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Encounter at the next Corner ( sequel )

Novel By: John Xu

Tags: Romance

Zoey had one dream, to encounter her prince charming. But when he really came, she found out that he was with another girl. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 29, 2012    Reads: 30    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Zoey felt that something was not right. It was in the afternoon, the tedious voice of the history professor along with the warm breeze sweeping over her face should have driven her to a trance, like she normally did. Zoey leaned forward, reaching for her bag for almost a thousand times. She didn't like that class. History wasn't her best major, like Amanda who already knew the independent war when she was eight, the age when Zoey was holding her little Barbie doll and skipping all the way down the street.
" Do you know who invented the Barbie doll? " Amanda once asked, looking at Zoey like she was an alien.
" Well... I...I don't know. " Zoey blushed, eyes drooping down. She dared not look at her sister when she heard her say:
" Then how can you just hold it on your hand without knowing who made it? "
Amanda made her tense. She was like a super smart nerd who always got under her skin. That's why she made her mind not to go to the same university as her. She tried really hard in academic studying after that incident on Friday, the moment that soaked her shattered heart with the bleeding sorrow.
" Are you really gonna go there?" Zoey's mother once asked her when she applied Duke. She was proud to her daughter, and was surprised to see that she could go that far. But at the back of her mind, that Zoey could directly tell from her eyes, she adored Amanda more than anybody else.
" All right, that is all for today..." She finally got the chance to leave. She reached her purse and carried it on her shoulder. It was a pink Gucci bag she bought on Costco. She raised, ready to go for lunch, then she paused, realizing that the bag was lighter than it should be...

Jack caught the ball. He spun aside, wide open, with his right hand in perfect position. Easy basket.
" Wow, man. That's sharp. " Dale complimented. He was an African-American, born and raised in Boston. Despite the mighty look he gave to all the girls walking by, he never got it to hang out with any young females.
" Thank you. " Jack replied. His sapphire eyes drifted away from the ball when he saw a couple wandering off the campus, hand in handand was lost in thought. Jack and Amanda was all right then. He would pick her up after school and went to the park, roaming for a whole afternoon. He remembered that they had once laughed together, once hold hands, and he remembered their first kiss right on a stone bench. He sighed and grabbed for his clothes.
" Hey, not for another round ? " Dale grumbled. Not figuring out the change on Jack's visage. He didn't have the genes for sensing other people's feeling, which was probably why he still didn't get a girlfriend.
But did that make any differences? Jack smiled wryly. It all started at that Friday day, the bizarre expression on Amanda's sister's face stunned him like something hitting him into the hallucination.
" What happened to your sister? " He vaguely recalled what he had said.
" Oh, she's fine. She's always like that. She has obsession. "
" Oh, really. You really need to take some time with her. She's your sister anyway. "
Jack's words don't seem as sharp as his appearance. That could be a bad news. Girls like bad guys, the ones that have tattoo on arms, or perhaps not. Who knows? Jack exhaled and strode back to his dorm. Perhaps Amanda was just being too manipulative.
He went to Duke for just making a change, just to put himself in a new place. He was a high caliber in his school,a man destined to go to Harvard. He didn't even know how he made that decision, under that circumstance when two offers are both on his hands. The days at Duke was a relief for him to an extent. He made some new friends there. Dan was among them. He blended into the community rather quickly, probably due to his coolness and sapphire eyes. He also performed well academically. For a time he was in the center of rumors. But it was fine to him. He was happy and felt safe that he could go back to where he were. till he accidentally encountered her again. It wasn't that of an encounter cuz she didn't recognize him, or didn't even saw him. She was in a green trouser. Her hair was strapped into a ponytail and she wore a black-rimed glasses which together made her like a little gal. It was straight forward for Jack to recognize her instantly. He followed her into the hall subconsciously. Though Jack broke up with Amanda for her meanness, he felt there was something unexplainable that made him do that, made him say the words to the woman he loved.
" Really. Is that really because of her? " He murmured. Zoey to him was nothing but a stranger encountered in Amanda's home. She was not gorgeous. For a girl like her he could have forgotten immediately stepping out of the door. Jack took a turn to avoid being seen. He was still in a sweaty T-shirt, so he putted on his sapphire shirt and brought out his rimless glasses to look sharper. She stopped at there and took out her keys, apparently looking for something. Her head drooped and chin blushed when two girls walked by and giggled.
" See, the freckle can't find her book again. "
His large and loud stride revealed his location and Zoey turned around, astounded. Her eyes widened and he saw an orange note book falling from her purse. It shuffled, the front cover up. She hastily raised up and exchanged a few conversation with Jack. She seemed awkward to look into his eyes, like she used to be.
Jack picked up her note book after she left. It was rather small dotted with brown speckles. A diary, maybe. He thought half smiling. It was not a decent action looking upon a girl's book without her permission, but he did that, as if he knew what was written there...

Zoey rushed to the locker room. She had an instinct that the book was there.
" Damn it. " she tapped her forehead nervously. She must had forgotten to zip the bag close. What if she lost it forever. Her head started to spin, and she sprinted into the room. The atmosphere there was glum and cold, for the lack of windows. She scanned at the surroundings and soon found what she was looking for. The bright orange cover made a strong comparison between the pale drywall. It laid on the top of the locker, immaculately closed. She stepped forward and when her left hand was about to reach out, she felt a sweep of be wilderness crossing her mind. Did someone touch my book?


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