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Cowboys and Angels

Novel By: katey 1111

What happens when a cowboys angel leaves and comes back 2 years later with her new fiancee? Matt Carter could tell you all about that. His angel moved to Texas leaving him in Montana with out even a good bye.Now shes coming back to make plans for a wedding with her new fiancee. How will Matt react when he finds out? Will he see it as a second chance to get her back or will he let her slide on by. View table of contents...



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Have you heard from, Amy lately?" Micky, the owner of "Dusty Rodes Cafee" asked as he sat the breakfast i had ordered in front of me. The second he asked i regreted walking in to this place. He and the others always asked the same question every time i walked in to those god for saken doors. I looked up from the article i was reading about how cattle prices were going down each day, and noticed that most of the people had stopped eating, and working to hear what i had to say. That was the greatest thing about living in a small town, every one wanted to know every one elses buisness.

I grew up in the great plains of Montana. My town was like most cattle towns small, and boring unless you where working on a ranch. When i was in my teens I mostly helped my dad run the ranch, in the summers, and in the winter i would be at school studying or playing football. So i never really had time for partys or for friends. Then and now, i work from sun up to sun down, checking cattle, mending fences, breaking horses and, any other thing that is needed to be done.

I shook my head at him telling him no that i hadn't heard from her. "No, not sence last june." I told him with a bit of an annoyed tone. He gave me a sad smile and, patted my shoulder before walking away. I knew he ment well by asking but, it hurt to even think of her, much less hear her name.

I salted the grits and eggs that were on my plate and started to eat. As i ate i heard a few whispers, and caught a few stares that was darected my way. When Mickey noticed i was almost finished he walked over and laid the recipt on the table with out a word and went back to taking orders.

After eating i walked to the brown oaked bar like counter that stretched from one wall to the next, to pay for my food, and to get a black coffee to go. Some guys from near by ranches where sitting at the bar drinking their coffees, while complaining about how low stock prices had been this early in the year. Gena, the waitress, who was also Amy's sister was waiting by the cash regerster when i got there. I gave her some what of a smile while pulling out my wallet and picking out a 10 to pay for the food.

She took the money and the ticket then asked, "You want a coffee to go too?".

I nodded as i put my wallet back in to my pocket and waited for her to fix the coffee. She turned smoothly towards the coffee pot, and started to poor it in to a stirfoamed cup. "So hows it going up at the ranch? She asked casually.

"It's been going." I told her. She turned back to me, and smiled as she handed over my coffee with a few napkins. When i started to walk toward the door she called after me,

"I can send Bricen over if you need him." She offered. "I know how you ussualy need him around this time of year."

Brycen, was her 16 year old son who ussualy helped me out when it was time to break horses or round up the cattle to haul to markets or sales. He was my right hand man most of the time, when he wasn't in school or studying for a test. Being at the ranch usualy kept him out of trouble, something he was known for ever sence his dad past away. I liked having him around, to be honest, he was like a little brother.

I chuckled a bit as i leached my way closer to the door. "Na, but i will need his help this summer when it's time for the round up."

She smiled knowingly, "Il send him over the day school lets out."

With a laugh I held up my hand letting her know i was leaving, "Alright, see ya'll later!" I called over my shoulder as i began to walk out of the diner.

"See ya, Matt!" Gina, and Mickey called after me.

After leaving the diner i walked down the street heading for the feed store, where i had parked my truck for them to load it down with bags of horse feed that i had ordered the week before. It should have already been loaded sence i spent almost an hour there at the diner. The small town was farly buisy at 8:40 in the morning, cars would go by and honk their horns, so i would throw my hand in the air giving a wave or two.

The cool wind sent chills down my spine, seeing that it was only may it hadn't really fully warmed up here in Montana. I wondered for only a split second if it was still a littlle chilly in Austin where, Amy had been for the past year. Probly not with it being located in, Texas and all. When i got to the feed store i seen that my truck was still backed in to the loading dock but, the bed was stacked as high as possible with feed bags.

