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One Marine And One Girl Semper Fi

Novel By: katey 1111

Katey, just moved to north carolina after finishing her last year of college, when she meets Michael Andrews a united states Marine. They meet through two of there friends, and begin to spend time together. Michael comes from along line of Marines and plans to be a lifer for the corps. Can Katey, a civilian handle the Marine life? Will she fall in love with this southern boy marine? View table of contents...


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I sat on the white sand looking out at the ocean watching the waves roll in and out. The sky was turning in to a dark gray as storm clouds began to move in over the water. The waves from the sea began to roll in faster and crash harder into each other. A long streak of Lightning cracked across the dark sky, causing chills to run through my body.

The people that had been on the beach earlier today had all disappeared when the blue skys had turned a nasty gray. Now The only sounds around me were thunder, and lighting. It was peaceful when no one was around but the sea it's self.

I had came here too North Carolina to spread my wings, and find out for myself what life was all about. When i graduated college i knew i had to get out of the small town i grew up in before i got stuck there.

I've been living here in Lejeune for six months now. I've gotten to know my way around the place pretty well. The salon where i work is in the center of town, and the house i live in is only a couple blocks away.

The woman who owned the salon i worked at told me about the house her and her husband owned and offered to rent it out to me for as long as i wanted.

The house was cheaper to rent than any other place i had found. The entire house was already furnished, and ready to be lived in. It was located right on the beach, and was only 2 miles from the nearest store.

The house had three bedrooms, two baths and a huge living area and kitchen. The whole place was huge and inviting.

The lightning struck again getting closer, and the thunder was becoming louder. I stood up from my place in the sand, looking at the ocean one last time before i walked back to the house. Rain started to poor out of the sky like someone opened the flood gates of heaven.

I ran in to the house now soaked to the skin from the rain that had came down. I felt the cool air of the house hit my wet skin. Chills ran through my body as i took my clothes off leaving a trail of clothing on the dark wooden floors of the stairs all the way up to my room.

The bed room is painted a blood red color with a chocolate wooden floor. The head frame of the bed in the room is made of black steel with a fluffy white comforter, and pillows. To the left of the room there is a huge bathroom.

The bath room had two sinks, a shower and a huge bath that sat in the middle of the room. You could Easley fit two people in the bath. I wrapped my self in a fluffy towel, walking over and sitting on the edge of the tub and turning on the water. When the tub was full i turned the water off dropping the towel, and stepping over the side to sink in the warm water.

I closed my eyes leaning my back against the tub feeling the water go over my body. The events of the day seamed to fade away. Next to the bath was a small table that had a radio sitting on it. I hit a button. Soft rock came from the speakers.

"I love you. I've loved you all along and i miss you. far away for far to long. I keep dreaming you'll be with me and you'll never know. Il Stop breathing if i don't see you any more. So far away so far away for far to long."

I hummed as Nickelback filled the silence. The day had been long and, all i wanted to do was unwind. When the water became cool, i got out wrapping myself in a towel. I turned the light off in the bed room while walking out.

The house phone began to ring as i walked down the stairs, and in to the kitchen.
I picked the phone up from the receiver answering it.

"Hello?" I answered holding the phone to my ear with my shoulder as i took a bottle of water from the fridge.

"Hey Katey. What do you have going on tonight?" It was Lucy a girl i worked with at the salon. We had became friends over the past few months. Lucy had short red hair with green eyes and was no taller than 5'4. You know how they call red heads fiery? Well now i know why. Lucy can be a night mare or an angel when ever she chooses to be.

I walked back in to my room and sat on the bed. "Unwinding." I laughed falling back on to the soft bed resting my head on one of the pillows.

"I need to unwind as well." She sighed. "You up for going to dinner? David, has to work tonight so i have nothing to do." David was her finance. Who was stationed at the marine base a few miles away from town. He was 6'1 with black hair and brown eyes that reminded me of caramel.

