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Ten Years Of Memories

Novel By: Jo94

Callie and Derick try to be together throughout their lives countless times, but circumstances and situations keep pulling them apart. Callie's parents, school, war, other things that I'm not going to say to ruin the story. Based in Alabama... so yes it is a southern story!.... every chapter stands for a different year. So yes, there will only be ten chapters. So it might be a shorter one of my novels, but I hope it's worth it. Enjoy! View table of contents...


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January 5, 2009
The porch

"Hey Mama." I said in my heavy country accent, getting out of Derick's car. My curly red hair blowing through the wind.

"Where the hell have you been Callie? It's almost one in the morning!" She screamed at me.

"Sorry Mama... let's just get inside, and I'll explain!" I said, trying to get my point across fast.

"Ma'am, please... let me." God Derick! Why'd he always do that? ... Swoop in there, all macho-like.

"Explain... now." She said, standing on the front porch, arms crossed tapping her foot.

The Alabama night was oddly cold tonight. Derick had to give me his jacket halfway through the evening, so I wouldn't freeze to death. I saw Mama looking at it like it was the devil.

"Callie and I... we lost track of time. I'm so very deeply sorry ma'am. I didn't mean for it to carry on for this long. I know we should've called, but Callie's phone was dead. Please, just give me a chance. I swear we just lost track of time. We were havin' a hell of a time... ma'am." He finished, slipping in the "ma'am" for affect, and respect. He stood beside me, and grabbed my waist, and pulled me close, trying to silently tell her that he really did care. He wasn't a complete asshole. Yeah, sometimes he had his moments, but didn't everyone? I really liked him, we'd been together for a whole month now.

Of course, all this was a lie. We hadn't lost track of time... we were making out in his truck. I loved that truck... I'm country girl... so of course - I was a sucker for 'em.

"Okay." She finally said after several moments after Derick's alibi. "But, if that ever happens again, you better wish you had never set foot on this lawn boy!" She said, trying to act all "tough Mommy" It didn't really work. If she wasn't pissed off, I would've laughed at her. But this... was a serious situation. My mama and daddy could tell me I couldn't see him.

I respected my parents, so I wouldn't go after their authority. I was their little girl, and they said I couldn't see Derick, than I wouldn't. He was just a boy.. there would be more of 'em. Mama did always say, "There are always more fish in the sea Callie." After little Jimmy in fifth grade broke my heart. I saw him kissing another little girl on the playground after he swore to love me and only me... I was a kid, and now looking back on it, I laugh. I have no doubt that I wouldn't do the same now. In ten years from now, I'll probably think back to this night, and I'll say, "What hell was I thinking getting in the likes of Derick Akerman?" But I was a girl. A teenager in her Junior year... what did I know? I laughed at myself a little too loudly, and Derick gave me an odd look, but I muttered a, "Never mind."

Then he shifted his attention back to Mama, "Okay Mrs. Brown." I thought we were in the all clear, until Daddy came out with the shot gun. How typical... Taken right out of every country song!

"Daddy..." I said, putting one hand on my hip.

"Hush Darlin' ... I'm just cleaning it." He said to me, lying of course. He took it out to scare the poor boy to death! Derick looked absolutely petrified.

"Derick was just leaving..." I said, pulling his arm towards his truck, signaling him to follow me.

He was just about to follow me, when Daddy said, "Where are you hurrying off to? Didn't you just get here? Stay, and chat." I breathed a sigh of relief, thankful for the wrath of Daddy to be finally over. I was wrong of course. Right when Derick stepped back onto the first step of the porch, Daddy cocked his gun, and pointed it. I was now hyperventilating of course. "Better watch out boy, my finger just might slip."

"Daddy!" I screamed. He ignored me, and shot, it missed by a mile. Breaking a window in the shed. I heard the shattering glass. "Enough!" I yelled.

"Don't worry honey, it missed. You know boy, I've been practicing on my aim lately... so next time, maybe I'll get it right on... But, if you ever bring her home late again. You know what, forget that, if I ever see you with her - you better wish you'd never been born boy." He said sternly.

I was had up on this! This was the third boy this year... but the others didn't matter... Derick was different. Yeah, it was the same making out in his truck until one in the morning, but this time it was different. Before it was the boy who wanted to. I didn't even want to be with them.... they were stupid... and mean. But with Derick, it felt like he cared. We both wanted to be there. I wanted to be out till one, I wanted to be cramped up in his backseat, in the beach parking lot, I wanted to be with him. Now, Daddy wouldn't even give him a chance!

"Okay sir." Derick said quickly. Glancing at me quickly, then letting me go. Mouthing the words, I'm so sorry. Silently to me, then he hopped off the porch, and hopped in that old truck I loved, and he left - for what I thought forever - I was wrong of course.

"Daddy... how could you?" I half screamed at him. One silent lone tear burned down my left cheek spreading my mascara.

"Come on Callie... that boy was up to no good, and you know it..." He said, setting down the gun on one of those cheap plastic green chairs we had sitting on our porch. This was getting out of line. Yeah he was only a boy! But, that was uncalled for!

"Daddy you know that you handled things wrong. I respect you Daddy, but if you don't respect me in return, how can I ever trust you?" I said, another tear slipping silently.

"Callie, trust me, you'll understand when you're older. You'll thank me. You'll marry a nice city boy. Not one of those little rascals running 'round here." He said to me.

