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Seducing His Own Mother.

Novel By: JohnCenaFan316

Michael Crooks is a handsome 17-year-old boy, he has brown hair and hazel eyes, he's captain of the basketball and volleyball team, he lived in a suburban house with his divorced mother, Lynette Crooks, She has blonde hair and blue eyes, in a shaded tree-line neighborhood, in a small town called Arcadia.

The falloweing story might have some sexual content that may not be good for small children. View table of contents...



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A Son's Desire for love drives him to seduce his own mother.

Chapter 1.

The Alarm Clock that was on a nightstand started ringing, as Michael Crooks rolled over, he look at the clock it was 5:30, he yawned and streched. he got up out of bed, made his bed, he went out of the bedroom, went down the hallway to the bathroom, he went inside the bathroom, Meanwhile back in the master bedroom, Michael Crooks's Mother, Lynette Crooks got up out of her bed, She went into her master bedroom and took a shower, Meanwhile Michael went out of the bathroom, He decided to see his mother, he walked down the hallway toward Lynette's Master bedroom, Meanwhile Lynette had just gotten out of the shower, She put the towel on the closed toilet seat, She stood in front of her bathroom sink, and started brushing her hair with the hairbrush, She didn't realized that someone had come in the bedroom, the closed bathroom door started to open, and Michael saw her nude body, until Lynette was startled to see him standing in her master bedroom, she dropped her hairbrush in the bathroom sink.

"Don't You even knock?", Lynette asked as she wrapped her towel around her body.

But Michael didn't even answer her, Lynette stood beside her bathroom sink, she moved her hand on her blonde hair, She walked out of the bathroom past Michael, she stopped in front of her bed.

"aren't you going to let me get dressed?", Lynette asked.

Michael Didn't answer her, he slowly walked up to her, As Lynette slowly moved her head down and up, Michael started moving his hand on Lynette's back until Lynette started shaking, he put his hand on her arm and started moving up and down, while he put his head on her blonde hair, and started smelling her hair, while she was still shaking, Michael started kissing on her shoulder-blade, while moving his other hand on her other arm, he slowly moved his hand on the side of her towel, he slowly pulled the towel off of her body, he slowly turned Lynette around, he slowly moved her toward her bed, he slowly laid her down on the bed, Michael started kissing her chest, stomache, and neck, while Lynette was still shaking and moaning. after Michael was done, he looked at her, he slowly moved his hand on her blonde hair, he slowly moved his finger on her cheek, he kissed her other cheek, he got up from her bed, and went out of the master bedroom. after Michael was gone, Lynette got up, she went back in the bathroom, closed the door, and took another shower. She realized that Michael had raped her.

Chapter 2.

About an Hour Later, Michael went off to High School, while Lynette went grocey shopping, While Lynette was pushing her shopping cart, She bumped into another shopping cart.

"Oh, I'm Sorry, I didn't Even see you", Lynette said "Please accept my aplogies".

"Oh, that's ok, I wasn't paying attention too", The man replied "and I accept your aplogies".

"Thank you, Oh I'm Lynette", Lynette said "nice to meet you"

"I'm Carl", The man replied "Nice to meet you too".


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