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Novel By: John Xu

After losing his parents, Matt met Kate; the girl who changed his life in an incredible way. ( entry to the element and mythical creature challenge ) View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 2, 2012    Reads: 33    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

It happened, for god's sake. I saw she turned, in the maniacal crowd. She screamed in pain. She cried, with the tear transforming into glistening pearl. The crowd shouted excitingly. Outside, I saw her skin fell, revealing the opalescent scale.

I'm not a person of the saint sort. I used to be and I was pretty proud of that. I mean really, I swear to god that I was a different person back then, until I witnessed my parents' death. It was a car accident, that hit-and-run sort of thing. I called the ambulance immediately but it was still too late. They lost too much blood, and the damage was irreversible. The doctor in the hospital said that to me, with a " sorry " which I couldn't even feel that he meant it. Oh, man. It was just too sad. I was so shocked at that time that I couldn't even feel my tears, though they said I acted like a person who suffered a long-time conjunctivitis.
The first crying fit came to me the day after the funeral. My uncle Johnson was busy arranging the funeral. There would be a lot of people. They'd talk to me about how a good person my father was, and asking me whether I was okay in a faking sympathy. Oh man, you know what, I would be saying " I'm fine. I'm doing okay. " for almost a thousand times and wouldn't mean it even once. How could I be okay. I was 15 and I had become an orphan.
" You have to come, Matty. " Uncle Johnson looked me in the eyes, attempting to be kind and understanding like a nice old buddy, which made her face look more confusing and hypocritical.
" Are you okay? "
" Oh, I'm fine. I'm fine. "
They offered a prayer for my parents' souls. The guy who lived a few blocks from my home who used to mow the lawn in my house came and sang the requiem. He was bloody good on that stuff. People attended were all drenched in tears, even those who had nothing to do with my parents. I guess that there was these kind of mysterious spells that could make people cry. It was a weird atmosphere in the funeral. They put my parents' bodies into two finely-made caskets( uncle Johnson made a great effort in bargaining for those two caskets. He was born to be a bargainer. ) I remembered that I was trying to hold back my tears. My hands were shaking( there were no breeze ) and I bit my lips hard not to let anyone find out that I was crying.
At night I dragged myself to a local bar. Bob were there with his stylistic earrings on. He loved his gangsta-liked feature and always boasted about that. He got himself a bottle of whiskey . I picked a seat next to him at the counter.
" The same as his. " I signed the bar tender with a weary gesture and ordered a bottle of whiskey. ( I wouldn't have ordered the same drink as my mate under the normal circumstance cuz I didn't like it. ) She was a blonde with sapphire eyes and false eyelashes decorating her white skin.There was a white shell-twined bracelet which brought her out. Her eyes centered on mine for a brief moment and then soon drifted away.
" I'm sorry about what happened to your parents. " Bob broke the silence first( He was not experienced on that, which made the moment even a bit more awkward. )
" Yeah, I'm okay. Bob, I'm okay. Just too many thing had happened and I really need time to put myself together again. "
" Alright. Wanna another bottle? " Bob raised his already-empty bottle."
I stayed in the bar until midnight, drinking whiskey and mumbling over old stuffs. I was so drunk that I couldn't even stand on my feet. When the clock clicked past twelve o' clock, I swallowed the last bottle of whiskey and slammed the bottle hard on the counter. The " bang " echoed in the dim bar like a contorted spirit.
" Are you okay. I can take you to my house for the night. You can sleep on the sofa. "
" I'm fine. I will take the cab. Thank you buddy. Good night." ( Oh, my god. Those words made me pay. )
The cold breeze was like someone who had put his hands in the ice tap me. I felt my goose flesh. The drunk gradually subsided but it was still there. I couldn't even see the traffic light. My vision was blurred and it was all mixed up with red, orange and black. I suddenly stopped, bewildered.
A sharp yellow loomed from my left side and it was growing, larger and brighter dangerously, before it exploded.
I heard a desperate creak of tires rubbing against the Tarmac, like a banshee singing its deadly song. Then, a strong impact seized me, lifting me with its abnormal strength. I felt weightless. The yellow had grown big enough that it fulfilled my vision. I was sure that my eyes were shut but the rays simply penetrated my eyelids like it was solely air. My eyes felt sore and I was certain that my tears fell down. The projectile movement ended up with a loud bump. I felt my bone crashed. I laid still. The dangerous yellow slowly transformed into scarlet. Then it mixed them both.


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