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Just Another Walk In The Park

Novel By: Kandie

Jesse owns a bakery that is going to be shut down due to the new coffee shop in town. She has always been unlucky in love and tries not to take pointers from her best friend Missy, who seems to be all to lucky in one night stands, Jesse has her small house on a street where all the neighbours know everything about you and pretend to be your best friend, so when Matthew moves in fresh out of prison for a crime he commited when he was a teenager the entire block has gone into a field day with his arrival. Matthew is good boy turned bad but in a good way? He moves in and is instantly captivated by the bombshell Jesse who lives next door. Jesse is curious about Matthew and is all to aware of how a single glance will make her knees weak. Too bad some old friends are out to get Matthew and will kill anyone in their way. Pay back is a bitch. View table of contents...


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I watched as the birds flew over head and the sound of the waves crash on the rocks, the blue sky was mesmerising and the birds sung their song, the sweet melodies floating trough the air.

"Who is moving in next to you?" Missy said as she took another lick of her ice cream, as we sat on the park bench on the beach.

"I don't know I just saw the moving truck this morning, by the stuff that was being loaded out I would say either a business woman or a guy and defiantly no kids"

"Well that's cool that house has been empty for what, like three years now?" she said and shifted on the bench and licked along her ice cream.

"Ya" I watched birds swim through the sky, a pair of seagulls fighting over a chunk of food one found.

"well tell me when you get to meet them, make sure to bring over some of those cookies you make if it is a guy he will fall in love with you at first bite!" she said and started nibbling on the cone.

"Ya I'm sure" I said rolling my eyes

"Oh come on Jesse Your cookies are sublime!"

"Thus why my business is going bankrupt?"

We laughed and got up from the bench and wandered towards our cars.

"I should go I don't want to be late again! I my boss is going to think I am doing it on purpose, my lunch hour is suppose to be just that a hour" Missy laughed

"kay see you" I hugged her and she pulled back holding me from arms length

"make some cookies" she said and it made me laugh. We said our goodbyes and we went our separate ways into our cars.

I drove to the bakery and walked to the back gathering ingredients to make chocolate mint chip cookies. What the hell I thought I would make the cookies and give them to my new neighbour there was no law against being nice... or curious to who was going to be living next door.

I pulled them out of the oven let them cool and placed them on a green display plate and wrapped them up with some plastic wrap.

I walked to the front door of the bakery and sighed and turned to look at my dream, the dream that had fallen apart now that the Tim Horton's opened up down the street, my bakery had lost all its business and the money dried up , the big sign on the front saying we were closed had been up all summer. My dream shattered into a million pieces.

I sighed again and left locking the door behind me.

the drive home was uneventful and boring it was a half hour drive through buildings and houses, to the little blue house that out looked the ravine, I couldn't help but notice the moving company had left and a guy was loading in the last of the furniture on the driveway.

I pulled up to my garage and parked the car and turned it off. I grabbed the plate of cookies, stole a look at myself in the mirror and brushed a strand of hair behind my ear and took a deep breath and got out and wandered over the small patch of grass separating our houses ,i walked up his driveway he came out of the house and I was shocked I hadn't been expecting him to be so good looking. He had sandy blonde hair that hung in his face slightly, and he was tall a good six foot four, and shoulders to make a girl go weak inside.

"Hi, So you All pretty much moved in?" I asked and smiled sweetly, well tried to his height was even more impressive up close to my small petite form.

"almost" he grunted and ran a hand through his hair, his wife beater shirt clung to his very well built body and I couldn't help but stare a little bit as I thrust out the plate of cookies towards him.

"I made these for you" I said and he looked hesitant but took the plate.

"um thank you" he said and set them down on the dresser that was still outside.

"well welcome to the neighbourhood, I didn't catch your name" I said and he frowned

"Matthew" he said and extended his hand towards me and I took it in mine shaking his hand, no noticing at all that his hands were smooth and soft yet firm.

"nice to meet you I'm Jesse" I said and he raised an eyebrow

"isn't that a boys name or is it short for Jessica?" he asked and I was the one who frowned now

"no it is Jesse when I was born my parents couldn't agree on a girl's name so they gave me the name they had agreed on if I was a boy" I explained

"I see" He said and I was getting a vibe from him a not so friendly vibe, a dangerous vibe, so I decided to skip over the conversations that was going to pump him for information on who he was.

"ya... well I will see you around, I have to go feed my cat" I lied I didn't have a cat... but he didn't know that.

"see you" he said and reached down and grabbed a couple of kitchen chairs and walked into the house with them leaving my plate of cookies sitting on the dresser.

I walked back to my house glancing behind me before I went inside my house, he didn't glance up at me just grabbed the rest of the furniture, including the plate of cookies.


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