So i headed strait in to the store to make sure i was ready to head back to the ranch. I held the door for an old lady walking out, holding two small brown paper bags with the words "Sun Flower Seeds" Written on it. I tipped my dusty cowboy hat at her, and walked in closing the door behind her like any gentlemen would do. Josh, was waiting for me behind the counter smirking at me.

"Hey, ya'll done with......" I trailed off as he kept smirking at me. "What you smilein at?" I asked walking towards him.

He started to chuckle, "You ain't heard?"

I nerowed my eyes in suspicion. "Heard what?" I asked taking a sip of my coffee.

I still kept eye contact, and watched as his smirk grew in to an ear to ear grin. "Amy's comin back, man!" Leaning against one of the shelves I looked at him dumbfounded.

Amy. The beautiful girl that owned my heart sence 12th grade. She was beautiful, smart, funny, witty, kind, charming, Gentle.... and, Most of all my saving grace. Before i met her i was on my way to being burried 6 feet under the ground. I had always been wild, and reckless never caring if i lived to day, and died tomorrow. I rode bulls and bucking broncs, every chance i got weather that would be at the ranch or at a rodeo. When it would come time for those events i would be the first to sign up.

But, then somthing happened. She came in to my life like a whirl-wind. Our ranch was getting ready for a big cattle branding, and all of the neighboring ranches were helping out with it, and it just so happened she was staying with her sister, and brother-in-law who owned a ranch 20 miles away from ours . The branding season usualy lasted up to 2 weeks, so all the women would do the cooking while the men and children branded the cattle. At the end of the branding weeks we would have a big dance going on at the ranch, and all who had helped was invited.

**Flash Back**
(Beggining of Song)

Nobody rides in a cowgirls rodeo unless you got some blue jeans on
Nobody sits in the saddle of love unless you two step until the cows come home
Nobody bridles her heart til shes willin and buddy thats a hook to you
Cos nobody rides in a cowgirls rodeo unless youre wearing cowboy boots.

I was leaning lazly against the fence watching her dance with all the cowboys, trying to get my nerve up to ask her to dance. Her blonde hair was in a mess, and she would laugh every time she got twirld around. I was already on my 3rd beer trying to get the nerve up to ask her for a dance. My heart was beating out of control and, my mind was thinking all about her.

"Now that's what i call perfect!" Josh slurred, leaning on me for support as he watched, Amy dance. I nodded my head, and took the last swoler of my beer. I threw my beer bottle on the ground, and before i knew it i started walking towards her.

"Cowboy up!" I murmered to myself. I tapped the cowboy that she was dancing with on the shoulder, "Mind if i cut in?" He nodded, and backed away from us. Amy, and i stood there staring at each other.

"I was wonderin when you would get the nerve to cut in." She smiled, as she took my hand, and started to dance again.

"Me too." I chuckled. I spun her around, and smiled at her.

"Your not one of those posing pretty boys are you?" She giggled, as we danced across the dirt.

"Im an every day all the way 100% cowboy!" I smirked.

(End Of Song)

Nobody rides in a cowgirls rodeo unless you got some blue jeans on
Nobody sits in the saddle of love unless you two step until the cows come home
Nobody bridles her heart til shes willin and buddy thats a hook to you
Cos nobody rides in a cowgirls rodeo unless youre wearing cowboy boots.

(Flash Back over)

She came with me to a rodeo that summer and, needless to say i got my hand hung in the rigging, and couldn't get lose. I had fallen on the bulls left side, and he managed to get me near the cow panels and drag me along them. There where cowboys trying to get me lose before the bull killed me but, they couldn't until he had knocked me out cold on the steel panels. when i was officialy free from the bull they laid me out in the middle of the arena, trying to keep my head still before any more damage could be done.

The ambulance had taken me from the arena and to the hospital, and then conformed that i had a broken right arm, and a broken neck. Now i know why cowboys say it's bad luck to bring your girlfriend to a rodeo to watch you ride. I staid in the hospital for 2 days, amy had never left my side and, when i came home she brought me cookies and loads of DVD's that she had watched with me. Now the rest was history.

I was for the second time in my life lost for words. Did i hear him right? Did he say, Amy was coming back? I couldn't believe it, she swore up and down she would never come back,to me ,or this town.

