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Love Story of Serenity

Novel By: juliet cullen

Tags: Gun, Girl, Boy, Group, Love, Sex, Hate, Lust

The life and love of a young girl named serenity when her life gets turned upside down when some group kidnaps her and the leader she ends up falling for. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 21, 2012    Reads: 202    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

The Love Story Of Serenity: Chapter One, That one night.

The cold winds of fall brushed against my skin as i left the restraunt where i worked. It was a decent job for an 18 year old graduate. I started working my freshman year even though i was unpaid since no good job for freshmans. I worked for my auntie clarice, cleaning and watching her dogs while she was out gambling and drinking. She always brought a guest home, you could hear the moaning and grunting and the wall banging from a head board of a bed. Its kind of disturbing but i felt a hint of jealousy that my 40 year old aunt had a life and i didnt.

Im kind of unappealing to guys my age, i always attracted much older men like in their 60's older. The wind blew hard and i clutched my coat tighter to my body. curse this stupid mini skirt. It was dress code even in the winter, our boss loved to watch us freeze our butts off.

The streets were quiet,a little too quiet for my tastes. Then all of sudden the only noise i could hear were footsteps behind me. My heartbeat sped up and i started to feel scared. Whoever was behind me was intentionally following me.

I sped up my walking and so did the footsteps. Thats when i started to run. I ran and ran and the footsteps followed me everywhere i went. I made a turn and found out too late it was a dead end. God, no, not a dead. I turned around and found myself surrounded by a group of men. Each took a grab at me taking off peice by peice of my clothes till i was just in my bra and panties. I wrapped my arms around myself and fell to the ground in tears.

I herd the unzipping of pants and a much stronger man pulled me off the ground and put his hand down my panties.

"Not a sound bitch." He said in rouph voice and covered my mouth with his. His fingers found their way into me and starting going in and out of me. It hurt alot, he was being rouph with his hand motions. The tears built up and spilled over then i felt the tear of my virginity being taken from me from his rouph fingers. And then he caressed my breasts as i felt anothers hands on me and lift my body and force my legs around him. That man entered and started pumping in and out of me.

The others stood around me, two made my hands stroke their hard manhoods and another put it in my mouth forcing me to suck him. They laid me on my back on anothers chest and thats when that one penetrated my ass hole. More tears and whimpers of protest escaped me.

They all took turns fucking me in various ways. All i did was sit there and take it. After they all came all over me they tied my hands and blind folded me. I herd a car door open and i was forced in.

The next thing i knew i was passed out......

Author Note: sorry its short but ill make up for it next chapter. and also i am making a new profile to start over.look for VampireLvr


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