"That's the thing Daddy, he wasn't a rascal. You didn't even give him a chance! And I'm not a child anymore Daddy! I am seventeen and a half years old! I am not a child, so stop trying to run my life like you own me, because you don't! Jesus Daddy, what the hell were you thinking?" I yelled, trying to get out of my anger on him. He didn't say anything... He just looked down, and shuffled his feet against the old rotten out porch wood.
"Come on dear... bear with us... we just want what's best for you honey." Mama tried to soothe me. She couldn't of course. No one could ever calm me down. I was stubborn, and hot headed, that matched my incandescent red hair. Even when I was a baby, no one could ever calm me down when I got into a fit. You just had to let me vent it out. Mama always tried to, always unsuccessful. She set her hand lightly on my forearm. I brushed it off, and she gave me a sour look.

"Don't try and calm me Mama, if it won't work! It never works! You know that!" The tears were now streaming, and I tried to nonchalantly wipe them away with the sleeve of my shirt. "You know, I actually thought he was a good one... He wasn't like the others! He wasn't... he wasn't a self centered dick, just trying to get up my shirt. He cared! I know he did! And I tell you what, I'm going to see him, no matter what you say! Fine, point your stupid shot gun at him, try and scare him, be mean to him. I don't care, I'm still going to see him. No matter what you two say! I don't care what you say, or do anymore... If you don't want me here, I'll be more than glad than to move out. I'll go stay at aunt Vicky's. You know she'd love to have me. So why don't I just go pack!" I screamed at them, then opened up the screen door. I heard it creak, and slam behind me. I stomped up the stairs for extra affect. I didn't care what they thought anymore... Nothing was going to keep me away this time. Not like before with the others. Yet again, I'd never felt like this. Angry... over a boy. I kept my cool about things like this... it was odd for me to care this much.

I opened up my bedroom door, not forgetting to lock it. I'm sure they'd be up here in two seconds anyways. I had no intent in packing. I wouldn't have to. They would do anything to keep me here. I was their only daughter. Their only child. I hopped on my bed almost instantly, and took out my phone. I was about to dial Derick's number when I heard a knock at the door. "Come on honey let us in." Mama said knocking again.

"Go away!" I said throwing one of those stupid teddy bears, that were still on my bed like a five year old would have, at the door. It barely even made a noise.

"If you don't open this door young lady, you'll-"

I cut him off, "You'll what Dad? … You'll point your shot gun at me? Nice try... but the act won't work on me." Why couldn't they just leave me alone for the night? Why did they persist?

"Callie, I'm sorry. Just open the door... please." Dad finally said with the most sincerity I heard him have all night coated into his voice.

I sauntered slowly to my door, and heard my father's foot tapping outside it... Did he always have to be so damned impatient? I unlatched the door, and opened it quick enough it created a breeze, and lifted some of my red curls off my neck. "What?" I said harshly.

"You have every right to be mad darlin' … but... you can not see that boy! That is it! He had you out till one in the morning! His excuse was pathetic! He looks like a crook! We didn't know where you were, what time you'd be home. We were worried sick! We hadn't known what you'd gotten yourself into, so don't come screaming around here like you own the place! Because I am still your father, and I still have a say of what you do, and how you do it and when you do it! So don't think for one second, next Saturday you'll be out with that boy, whatever his name is, and that is final!" He yelled, and stomped down the steps. Mama still stood there, kissed me on the cheek, new tears running down my face, and she left down the steps too.

It didn't matter what he said, it was how Daddy said it. Like he owned me. Well he had another thing comin' 'cause he raised me to state my opinions and go by 'em, and that's exactly what I'm gonna do. Don't worry, Derick will be back... all in good time... and Daddy couldn't do a thing about it. I was almost a grown adult.

I took out my cell phone. The one that was fully charged, not dead like Derick said. I texted Derick to meet me by my gate at three. He replied with a smiley face , =) and an Alrighty.

I waited patiently for three in the morning to come. Making sure Mama and Daddy were sleeping. It was too risky to sneak out the front door. The screen door was too noisy, so I bravely sneaked out of my bedroom window. It didn't look that far down from outside. I was on the second floor, but it was just an old farm house, it wasn't too high up. I hopped out the window, and tried to climb down the house using the shingles as support, I got halfway down, till I lost my balance and fell off completely. It wasn't that far. I only needed a couple seconds and I got right back up, and ran towards the gate.

He was waiting there, with his brown eyes shining in the moonlight, his short brown hair scruffy looking. He was hot.

"Hey." I breathed. Using my deep voice taking one step towards him.

"Hey." He said deeper. Then walked towards me filling the aching space between us, until he was mere inches away from my lips. "But what about your Dad?" He asked, I could feel the heat radiating off him in waves, I could barely comprehend his question.

"Don't worry 'bout that." I said leaning in to seal the kiss, as my hands found his hair, and his found my waist, and he brought me even closer to him if that were possible. It was better than any other kiss that I'd gotten. Better than Jimmy in fifth grade, better than the other two boys earlier this year. I really thought he could be the one. My skirt flowing in the breeze like a movie. Would we get our happily ever after too?



Just the start of Callie and Derick's lives. Just started with a shorty, but hoped it was good. For this novel, to add to the funness! I'm going to create a playlist! So a song for every chapter, and this one is.... (brace yourselves if you don't like country music, because every song will probably be something country.. maybe not everyone... but a lot)

Anyways back to the song!

Dierks Bently - What Was IThinkin'?

A pretty funny song, worth listening too, fits the story well. From Derick's perspective.

Anywho... if you liked it, please comment!If you didn't like this chapter so much, please keep reading, because the next chapters do get better! PROMISE!

Have a good day everyone!

I love you!



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