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It all starts with high school

Novel By: Jorgiesgirl

it starts with high school View table of contents...


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Annalisa was waiting in the car, waiting for her dad, and she was more nervous than she had ever been before. They had just moved and she didn't know what to expect from living her now. She didn't get why they had to move just because Cheryl got promoted here. They could of stayed and Cheryl left. Annalisa believed that they didn't all need to come. She just thought it was unfair just because her dad married Cheryl, it was like they all married her. Finally her dad, Marcelo Chavez Martinez, got in the car. He noticed that her facial expression was not happy.

"Honey, are you okay?"

"Does it look like I am okay? You made me leave the one place I felt I could fit it. You made me leave my friends. More importantly you made me leave mom."

"Honey, that was uncalled for. We are a family. Where ever one of us goes, we all go. You will make new friends and sooner or later you will feel comfortable here."

"And what happens if I don't?"

"You will. Trust me."

"Daddy, I love you. I do but you married that woman, not me. So I don't see why I have to put up with her."

"Honey, she's trying but it would help if met her half way, okay?'

"She's not replacing my mom. So I don't see why she's trying."

"She's not trying to replace your mom. Nobody could ever try to replace your mom. She was one in a million."

"Can we just go now please? I want to be able to find my classes before school starts"

Knowing better than to dwell on that Annalisa's dad started the car and backed out of the garage.

It took them more or less an half hour or so to get to school. They pulled up to the school and Annalisa kissed her dad on the cheek and go out of the car.

Annalisa stepped on the new campus not knowing what to expect. She knew that freshman year made her worry enough but she thought at least she would have been with people she knew. But nooo her dad and his new wife made her move all the way to Clovis (Fresno) so starting freshman year would be even harder on her since she didn't even know one person. She had her dad drop her off early so that way she could walk around, look for her classes and try to get the lay out of the campus. She was looking around and not paying attention to where she was walking so she being her clumsy self she walked straight into somebody.

"Oh, my God, I am so sorry. I... I didn't mean to walk in you." Annalisa said with a little smile forming on her face.

"No its cools don't worry about it, accidents happen. It alright." The person said with a smile. "I'm Shane Reynolds." The person said with a smile on their face.

"Annalisa Martinez," Annalisa returned with a smile and a handshake.

"And to let you know. She isn't a guy even though she looks like one." A voice said coming out of a guy with glasses and a white complexion.

"Sorry about Victor." Shane said right away, and Victor waved at the sight of hearing his name, "He seems to want to let people know right away that I am girl, EVEN though I don't care if they think I am a guy or not. I like making them think I am a guy that way when they find out I am a chick they feel bad about thinking I'm a guy." She said with a chuckle.

"Oh, that's nice." Was all Annalisa managed to say because she was nervous as it was. Now she was even more nervous because she realized that she may have thing for Shane. But trying to shake that thought from her head Annalisa then said in her most polite voice she could without sounding high pitched like she normally did when she nervous , "Well if you'd excuse me I would like to try to find my classes before school starts. Sorry about bumping into you again. And nice meeting you."

"It was nice meeting you too. Annalisa. Maybe I will see you around," Shane said with a smile.

"Yeah. Maybe" Annalisa replied and then turned to walk away.

"God. Victor! Why?" Annalisa heard Shane say as she was walking away from the group.

Victor replied with a smile on his face, "What? What did I do?"

Shane turned around but Annalisa was no longer in sight.

'Annalisa' Shane thought. That's a pretty name and you don't hear it very often. Like her name she seemed like a very unique girl. Shane wanted to get to know her better so she hoped that she and Annalisa would run into each other again. She wanted to get close to her and find out who she is behind that pretty face of hers. She felt her stomach muscles tight up. She never felt like this before after just meeting the


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