I got up from the bed walking to the window. I moved the white curtains out of the way to look out at the ocean. The tides were coming up higher than they had been an hour ago. The rain had lightened up, but the sound of thunder clapping was just as loud as it had been earlier.

"Tallies In an hour?" I asked. Tallies was a bar and grill on the out skirts of town. Since my first week of moving here Lucy, and i went to the restaurant every Friday night.

I could hear a door closing and then a shuffling sound on the other end of the line.

"For sure!"

"See you then." I hit end on my phone before throwing it on the bed.

I walked to my closet scanning over the clothes. A white tank top and a V cut black vest caught my eye. I took the tops from the hangers then walked over to the stained black wooden dresser pulling out a white bra, and a pair of lacy red under wear from the top drawer. After pushing the drawer in I pulled out the second drawer, and picked out a pair of jeans.

I walked in to the bathroom dried and fixed my hair then put the make up that was sitting on the vanity on. I threw the towel in to a dirty clothes basket, and walked back to the bedroom putting on the clothes i had laid out on the bed.

I looked through the mirror one last time before i walked down the stairs. I grabbed my keys for my car and my cell phone from the glass coffee table in the living room.

Thunder broke the silence again. The clapping noise sounded more like thousands of Guns firing causing me to drop everything on the wooden floor. I recovered fast picking up the things i had dropped.

I ran up stairs remembering i hadn't grabbed a jacket for the weather waiting for me outside. I looked through my closet grabbing a black leather jacket, and putting it on. I walked back down the stairs taking each step Easley. I put on the black heels sitting by the door and walked out of the house locking the door behind me. Thankfully the porch and steps had been covered by a roof.

I ran as best as i could in 4 inch heels on the concrete side walk that led to the drive way were my car was parked. My heels made a clinking noise as i walked.

I hit the unlock button on the remote, the lights of the red challenger blinked two times then went off. I opened the car door sliding in to the black leather seat as fast as i could to avoid the rain from ruining my hair and make up. When i turned the ignition the car came to life with a roar. I reversed out of the drive, and headed towards town leaving black marks on the highway.

There wasn't to much traffic on the road in this sort of weather making it faster too get to the bar. Only one red light had caught me out of 8 Which was a very remarkable thing. I pulled in to the parking lot of the bar managing to get a parking spot not to far from the main door.

I grabbed My purse from the passengers seat and the keys from the ignition. I looked at my phone before putting it in my pocket. I was 10 minuets. Crap, i was never on time! The rain had stopped for a few minuets so i took my chance and got out running to the doors of the place and going in.

The music in the place was loud and up beat. People were all over the place, some at the bar and some on the dance floor. A DJ sat to the left of the dance floor playing different types of music from pop to rock. Huge blue, red, orange and green lights flashed over the people dancing. I got a few nods from a couple of guys that walked by with beers in their hands, some i had seen before some i had never even laid eyes on.

I scanned the room spotting Lucy's boyfriend David, and some other guy at a booth holding a conversation not to far from the counter where the beer was served. I seen Lucy walking away from the DJ, probably requesting a song to dance too. She seen me scanning over the people and waved me over when my eyes fell on her to were she had sat down next to David. I smiled as Her finance, David looked at me and gave me one of his smiles then said something to the guy in front of him.

"I'm late i know and I'm so sorry!" I apologized after i spoke to the waitress who had stopped me to ask if i wanted my usual. I walked over to the table. Lucy, and David were sitting on the left side of the booth while the other guy was sitting on the right side of the booth.

"Your all ways late." David teased after taking a drink of the beer in his hand.

I rolled my eyes at him. "You were supposed to be at work." I pouted swatting his arm playfully.

The stranger looked at David and then Me. He caught me by surprise when he looked me up and down. A smile formed on his lips as he took a drink of his beer. I felt slightly uncomfortable after this man had looked at me the way that he had.

The unfamiliar stranger's eyes caught my attention. They were a pretty ice blue. I could easily get lost in to them if looked at him longer than a few seconds.

