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A typical Cinderella Story

Novel By: katewislet

Kate Wislet lives with her step family the Stuarts who treat her like Cinderella from the book but her life changes when she meets the gorgeous Mr. I'm-so-hot a.k.a Jake Saunders View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 25, 2011    Reads: 443    Comments: 20    Likes: 1   

I was aiming for sleep when I heard faint footsteps coming from below. I readied myself for what was coming I didn't move a muscle just my mind, trying to concentrate on my sleep. The footsteps were getting closer,louder… Tumblr_lsy7vreg9q1qlwf6ao1_500_large

"Get Up!"

My eyes opened as it usually did when someone woke me up at 8 in the morning.

Of course I knew who this person was, it wasn't very surprising. I've been going through this for 6 years. Emily Stuart, black hair black eyes and a black mind.

"What do you want Emily its only 8," I moaned half asleep.

I was a little disappointed because she just interrupted my dream where I saw my dream guy in his shorts drinking a bottle of mineral water.

"My plants aren't going to water themselves,"

Don't think for a second that Emily Stuart is a little girl she's my sister, my big sister, hard to believe? Yes, yes it is.

"Well do it yourself," I said and fell back to sleep.

Of course she didn't listen. After my words sank in I knew she was going to do something, something mad and horrifying. I just said it so I could sleep a few more seconds before she comes again.

And like I said she came and this time with a bucket. I was too used to this. I quickly slipped out of my bed a few seconds before she spilled a bucket full of icy water on my bed.

"Gee Emily was that really necessary," I asked fully awake because of somebody.

"Go water the plants," she ordered.

It wasn't like I actually cared for her plants but I knew it was the only way to make her shut up. After watering her ugly plants that were so weak and tired they would fall of any second, I went to make a cup of coffee, not for me of course but for my mother.

Don't think I have anything against plants but I should mention that I did break one of them to express my anger towards Emily. I mean come on because of her stinking plants I had to wake up at eight and dodge Emily's furious bucket of icy water and worse had to wake up seeing her on my birthday, not that anyone actually remembered it, so I think the plants deserved what I did to them.

"Mum you awake?" I shouted from the kitchen. Tumblr_lht6hilxqh1qhjm98o1_400_large

What was I supposed to do? Go to her room, grab her by the neck and shake her till she was awake? Sure, I could do that. it was definitely better than this but only I couldn't. That would be illegal.

"Coffee? I said I wanted tea today! Can't you do anything right?" came a grumpy voice from the stairs

This grumpy person is my supposed-to-be mother. She's old and she's fat. She's got curly blonde hair just like her annoying supposed-to-be daughter Emily.

My mother had three piercings on her ears and one on her tongue. Great example to the kids. I had no idea how she knew I made coffee. And why does she want tea? She has been drinking coffee for six weeks straight. Sure, she wanted me to use the mind reading powers I did not have.

"Sorry mum, I forgot," I replied

.... What? She was a 39 year old lady who spends half her time inside the house thinking what to do with her hair and the rest she spends drinking with her psychopath buddies and comes with another you know what on her you know where. Not to mention her having-sex- with- random- dudes- who- she- doesn't- even- know thing. Practically her life's a mess.

I on the other hand had my whole life planned in front of me. I'll get a good job and I'll leave this god forsaken town. Easy as pie. I may not be perfect but I'm pretty sure god has something planned for me.

Oh by the way, did I mention she was my step mother and that Emily was my step sister and that I have a step brother too? Does that ring a bell? Cinderella? Yeah, I guess you can say that; except, there's a twist in my story. I happen to like my life and my step family too. Sure, they treat me like I'm some poor servant but they do feed me and care for me, That's all I could really ask of them.....

Of course, you must have realized that the last few words were complete bullshit. Of course, they feed me but care? No way! The only reason I was happy was because I was sent to school every year. Don't think I'm some nerd because I'm soo not. It was because of a special someone,

Jake Saunders........

Yep. You guessed it right? He's the most popular guy in school, not that he ever has time to notice me. I'm not like Sarah Mitchell who thinks her nails are too shiny. I'm not in love with him, sorry. I was just attracted to him like any other 16 year old girl. I wasn't stalking him, I only watched him during lunch period..... Now as Cinderella you may think I was a complete geek but no well, at least not a complete geek, I was more of the invisible/unnoticeable type. I have friends who were not freaks like me. I 'm not ugly because then that would mean my mother was ugly which she wasn't.

The thing is, I suck at popularity.

So there you have it your typical Cinderella who has friends and is happy with her life, who isn't in love with prince charming and don't forget absolutely miserable.

No matter how much I'd like to slap her pretty fake cheeks and shave her delightfully blonde hair and scrape her remains from the floor I can't because that would be illegal. I was talking about Emily. Yes it was me who said I like her but only sometimes...like the time she let me borrow her jeans even though I had to water her plants for a week after that, the time she let me use her pencil even though I had to do her home work for three days and don't forget the time when she let me use her tiara and then stole my piggy bank (and that was when we were nine!). OK, I admit, life with the Stuarts weren't really... pleasant...But I have my step brother Max, I like to call him boogie, because he loves to boogie. He's not like the Stuarts I wouldn't say he was even related to them, but he is in a way.

I made up my mind that Emily would not ruin my birthday and after tending to all her needs I set out to the one place I called home, the super market. So I put on my trusty jeans, sneaks paired with a yellow jacket and white shirt, hey just cause I was miserable doesn't mean I wasn't fashionable.

Tumblr_lsm4rryuow1qmom3io1_500_largeI entered the place and went,

"hey Jack guess what? it's my birth day and what a surprise every one forgot," I said it out loud, because I wanted to, without knowing he wasn't the only one in the store.

Jake Saunders was there too.


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