"Did you hear me? Amy's comin back!" He exclaimed. I shook my head. No way was she coming back here. Not after what had happened.

Not wanting to get my hopes up, i shrugged it off by saying, "It's probly just a rumor."

His smile fadded and, changed in to a hopeless look. He shook his head, and started writting somthing down in one of the tablets next to him. "Your feeds loaded." He informed. With that i turned around, and walked out with out saying a single good bye.

I walked out to my new customised truck a 2011 black f-350 super duty dually king ranch, and unlocked the doors, and got in. Running my hands over a picture i had sitting right by the speedometer, made me want to go back to that day. Amy was standing by Lakota, a buckskin mustang i had just bought her for her graduation gift. She was laughing at somthing i had said as she leaned against Lakota. As hard as i try to this day i can't remember what i had said to make her laugh so hard.

I cranked the truck, and headed back to the ranch. After driving twenty miles out of town i turned right on the drive way that led to the ranch. I past the sign that hung over the gravel drive that said "cetan nagin Ranch" Which in Lakota ment "shadow hawk ranch". My grand father had came up with the name when he first started the ranch, and the name hadn't been changed sence.

When i made it to the main barn i backed my truck in to the doc. As i got out of the truck, Brycen came running up to me. I gave him a strange look then asked, "Why ain't you in school?" Like a scolding father would do.

Slliding in front of me to stop he gave me a funny look, and laughed. "School got out last week!"

I tilted my head studying him to see if he was lying or not. "Your mama didn't say that when i seen her earlier."

"Yeah, well not my fault." He shrugged. "You can call her if you want."

Looking away I shook my head, and chuckled. "Lets go saddle some horses, and get to bringing in that big angus bull." He nodded, and followed me to the barn. I walked in to the tack room, and swifly throwing my saddle, and bridal over my shoulder i began walking over to Lakota's stall. He gave me a soundfull hello, and walked to the stall door waiting for me to open it.

"oo-oohey" I told him, as i opened the door, and slipped the bridal over his head. I through the saddlle on his back and started tighining his girth making Lakota snort in annoyance.

Brycen walked over to me ready to go with "Tashunke-Witke" Which ment Crazy horse in Lakota. The name fit the horse pretty well sence he was a bit of a loco. You never knew what he was thinking, one minuet he would be the best horse to ride and the next he would just start bucking with no cause. He was a blue roan appaloosa and he had came from a blood line of bucking horses, wwhitch might explain his random bucking.

"What did you just say to him?" Brycen asked.

I looked over my shoulder brycen was there, and smiled. "I told him it was time, in Lakota."

He chuckled. " How many indian languages do you know?"

I walked out of the stall with out leading Lakota, because i knew he would follow. "Only two, Apache and of course Lakota." I told him. He nodded, and began matching my steps.

When we walked the horses out of the barn we got on them and cantered to the south side of the ranch where most of the mountains are, on our ranch. Lakota, picked up his speed and went in to a smooth canter until I shifted my wait forward, and laid my reins behind his ears letting him know to pick up his speed and run as fast as he could. When Brycen and his horse would try to get close Lakota, would pick up his speed.

When i seen the cattle i shifted my wait in to the back of the saddle pulling the reins back making Lakota stop on his back heels causing a big cloud of dust to suround us. I patted him on his neck, and tapped him with my boot heel signaling for him to walk forward. Brycen was now by my side watching the cows.

"Wow! How did you get him to stop like that!" Brycen whistled, tilting his hat back.

"Lots of reining practice." I told him. "I think we can just sit here on horse back for a while, and see if any of the mustangs run through today." Brycen's face was a picture. He never knew of me slacking back on work but, i wanted to let him see the mustangs run through to the watering hole.

"Fine with me." He grinned. "Did mama tell you the news?"

I stopped my horse, and got off watching the cattle graze in the vally. I tilted my head back and sighed.

"Im figurin your gonna tell me." I said looking at him still up on his horse.

He looked down, "Amy's comin home with her fiancee." He mummbled.


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