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Maid 24 hours

Novel By: Julian Pansy

This is about a girl called Julia Fransy,she is very beautiful, cute and kind. Nicole is a high school student from St.Lofiata. Julia's family is very poor so she has a part-time job. She works in a cafe because it is the nearest place near her shabby house. One day, she accidently pour a glass of juice to her customer, because she studied all night yesterday for test so she hasn't rest at all. She apologizes to him, but she doesn't have enough amount of money to pay back his expensive. Then he settles down everything with one sentence, " You are my maid now and you must obey my order every minute." View table of contents...


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"Welcome, my master" I smile at the customers broadly as usual. I lead them to a table and wait for their order. " Two club sandwiches, a chocolate cherry cake and two cups of tea." They say it as they look through the menu. Customers are our boss, we have to give them the best performance so they will come back to our cafe.

" Your food will be here in 5 minutes, my master." I rush to kitchen and give the order to them.
" Hello Kevin, how ya doing? Take your time to cook the meat and eggs, they burn easily when I am talking to you!" I giggle

Your foods are here, my master. Please enjoy your meal." I hand their meal on the table and walk away. Simon walks closer to me and say" Thanks for the hard working today, Julia. You can go home now, see you tomorrow." I walk in the changing room, then I change my clothes quickly. When I just about walk out the door, I meet Kevin.

I smile at him" Do you want to walk together?"
"Of course, it is my pleasure to walk with you, my lady." he pretends to be a gentlemen
"Kevin, you are hilarious!" I giggle
"So what are you having for dinner tonight?" he asks
" White bread with butter. What about you?"
"Seriously, you need to eat more than that, Julia. No wander you're thin. Anyway, I have Hambuger, chips and fried chicken."
" Sound cool." I feel envy for him, but my family is poor and I don't intend to blame them. I like eating bread because it is healthy and cheap, I can't afford to buy expensive food. After we have a good-bye wave, I walk to my house by myself. I have a quick shower, I start studying for my test tomorrow as I bite my bread. As time flew, it is morning already; I studying really hard till morning come, I haven't sleep at all. I wake up my self with energy drink. I dress up in my school uniform, picking my bag. I look at myself in the mirror and cheer myself up. Perfect, I still have two hours, I only need one and half hours to walk to school from my house.( I always walk to school because I don't want to wastse my money on bus.)

At school, I have few tests; it is a piece of cake and I am confidence to get full marks for every test. At break, I surround by boys, they ask me out for a date nicely, but I say" Thank you for asking, I appreciate it! But I afraid I have to sorry to all of you, but I will be happy if you can be my friend."
" Julia. you are so cute and kind, you are the cutest girl in the world, all of us will be your friend so don't worry!" Boys shout
"Julia is very happy right now, thank you! See you later." I wink at them

At lunch, I sit with my best friend, Bakkie.
" White bread again, Julia. What did I tell you? You must have a better diet." she is very worry about me.
"Actually, it is bread with butter. " I say

Bakkie and I are best friend since we're in primary school. A lot of thing happen in the past, we laugh, cry, fight, argue and studying together...... Bakkie and I are popular in primary and high school. We get a lot boy's confession each month. I want to experience love, but I don't have time. If I am free, I rather work or study. I bet it will be nice if I have a boyfriend, I won't be lonely. My parent are working in an other country, their money are only enough for their living, but sometime they will give me some extra money.

As I walk back to my classroom slowly, I feel dizzy and I collapse suddenly. I see a boy looking at me and my eyes close. I woke up on the medical office. Mr Martin the school doctor ask my few question.

" What do you eat last night" he asks
" White bread" I responce
" When do you sleep last night?" he asks
" I never sleep last night, I am studying all night." I responce
" What do you eat for breakfast today?" he asks
" I haven't eat anything for breakfast." I responce

Mr Martin tell me I haven't rest and eat enough. When I look at the clock, "Damn it, I only have half an hour and fifteen minutes to go to the cafe on time!" I grab my bag and start running; I hear Mr Martin yelling at me, but he couldn't bother to catch me. I run all the way back to the cafe, but I am not late for my part-time, in fact I am always on time. I get change quickly and start working. I wonder who is that boy, I think he is the one who caring me to the medical office.
" Excuse me, I need some tea."
" Coming."
I pour the tea on the cup, my eyessight start fading, I am feeling dizzy again and the worse is I accidently pour the tea on the customer's clothes. " I am really sorry, I -" I say as I put the jug on the table and I just about to fell down, but Simon holds me tightly like he isn't going to let go. Then, he carries me to the guest room and let me take a break. Simon comes in " Julia, you shouldn't be so hard to yourself, you should hang out with friend more and rest a bit more. You are staying up all night yesterday for studying, right?"
I am shock and surpirse" Hey, how come you know that?"
Simon smiles at me " It is your habit, isn't it? You will never give yourself a break unless someone tell you to. Oh yeah, a customer want to talk to you, remember the one you pour tea on his clothes. He is waiting for you in the back alley."
" I am going right now." I feel really nervous and I am ready for to be shout at.

When I see him, I apologize right away. I look at him, but I don't dare make eyes contact with him. His hair is chocolate brown and his eyes are bluish-green. " What are you going to do now? My shirt is ruin in by the tea, you have to pay me back at least three-hundred and five pounds. This shirt is design by a famous designer." He grins at me. " I don't have enough money to pay you back, I-I" I am in serious trouble " All right, you are my maid now, you must obey my order from now on, Julia." he say " You belong to me." he whispers to me.

Today, I became a maid!


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