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You And I Collide

Novel By: Kaaaat

Gray Burthington had it all, the looks, the money and the girls. But the only thing Gray wanted was Adella. Gray has always loved Adella Rossdale; the only way he knew to get her attention was by treating her like dirt. Implying her as ‘ugly’ and ‘psychopath’; he enjoyed it because it got her attention. Her crude remarks always made him happy, but what happens when High School ends and the last thing she lets out is 'I hate what you've become; I would never be caught dead with you, ever!'

Adella Rossdale never really liked dressing up or following the crowd. She liked being in her own little world. The one thing she couldn’t stand was Gray Burthington; she didn’t understand why she was the only one he tormented. For some reason, Adella had developed feelings for Gray only to lose it when he hurt her; over and over again.

What happens when the two meet up again, three years after. This time, through Gray’s best friend Desmond Holiday, Adella’s current boyfriend. Emotions and feelings build up that were long hidden. How will Gray be able to get Adella’s attention this time round when he can’t hurt her; what’s worse is how will he be able to tell her how he really feels when she’s with his best friend. Will the two ever collide or are they estined to be broken a part by unspoken emotions.

It's hard loving someone you know you've hurt and yet even knowing; you still do it. So how do you tell the one you love; that you love them? When you've done nothing but hurt them? Easy. You Lie. View table of contents...


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Had To Be You

I reached for my graduation cap in sync with the rest of my peers graduating. We all gave a loud yelp as we threw our caps simultaneously into the air.
"We did it bro!" I heard someone say as they slapped my back. I turned to see Desmond grinning from ear to ear. I hugged him, after this he'd be moving down south to go to some other College. Over Desmond's shoulder I could see Adella hugging Sonny.

"Wait here a sec," I said walking over to her. I tapped her shoulder and smiled. She turned around and sighed.
"What do you want Burthington," she said, her smile fading.
"Listen," I awkwardly mumbled as I touched the back of her hair, she slapped my hand and I laughed. Those eyes, they could always make my heart melt I thought.
"Easy tiger," I snickered.
"Leave me alone," she hissed turning away from me.
"You are alone," I loudly said. Everyone shifted off the stage, snickers and whispers erupting. She ignored me and followed her friends off stage.

"Still messing with her Gray?" I heard Desmond say. I shrugged. Desmond shook his head. Desmond had a soft spot for her, sometimes I even thought he had a thing for her.
"Anyway, you still coming tonight?" he asked. I nodded.
"Fuck yeah," I said, as I walked off stage and into the arms of my proud parents.

The graduation party was well under way when I'd arrived. I walked into Vincent's mansion, being greeted by people I didn't know and those I wished I didn't.
"Glad you could make it," Bianca Newburn said. I smiled, admittedly she looked hot in her skimpy outfit, but I was done with her. Now, she was just another girl I'd banged in the backseat of my car.

I searched the house for Desmond, trying not to be interrupted by any girls that passed my way, when something caught my attention.
"Rossdale," I said. She looked at me and rolled her eyes, she was with Sonny and Betsy. The same two people all the time.
"What is someone like you, doing at a party like this?" I said sarcastically.
"Piss off," Sonny said shoving me away.
"I love you too Sonny," I whispered in her ear. She punched my arm and I laughed as I found Desmond hooking up with some random girl. Nice one kid I thought leaving him to do his business.
The party was almost over, judging by how everyone was leaving.
"Still here Rossdale?" I asked, she was sitting on the couch by herself. She stood up and ignored, walking swiftly past me.
"Ouch," I said.
"Why do you do this to me?" she asked, her tone of voice becoming serious, broken even. I smirked and touched her cheeks. She flinched and pulled away.
"Because, you're the only bitch I haven't fucked yet," I said winking. She slapped me across the cheek.
"You have some ner-"
"I don't think you want to make an ass of yourself," I interrupted. She looked at me horrified as she stormed away. I followed her out onto the parlour.
"Get lost," she said, she was crying; she was now trying to hide away her face.

"Adella," I paused.
"I'm sorry," I said sitting on the bench. She stayed quiet.
"I know I've done some pretty fucked up shit, but I really don't me-"
"You know what I find funny?" she interrupted sitting next to me. I shook my head.
"I find it funny that no matter how many times you tend to pick on me; I can't help but not hate you," she said laughing. My eyes widened.
"But, that doesn't mean I like you. I still dislike you, your personality, the way you treat people; girls especially and most of all, I hate that of all people, the bad guy had to be you," she said genuinely. My heart stopped for a second.

"I can't wait to leave and be a million miles way from you. Have a nice life kid," she whispered. She stood up and began to walk away. I stood up and grabbed her arm and wrapped my arms around her. Surprisingly she didn't push me away. I smiled crazily, I didn't want to let her go.
"Can I kiss you?" I asked, my voice so sincere.
"I don't think that's a good ide-" before she could finish I pressed my lips against hers and I swear that between our split kiss she was smiling.
"Well what do we have here," I heard someone say. Shit, she's going to hate me forever now I thought. I released her and closed my eyes for a split second.

"You ready to go make babies now?" I asked mockingly, I winked at the guys as they erupted in laughter. She looked at me horrified.
"I hate what you've become; I would never be caught dead with you, ever!" she said, tears slowly streaming down her cheeks as she stormed away. The guys looked at me with Desmond behind, he wasn't laughing. Instead he looked disappointed, somewhat angry. I cussed furiously under my breath because in all honesty I think she meant every word she scolded at me and to be honest I don't think I was ever going to see her again.

Authors note; First Chapters up. Thanks to all you lovely readers for taking the time to read my shit (: youse are all wonderful creatures <33 ~Kat♥


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