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Tessa Ringer is 17 and a living in the tiny town of Tulalipa, Washington she ran into a bit of trouble a month ago when she was caught handling a phone she found and then she was accused of steeling it. Now she's stuck at an alternative school with Taylor the boy who drives her wild, but her fried Raymond is there to keep her head on her shoulders. But with three hot guy around her at all times is the unfortunate event that happens to her such a bad thing or maybe it will help her find a way to happy ever after. View table of contents...


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Oh god, the touch of his finger sends shivers up my spine he can tickle me like that all he wants as long as I get to keep looking in those brown eyes. It's just something about the way the golden flecks in his eyes, the dimples and oh my god the stupidly irresistible beauty mark just above his lip, that makes me want to wiggle my way into his arms and hold him tight then softly kiss his lips until the whole world melts away and it's just us. But like Romeo and Juliet it's a love that can never be, stupid girlfriend of his, but I don't care about her I still long for his touch, his smile, the way only he and I know the reason I'm suck here, how just his two fingers can send me giggling like a third grader when he touches my ribs.

Taylor Hapkins

The boy who can make me squirm with just one touch and then leave me begging for more. He is the only good thing that came out of this whole stupid mess. He's the only person I know who can make my name sound so intriguing and sexy "Tess…" when he says it I seriously think I'm going to fall to my knees and melt. The weird part is that he's not really my type; I usually go for the sporty goodie-two-shoes kind of guys. But no, Taylor is nothing like that; he's tan and 'bout six one, built well but like everyone else's here, except for like two of us, he's bad. He told me he's here for drugs and fighting, I'm here for theft of student property, but I could never tell him that, he thinks I'm here 'cause a teacher made a remark about my dad after he died and I went totally haywire cursing, throwing things, and punching people who tried to calm me down. Bet he thinks I'm a total hot-head. But I just want to melt into his body and just stay there forever. Never leaving him and wishing to hang out and have a moment to our selves like today we wern't alone but still, we sat around helping each other with history flash cards and if stupid Drew hadn't been their our lips would have meet in the sweetest way. But no drew was always their just letting us get to the point where I felt like I was going to break down and scream if he didn't kiss me then he'd just steer us back to work. But Taylor payed him little mind and left his hand lingering on my upper thigh and still looking at me as I went back to work and the second he moved it away I was wishing he would bring it back and let the warmth and electric feeling shoot through my whole body and send my heart racing.

Personally I don't know what he sees in me I barley clear five six, I'm not athletic and just over 120 pounds, peach lips, sea foam green eyes, and alburn hair. But he seems to be totally smitten and so am I.

"Tess, Tess! Tessa!"

"What Marie?" I say as Marie my sister, whose two years older than me and ten times as pretty she has golden hair that reaches just above her waist and eyes as blue as the bay, rips me away from thinking about him. I think she had been ranting about her science teacher's comb-over when Taylor creped his way into my mind.

"You aren't even listening to me…" her eyes got as big as saucers and she starts hopping from one foot to the other and she's pointing to my mouth. Its then that I notice I've been chewing my bottom lip, something I only do when I think about guys this she knows because we share a room and spend allot of time together. I pull my lip out of my mouth and take a sip of my coke and go back to the book I was attempting to reading, but it's too late she knows I was thinking about someone. She probably thinks its Alex my no-good, cheating, boyfriend who I would love to dump but I don't want to see him hurt so I keep him around for his sake but I need to pull the plug, soon.

"OOOOO, were you thinking about Alex? And the dance this weekend? Are you two going? Oh pleases tell me your going!"

"Yeah Alex, and uh… 'coarse were going are you and David going?"

"I wish, but he doesn't want to, I have to settle for dinner and some making out in the back of his truck."

"Sounds nice, just the thought of us making out sends all the blood from Alex's brain to somewhere else." I give up on my book and turn to face her in the chair where I sat when mom told us dad had died in the war I still hate that chair even though it was over a year ago I still refuse to sit in it. I never really got over his death although mom seems fine and dandy she and her fiancé are out looking at flower arrangement right now. I can't stand Steve and the thought of him moving in next month makes my skin crawl.

"Ugh, he's such a horndog I'm so glad that David is not like that. A little hand-holding and some making out and that's it. Sometimes I wish he would try it but he never dose." She says with a sigh.

All I can do is laugh; the last boyfriend Marie had could barely look at her let alone touch her.

She hurls a pillow at me "What are you laughing at!!"

