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Abused and Loved 2: Broken Collage Years

Novel By: John Marie

Tags: Love, Romance, Death, Poetry, Life, Poem, Pain, Fantasy, Sad, Hate, Sex, Hope, Hurt, Horror, Fiction, Family, Dark, Friendship, Friends, War, Heart, Humor, Depression, God, Sadness, Vampire, Loss, Girl, Story, School, Blood, Murder, Adventure, Fear, Suicide, Vampires, Mystery, Challenge, Lost, Magic, Funny, Action, Relationships, Abuse, Music, Faith, Truth, Drama, Lust, Dreams, Alone, Teen, Anger, Tears, Dream, Darkness, World, Night, Trust, Passion, Happiness, Evil, Happy, Broken, Boy, Kiss, Lies, Angel, Fun, Children, Religion, Memories, Short, Sorrow, Song, Friend, Rape, Joy, Betrayal, Twilight, Light, Soul, Thriller, Drugs, Gay, Emo, Young, Beauty, Relationship, Woman, Crime, Nature, Erotica, Mother, Science, Child, Novel, Heartbreak, Change, Fire, Man, Peace, Help, Rain, Writing, Fight, Marriage, Future, Lonely, Revenge, Thoughts, Moon, Dead, Cry, People, Hell, Heaven, Angels, High, Adult, Grace, Comedy, Eyes, Desire, Black, Violence, Confusion, Forever, Feelings, Girls, Fighting, Poems, Boyfriend, Demons, Summer, Father, Past, Werewolf, Freedom, Humour, Supernatural, Secrets, Mind, True, Ghost, Suspense, Lesbian, Werewolves, Sun, Baby, Jesus, Boys, Power, Earth, Reality, Grief, Teenagers, Scary, Testimony, Smile, Random, Water, Demon, Loneliness, Erotic, Emotions, Kill, Tragedy, Crazy, Depressed, Parents, Book, Secret, Spiritual, Dance, Die, Home, Battle, Memory, Teenage, Fate, Devil, Emotion, Regret, Stars, Words, Edward, Cold, Lyrics, Sky, Free, Spirit, Christmas, Sea, Sweet, Beautiful, Self, Scared, Bella, Society, Gone, Art, Money, Sleep, Contest, Winter, Insanity, Childhood, Teens, Human, Brother, History, Meyer, Rose, Bad, Space, Crying, Romantic, Women, Becky, Teenager, Despair, Dying, Sister, Travel, Stories, Break, Booksie, Snow, Suffering, Hatred, Christian, Live, Kids, Ghosts, Ocean, Longing, Angst, College, Jealousy, Goodbye, Missing, Daughter, Spirituality, Destiny, Cutting, Away, Cheating, Never, Girlfriend, Work, Military, Mom, Hot, Beach, Torture, Dad, Princess, Care, Wish, Journey, Moving, Personal, Men, Witch, Youth, Forbidden, Party, Crush, Waiting, Animals, Fall, Escape, Weird, Wolf, House, Alcohol, Haiku, Questions, Emotional, Confused, Jacob, Cancer, Wedding, Strength, Inspiration, Fairy, Addiction, Red, Gun, Falling, Heartache, Guns, Silence, Politics, Cute, Strange, Living, Philosophy, Killing, Danger, Monster, Alice, Diary, King, Real, Prince, Gods, Witches, Powers, Wind, Books, Nightmare, Government, Christianity, Misery, Lie, Sorry, Leaving, Lovers, Memoir, Killer, Play, Star, Sexy, Forest, Thought, Dragon, Opinion, Sisters, City, Cat, Car, Hearts, Miss, Blue, Wife, Paranormal, May, Dog, Hospital, Nothing, Insane, Shadow, Sick, Fan, Tree, Gothic, Sin, Guilt, Rock, Cut, Storm, Depressing, Sacrifice, Forgiveness, Divorce, Food, Guy, Letter, Destruction, Hero, Dragons, Christ, Wings, Fake, Rich, Pregnancy, Knife, Laugh, Highschool, Awesome, Fanfiction, Air, Madness, Comfort, Age, Reflection, Feeling, Mad, Gore, Essay, Breaking, Police, Lover, Breakup, Forgotten, Prayer, Drunk, Flowers, Inspirational, Dating, Dawn, Songs, Pictures, Understanding, Wrong, Lionheart, Angry, Pregnant, Cool, Ice, Game, Imagination, Trees, Dancing, Perfect, Feel, America, Humanity, Run, Remember, Queen, Courage, Husband, Leave, Struggle, Choice, Hannah, Shadows, Acceptance, Mirror, Empty, Elves, Am, Monsters, Mental, Aliens, Halloween, Body, Brothers, Face, Running, Writer, Deep, Problems, Guys, Sexual, Cats, Survival, Choices, Always, Fallen, Church, Meaning, Goth, Promise, Health, Teacher, Zombies, Rage, Kissing, Popular, Frustration, Scream, Drinking, London, Thinking, Sword, Anime, Chapter, Son, Sci-fi, Band, Unconditional, Knight, Accident, Believe, Hunter, Read, Picture, Punishment, Hotel, Clouds, Lord, Universe, Fly, Healing, Illness, Immortal, Mistakes, Cullen, Birth, Days