My stomach did a flip when he spoke in a deep rough southern tone, not giving David the time to answer me. "Pardon my manners miss, But would you like to sit down?" He got up from his seat in the booth taking the black cowboy hat he had on his head off revealing curly black hair cut in to a Marine high -n- tight, and gestured for me to slide in.

I looked at the man standing next me in a pair of worn wrangler jeans and a white button down with his dog tags hanging from his neck. Never have i met a guy that had manners like this one. I nodded and slid in to the seat giving him a smile of thanks.

He slid in next to me, "I'm Michael by the way." He held his left hand out for me to shake.

I shook his hand and smiled, "Katey." I replied in a nervous tone. A smirk played on his lips as he looked at me picking up his beer and taking another drink. I felt uncomfortable under his stare.

I looked over at Lucy, "I have those garders in my car for when ever you get ready for them." Earlier today i had went in to a store that sold bridal things. Id found two perfect marine corps garders for Lucy. One was red with white lace and a gold charm of the marine corps symbol the other was just like it, the only difference was it being blue instead of red.

David and the guy, Michael both raised their eye brows. More than likely trying to figure out what i was talking about. "Thank you for picking them up for me." She smiled.

I shrugged as the waitress walked over with my coke and jack Daniels. "No problem." The waitress handed me my drink and walked away after taking both of David and Michael's orders for another round.

I looked over to my left when a loud group of guys walked in to the bar. They all were wearing casual clothes, jeans and the usual button down shirts. There was one that caught my attention as our eyes met. He was taller than the rest of the guys, and much more built. His blonde hair was cut short and neat, but long enough for a girl to run her hands through it..

"You know all of my deepest secrets. I think you know you know to keep em. But i wonder if you know, i hate sleeping alone so come an tell me what my kiss taste like. Don't want to miss it so turn off the lights but i wonder if you know i hate sleeping alone i have to fake it id leave if i could I'm not in love but the sex is good you cant mistake it cause it's under stood I'm not in love but the sex is good. Yeah yeah Um UM.
You got to know know my weakness you always touch in all the right places we don't get alone that well not much for talk but your hot as hell I have to fake it id leave if i could I'm not in love but the sex is good you cant mistake it cause it's understood."

A saving able song came on as the guy winked at me and smiled. He and the group of guys with him all walked over to a table and sat down. I put my purse under the table i was sitting at and then took a swallow of my drink. The guy i had made eye contact with earlier looked at me again holding my gaze.

Lucy and David followed my eyes. "Ain't that the new guy in our unit you got in a fight with?" David looked at Michael and asked.

Michael looked at the group of guys and nodded. "Yeah, to bad y'all stopped me before i could do some real damage." A smirk played on his lips. Wow really? Was he blood thirsty or something?

I slid out of the booth after taking my jacket off and walked around to the dance floor. I passed by the guys table i had been looking at swinging my hips. I could feel eyes on my back as i walked over to the DJ and asked him to play akid rock song that was even better than themusic he had been playing.

Six months ago i wouldn't have been caught dead in a bar much less be dancing in one. I guess things change after a while. I made my way to the floor as the song started to play. I moved my body with the beat getting lost as my body took over.

I felt hands on my hips as i moved to the music. Warm breath touched my neck as i tilted my head back. My butt grinded against who ever was behind me. I slung my head causing hair to fall over my face and some on the guys shoulder behind me. I could feel hips grind against my own. I turned in the arms of the person moving the hair from my face to see brown eyes staring back at me. I moved my hands to his shoulders and moved my hips on his leg.

I smiled as i recognized the guy who i had been making eye contact with earlier. He bent his head, "Damn." He breathed.

A smile came across his face as the song ended and i moved away. My breath was now back to normal, and my heart was back to a steady beat. I seen a glint of something shinning i looked at his chest noticing a set of hanging dogtags.