"You! Your relationships! All the guys you go for are mellow if you want some touchy-feely crap get someone who is a little more outgoing." I stand up and walk back to our bedroom.

"Shut up!"

"Ha-ha, you only say that because you know I'm right!" I close the door behind me and head to my bed I sit on it and look around. On my side of the room is a smash of posters, photos, and just a few thing that make me laugh every time I see them, like the picture my best friend Diana made me right before she and her family moved to Florida, it's a collage of us starting from kindergarten that's when I got my nick name sweet-cheeks 'cause when she first saw me I had candy all over my cheeks, to get away from the cold of Tulalipa,Washington. But I love it here it's not much but for me its home. On Marie's side is a bunch of shelves that hold her books and photos. Her bed is made to the tee and my comforter is just a pile on top of my bed.

I reach under my bed and pull out the box of my father's things that I could never let go of; like his army uniform and picture, a couple letters me and Marie wrote him while he was over their the picture of him and mama on their wedding day, the only professional picture (that wasn't required by school) Marie and I ever took, and the picture we took the day he left; him in his uniform me on his right side Marie on his left all three of us saluting. Every time I reach that picture I'm balling my eyes out, but not this time it's just a steady stream of tears rolling down my cheeks and that's what scares me the most that I might be letting go of him. Marie walks in and after three years of it she has lost any and all attempt to comfort me every night she says the same thing:

"Tessa Elizabeth Ringer, if you keep looking at those things you'll run out of tears and then what will you do? Go back in time stop him from going back the last time? Then someone else's dad would have died. He's gone and not going to come back no matter how many times you smell the uniform, hug his picture you can't bring back. Even if you could how fair would that be?"

It seems to be the only speech that calms me down. "Thanks… where are you going?" I ask because she's touching up her makeup and tossing her hair around.

"David called, he asked if I wanted to go out so I called mom and asked her she said it was fine as long as I was back before curfew." As I was looking at her threw the mirror she caught my gaze and we both busted out laughing. "Which one; the one where we get caught sneaking in and then just shakes her head or the one where we bring him in with us?" I can barely get the words out 'cause I'm laughing so much.

"Who knows because Steve's staying here tonight?!" My smiled suddenly dropped from my mouth. I hate when he's here it's so awkward in the morning when I see him with the coffee cup my father used to use it makes me sick to my stomach. I can't see him tomorrow not with all these things with Taylor and Alex arguing in my head.

"What?" Marie asked.

"Nothing I was just thinking I might go stay at Alex's tonight."


"What?" I ask because she's never said anything before.

"It's just, I thought you were going to break up with him and if you're just going to go over there and lay down with him… you shouldn't play with him like that." Then she turned around and continued to coat her lips in a new goop she had sworn made her look like she was twenty-two.

"How come you care?!" I jumped up and got defensive "You've never cared before I don't care if you stay the night at David's!"

"Geez, retract your claws I'm just saying you shouldn't toy with him. I don't care if you go over there and I don't care if you just watch a movie with him or if you sleep with him, just I don't want you to hurt yourself with him. And on that point I'm not sleeping with David"

"God Marie, you really should be a therapist I feel like I need to throw a twenty at you and say thanks doc."

"It's only good advice sweet-cheeks." She said with her hands on her hips as she made her way over to the closet I assume to put on that short little number she bought this weekend while we were at the mall.

"Of 'coarse it is teddy-bear. Hey can you toss me my small duffel?"

"Yeah, want me to put your skin tights in their?" she said with just a small amount of sarcasm in her voice. It made me mad to think she knew what I was doing with him it wasn't any of her business anyway.

"Na, but toss um to me I'm just gunna where them over there." As I changed I thought about Marie and David, he's six ten, built like a freaking god, and moved here from Texas just over a year ago. And when Marie first laid eyes on him she instantly wanted him, and then he looked up as she was staring the first thing she did was giggle and blush then drop her books. Him being a southern gentleman he got up and went to help Marie with her books. As they were gathering them up he looked into her eyes and gave her a smile that she said had literally made her let out a moan. He just threw his head back laughing as she blushed uncontrollably. In two weeks she was bringing him home as her new boyfriend.

"Latter teddy-bear!" I called as I left the house and walked down to my car. I loved my car it was my dad's before he died it even smelled like him. Mom wanted to sell the ole' thing but I wouldn't let her since it was technically in my name. It takes about ten minutes to get to Alex's house I loved the drive with the sun roof in the car and the stars out; it was perfect.


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