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I will see you again

Novel By: John Xu

Wujie was an ordinary boy who's life came to a change when a girl popped into his life which would alter his understanding of the world. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 20, 2013    Reads: 50    Comments: 1    Likes: 2   

I wouldn't have met Zhihui hadn't I chosen to take that mathematical extra class. Moreover, the place where the class was held sat in an unpolished, shabby street I didn't even know the name, hiding itself so well that it took me quite a moment to figure out where the building was.

To be honest, this decision was, by a large part, made by my parents who held an expectation of their son a lot higher than the son's ability could reach. But I was a tractable son, which was regarded more as a vile than a virtue.
The street after the early-morning rain looked slippery and muddy. The sun was barely up and there were occasional barks from closed doors indicating the slight traces of livelihood. The teaching building was modified from an residential building built over ten years. Inside there was an elevator. I took the elevator out of laziness and reached the fifth floor. There was a long hallway in which classrooms were there. Mine was room C-5, I examined the tarnished room number plate one by one until I found the room, which was almost at the end of the hallway. I was an early-riser which means I would always be the first one opening the classroom door and waiting for the rest of them to arrive.
This time I wasn't the earliest. One of the chairs was already occupied by a girlish figure. She seated at the end of the left corner of the classroom, facing the window. She was reading Shakespeare's " Romeo and Juliet ".
Recognizing my arrival, she slightly raised her head and adjusted the black-rimmed glasses on her nose bridge.
" Morning. " Her voice was soft and gentle.
" Morning " I said clumsily, and picked a seat at the right side of the classroom to keep the distance. We didn't speak the rest of the morning. The teacher was an fifty-year-old bald and near-sighted man who always took with him a bottle of water and a ruler. He taught us trigonometry.
I didn't have much interest in trigonometry, besides that he sometimes got too excited and started talking about his college life in Beijing and how he beat his professor in mathematics one time. I glanced around the classroom. Many of the students had already fallen asleep. They supported their heads with two hands and pretended they were listening. Some of them were busy texting with their cellphones secretly, secretly enough that the teacher with his near-sighted eyes could not observe. But that girl was still listening. She held a black ink pen on her right hand and was taking notes on her notebook. The pen moved gracefully on the paper like a skilled dancer. Then she seemed to be noticing that someone was looking at her, so I turned back my head so she wouldn't know I was looking at her.
After the class, I putted my books and other mathematical tools into the bag. She was already left. I didn't sense her leaving, which made me somehow feel slightly disappointed.
" Wujie, I just saw that latest Gintama manga yesterday. I stayed up all night for that. It was so hilarious... " Wanghao appeared out of no where when I just arrived in school. Being in Class-2 in which I unfortunately was meant almost the same as never being able to live a quiet life. Wanghao was far better a trash talker than an academic talker. He would babble about the latest manga, gossips and video games till the end of the world if no one stopped him. I was the one who stopped.
We were roommates, along with Luowei, an academic geek who would always hold a book on his hand every time I saw him. The school I was in, No. 4 high school was, from what outsiders saw, a good high school, and if you asked them to define " good " they'd answer that percentages of No.4 high students going to good colleges was high. Parents would send their kids to this school in the hope that they would in this way enter a bright future.
I, personally speaking, didn't feel a thing about the bright future the school emphasized. Moreover, living with Wanghao made my school even bleaker. He was the son of a millionaire who owned a large company. The urgency of earning money was never his concern, which in turned meant that he never listened in any class.
" I will go to Xicheng Square with Yu, ni he wo men yi qi lai ma. Ye coming with us? "
" You mean today? But we are not allowed to go out. "
" Xiao cai yi die. It's easy. " he grinned at me, " The sick-leaving papers were in the drawer of our form teacher's desk, unlocked. I could get three papers for us when nobody was in the staff's room. You just need to fill your name and whatever reason you can come up with on the paper, then we are good to go. "
Wanghao proved to be correct. Leaving the school was not as hard as it sounded like, as the security guard didn't even suspect. Out on the street, we took a cab to Xicheng Square. Wanghao's girlfriend, Yu, was a tall and slender girl with two big eyes and smooth skin. She didn't talk much during the trip and Wanghao did all the talking. He was an incredible talker when it came to gossips and manga. I and Yu merely nodded and smiled occasionally. When we arrived there, it was seven o'clock and Wanghao suggested we watching a movie and sing two hours of KTV before going back to school. I didn't mind the film. We were watching " Inception " which was a story about dream traveling or dimension shifting that kind of stuff. Wanghao and Yu sat together like an old couple where I sat two seats away from them, which Wanghao arbitrarily commented to me the day after, was out of my own jealousness of him having a pretty girlfriend. After the movie, we went to a local KTV. Wanghao paid all the bill to show his generosity. I was awkward when it came to singing. I sang merely M2M's " the day you went away " and Westlife's " Only Love " before sitting aside and drinking the juices brought up. Inside it was so dim and claustrophobic. The buzzing of the stereo and the dazzling spot light above me made it look like an unreal world. Wanghao clutched the microphone with both of his hands braying Linkin Park's " Numb ". He was already a little bit drunk. Yu sang Dana Winner's " Vincent " shortly afterward. Unlike the hoarse sound made by Wanghao, Yu's voice was melodious, cheerful and soothing. " Now I understand, what you tried to say to me... " When the song ended, I and Wanghao both clapped. This was by far the best sing from the trio.
On the way back to school, we caught another cab. The bus driver sneered when he knew we were going back to No.4 high school from Xicheng Square. " Have fun? " the driver asked in a casually serious tone. I and Yu just grinned and didn't say a word.
When the cab pulled over at the school gate. Wanghao immediately woke up and shrugged off his drunkenness. We passed the school gate without arising the suspicion of the security guard. The night was already deep and we said good night to Yu before entering our own dormitory. The moon shone on the sky, casting the pale moonlight on the floor. Two long shadows trailed behind like two elongated ghosts. Into the dorm room, I took off my school uniform and went to bed. The bed was cold so I curled myself up. The first day in school end like a dream, or was I still dreaming when I curled myself up from the coldness. "Four days to go to the next weekend, four long and boring days." I thought, "but four days later, " I smiled before drifting into the dream, " I would see her again. "


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