth class, I was a .., gupta ji stops him in the mid of his sentence, do not tell me about your childhood, I do not want to know about your child hood , tell me about yourself when you met sarika Dr negi but I am doing that only.. Gupta ji , then why are you telling about your sixth class story. Dr negi " because I knew her from sixth class . gupta ji in schoking reaction " whattttttttttttttttttt'. Dr negi "yes yes". Gupta ji 'wow that is interesting". Dr negi " ya! And if you want more interest than you have to be quite and not to stop me in between .


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