"Thanks for the dance." I smiled as I began to walk away leaving the guy on the dance floor with his mouth hanging wide open.

Michael was looking at me as i left the dance floor. A warm feeling ran through my body as our eyes met. My stomach did a flip and then a belly flop. I didn't notice before but Michael had a faded scar above his right eye and, a bit of stubble on his face.

Lucy walked over to me from the bar laughing. "Damn girl!" She shook her head. You had David's friend entertained! He never took his eyes off you!" She smiled as we linked arms and walked back to the table.

Avoiding the comment i asked, "So what are those two doing here anyway?" I noded to the two guys.

"David changed shifts so he called Michael and asked if he wanted to have a couple beers so he wouldn't be the third wheel." Lucy shrugged as we sat down in the booth.

I sat back down next to a stretched out Michael and Lucy sat next to David who put his arm around her.

"Nice dancing." Michael commented as i took a drink of the jack and coke sitting in front of me.

I looked at him, "You could have joined in." A smile spread across my lips. I wished he would have. The dancing would have gotten way better if he had.

"Na, i think pretty boy over there had it handled." He nodded to the guy i had been dancing with. There was a bite to his tone.

I didn't say any thing about his smart comment, because 1 i wasn't in the mood and two i really didn't care. I watched as couples got up to dance when a slow country song began to play.

"Ok so that makes what 15 military guys in two weeks?" Lucy asked. I nodded.

I laughed at David's reaction. Knowing he knew what we were talking about. "Yup. But sense being here I've only danced with two civilians." I laughed.

"How much do you owe us now?" David laughed.

"So far 40 bucks." I laughed.

Michael looked totally lost so David told him about the bet we all had made, "We made a bet with Katey to see how many guys in the military she danced with out of civilians. And so far all the guys have been military all but two." Michael began to laugh.

"They set you up." He chuckled. "Theres not to many civilians around here." I looked at him and began to laugh.

"I figured that out." He looked at me raising his eyebrows.

"How many guys have you danced with sense being here?" He asked.

"I'm not really sure." I shook my head.

Lucy looked at her phone then back at Michael. "Adding up from Tonight so far it's been 80." I choked on my drink.

"Your joking?" I coughed as Michael banged me on the back.

She showed me her phone, "No."

"Holy shit." I mumbled

Michael sat his beer on the table as he got up. "Lets make it 81." He smiled holding out his hand for me.

I looked at Lucy and David. They both nodded at me. "Go! Hes a great dancer he won't step on your toes." Lucy laughed.

I took Michael's hand and got up. He put his hand in the middle of my back leading me to the dance floor. Chills ran through my body at his touch. The butterflies in my stomach were going crazy. When we got on the dance floor a slow song began to play. I turned to Michael as he smiled placing his hands on my hips. I put my arms around his neck and began to dance.

"I was hoping you would ask me to dance." A smile played across his lips as he pulled me in closer to him.

I smiled up at him realizing he was way taller than me. "I was waiting for the right song." I laughed as i looked in to his eyes.

"About time." I mumbled.

You are not alone tonight
Imagine me there by your side
It's so hard to be here so far away from you
I'm counting the days till
I'm finally done
I'm counting them down, yeah, one by one
It feels like forever till I return to you
But it helps me on those lonely nights
It's that one thing that keeps me alive
Knowing that you wait for me
Ever so patiently
No one else knows the feeling inside
We hang up the phone without saying goodnight
Because it's the sound of your voice that brings me home
It's never been easy to say
But it's easier when I've gone away
Knowing that you wait for me
Ever so patiently
Yeah, you're everything I've ever dreamed of having and
It's everything I need from you just knowing that you wait for me
What I'd give
What I'd do
Knowing I'm not there for you
Makes it so hard to leave
What I'd give
What I'd do
Anything to get me home to you
And this time I'll stay
And you wait for me
Ever so patiently
Yeah, you're everything I've ever dreamed of having and
It's everything I need from you just knowing that you wait for me


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