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Can't think of one yet! HELP!

Novel By: JJC

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Submitted:Jun 28, 2010    Reads: 76    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

"Come on baby! Come with us to the concert! You never come with me" I whined to my boyfriend as I sit on the couch next to lilly my bff!
"Baby I told you I hate them! And I'm busy maybe when I like them I will" I started to whine again but he stopped me "no and thats final"
"Fine! Whatever! Go cheat on me like you do every night!" I growled as I got up and ran to my room crying. Okay I know a little harsh but he does this EVERY NIGHT I'm starting to think that our almost 6 month relationship was never meant to be! I mean he goes out with his friends everynight and I never see him until late hours in the morning! When I do see him at night he claims hes "to tired to talk" and just blows me off! I love him with my whole heart plus soul but I mean like we have never said I love you to eachother (I'm waiting for our one year anniversy to say that and give him my virginity!) But I mean like we do we act like a couple in love......................Just not at night!
"Sabrina, open the door." Cameron yelled through the door, "your being stuipd!" Oh thats it he crossed the line there!
"Oh! I'm sorry! I didn't know I was a stuipd girlfriend! Goodbye Cameron! Have a nice night! WITHOUT A GIRLFRIEND!" I yelled through the door as I whipped it open and through the necklace and ring he gave me on our 1 month anniversy "Have a great night man whore!" I yelled at his face the slamed the door fell to my bed and cried! I thought he was different guess not! Why do I always choose the jerks? I thought as I slowly drifted to sleep.
----------Camerons POV---------------------------
I glanced at the now shut door to my girlfriends bedroom. Then down at the necklace and ring I had given her that wonderful night almost 5 months ago. I smiled just thinking about it she fell asleep in my arms and told me she loved me in her sleep. Hahahaha oh how I love that girl.
"Sabrina, be reasonable open the door now.....................Sabrina?" I opened the door thank gosh she forgot to lock it and see she fell asleep. Blood shot eyes and her hand griping her JERK LIST my name in the #1 spot. I drove her to this? I thought as I saw her laying there looking like an angel with her beautiful brown hair layed out around her head like a halo.
"Sabrina, come on baby girl wake up," I whisper in her ear using my nickname I call her that she loves "Baby girl, come on sweetie." She starts to move and get up. She slowly opens those big beautiful blue eyes I love so much. "Heeyyyy baby girl, you feeling better?" I asked worried
"I"m not your baby girl Cam. i'm your ex." She whispers to me rubing her eyes as I shake my head.
"No baby girl your my baby until you give me a better reason then think i'm cheating on you, cause your wrong i would never cheat on you I-" She stopped me with her lips on mine.
"Don't say those words yet you might not mean them just yet baby just don't." She whispers still looking horrible
"Come on baby girl lets get you in the shower." I slowly get her up and walk her to the shower. She looks so fragial I"m scared I'm going to breaking her. Wow I did this to her! I thought. "Baby becareful your going to hurt yourself." She just looks at my dazzed shes so fragial! UGH! Why can't I just tell her? NO! I can't not until we have been a year together then I can. Will she freak out? I hope not! Please don't freak out Sabrina! I thought to her in my mind! I mean she loves it but maybe she will think I didn't trust her. I do! You know what? I'm gonna tell her! I thought to myself. "Baby girl?" I whisper to her, she looks at me a little more awake but still so fragial, "I need to have to tell you something" She nodds and cuddles against me in the shower this is the first time I have seen her naked! HOLY MOTHER OF COW SHES HOT! Shit! Focus Cam, FOCUS! "I hope your not angery with me when I tell you this" I whisper to her and rub her back.
"Mmmm, what is it? I promise I won't be mad" She murmurs to me and cuddles closer gosh I love her
"I-" I then change my mind don't tell her yet Cameron don't tell her yet! "I love you" I choke out to her she glances up shocked.
"baby I told you to wait" She frowns I laughed softly at her
"I couldn't wait baby girl I just couldn't wait anymore" I smile at her and hold her close laying my chin on top of hers.
Not yet can't tell her yet but soon I will soon.

Sorry had the writeing bug for a new story and this is what happened! I hope you all like it and please comment and tell me what you think if I should keep going with this or stop it


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