It’s been four years since Claire’s dad was sent to jail for child abuse. Four years since Claire was beaten last. Four years hasn’t changed Claire at all though. She is still haunted by the lingering memories of her father’s harsh and painful abuse; afraid that it might happen to her again. After graduating high school, Jake and Claire are headed to California for collage. But when they find out that her father has been released from prison early, how will this affect Claire and Jake and will her father seek revenge on them both? Along with a dashing, young Conner Williams, who takes an interest in Claire, will this affect their love...or even their lives? Find out in this story of love, passion, revenge, suspense, drama, and more as we revisit Jake, Claire, Anne, Eric and meet some new characters along the way! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 13, 2010    Reads: 888    Comments: 9    Likes: 2   

A/N: Kidnapped Romance WILL BE UPDATED. I just wanted to get this out and see if a sequal to my most popular story would work. Thanks for reading and if you can, check out kidnapped romance also!

Abused and Loved 2

Broken Collage Year

Chapter 1

4 years later

Graduation Day

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you The JFK High School Class of 2010!" said the principal to the crowd of teary-eyed parents and graduates. The kids threw up there hats, cheering and applauding that their high school year was over, now becoming adults and ready to face the challenges ahead of them like collage and jobs. When the ceremony was over, the students went around saying goodbye to their lifelong friends and taking pictures with them and their parents. Two graduates though, were very close together, holding their hands tight. That couple was Jake Hall and Claire Thomas.

It's been four years since Claire's dad was sent to jail for child abuse. Four years since Claire was beaten last. Four years hasn't changed Claire at all though. She is still haunted by the lingering memories of her father's harsh and painful abuse; afraid that it might happen to her again. Having the same nightmare time and time again, Jake pretty much slept there most nights to comfort her and hold her while she slept, almost like he was protecting her from the bad dreams. Jake has tried to convince her that nobody would ever hurt her again but Claire refuses to believe him.

Rather than that, their relationship couldn't be better. They couldn't be separated and they have had many of their "first" including…well…sex. It was hard for Jake and Claire to explain it to their parents, one time resulting in Jake and Claire not being alone in any of their bedrooms together for a few months before their parents had to face the facts that they were becoming responsible adults.

Through their four years in high school, Claire was trying to get into a performing arts collage for having a career as a ballet dancer and Jake wanting to become an actor, both ultimately getting a scholarship to the California Institute of the Arts.

"So, I've got a graduation surprise for you tonight" whispered Claire as they headed toward their parents.

"Oh you have a surprise for me? You always have good surprises" replied Jake with a wink. Claire rolled her eyes and continued.

"Well there's two parts so you better enjoy what I got you" Claire said and laughed. Before Jake can answer, the couple was met with hugs from Jakes parents and grandparents, saying how proud they were of them.

"Oh you two look so cute together!" squealed Mrs. Hall "Get close for a picture" Jake and Claire nodded, getting close, wrapping their arms tightly around each other. His mom flashed the camera and made an "aww" face at the appropriate time. Claire blushed a bit because before his mom took the picture, Jake snuck a kiss on Claire's cheek. She looked at him and saw him proudly smiling down at her. He gave her a quick peck on her lips and said that he would be right back so that he can take pictures with his relatives. Claire then started looking around for her mom and her mom's new boyfriend, Steve.

Steve was a police officer that Mrs. Thomas met when he retrieved her stolen purse from a robber. She wanted to thank him by taking him out for a few drinks and it all went on from their. Claire took a liking to Steve, seeing how he was gentle he was towards her, never hitting her and only laying his hands on her if it's for a fatherly hug. While looking for them, she felt a poke on her shoulder. When she turned around, she saw Eric, smiling happily at her.

"Hey! Congratulations!" she said and gave Eric a hug due to him getting a scholarship to play football in Florida. After apologizing to Claire for all he had done to her back when they were fourteen, he and her have become close friends. He went to her whenever he had girl or relationship issues. Claire was one of the main people, who got him to stop drinking, telling him her dad's experiences and that it could possibly happen to him.

"You too Claire" Eric replied "Now don't let anybody try to hurt you 'cause then me and Jake will go knocking on their door and make sure they never hurt you again" Claire started to laugh and hugged him one more time.

"Keep in touch" she said and waved goodbye before she saw her mom and Steve.

"Congratulations honey!" said her mom, hugging her daughter and kissing her cheek. Steve then came over and rapped a warm hug around her.

"Nice job Teddy Claire Bear" Claire laughed at the nickname and let go of the hug. They all went and took pictures with Jake and his family.

"Claire! Jake! Oh My God you two have grown up!" called somebody out from the group. That person was Anne. Anne was still working at the airport but later got her license to fly and become a pilot at Southwest Airlines. Now in her late 20's, it didn't look like she aged a bit.

"OH MY GOD, ANNIE!" Squealed Claire as she ran up to Anne and gave her a hug. Anne kissed her head. Jake walked over and hugged Anne also.

"Aww I've missed you two so much. It's been a while" Anne said, letting go of the two.

"I know right? You better be the one flying us to California when we head off to college" said Claire laughing. Anne smiled and ran her hand through Claire's hair.

"You bet I will Claire" Claire smiled brightly and hugged Anne again. After they said goodbye to their friends, wishing them luck on their future endeavors, they left for Claire's house for dinner and cake.

"I would like to make a toast to Jake and Claire. Let them shine brightly through college and let their love and friendship battle all their troubles, even in the bedroom…" said Mrs. Thomas, causing the table to laugh and make Jake and Claire blush a deep red on their cheeks. Everyone at the table raised their glasses and applauded. Jake took Claire's hand from under the table and smiled at her. She smiled back and whispered "I love you" before intertwining her fingers to his.

After dinner was finished, Jake decided to stay over Claire's, deciding that he would celebrate with his family the next day along with Anne staying at Claire's house for the night. When Jake finished brushing his teeth, he felt a soft hand over his eyes.

"Are you naked that you're covering my eyes?" he said laughing. Claire rolled her eyes and laughed.

"No silly, this is the first part of your surprise" she replied.

"So it's loss of eyesight?" Jake joked again. Claire huffed and started planting kisses down his neck.

"Oh, don't stop" he said,

"There will be more of that if you just be quiet and let me show you the first part of the surprise" Jake nodded quickly and let Claire guide him to the garage.

"Ok, now…open!" she said, taking her hand off of Jakes eyes, letting him see his gift, leaving him was his jaw almost hitting the floor. He was at a loss of words because what was before him was a rare 1961Ferrari GT California.

"Oh…my…God. Claire, how did you get this?" he asked, stunned.

"Well I was saving up for it since the beginning of Senior Year, plus I dipped into my college fund a little bit, thank God that I got a scholarship or else I would have spent it all on the car. I hope I chose the right one. I wasn't sure if I got the right colo…" she was saying before Jake placed his lips on her.

"Baby, this is the greatest gift I have ever gotten. Thank you so much" he said. Claire let out a sigh of relief before planting another kiss on Jake's lips. She took his hand and led him into her room, shutting the door behind her. She led him to the bed, laying him down before she laid on top of him.

"Now, it's time for the second part of the surprise" she said, taking off her shirt, leaving her in her bra.

"Wow, you know how to plan the surprises hot stuff" he said, taking his shirt off, leaving Claire to let her hands wander on his almost sculpted chest.

"You sure came prepared. Did you get Michelangelo to sculpt you're body?" she asked him with a sexy grin.

"Especially for the hottest girl in the world" he replied.

"Well I guess I'm the wrong girl" she replied jokingly, starng to put her shirt back on.

"Oh come on, don't tease me" Jake replied. Claire smiled and took it back off along with her bra, starting to kiss Jake.

"You are the hottest girl in the world" Jake said, but Claire's reply was another kiss which led to a very, very special night.


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