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The Heart Of The Navy SEAL

Novel By: katey 1111

After Navy SEAL, Aaron Andrews is wounded in the deserts of Afghanistan, he returns home to Norfolk, Virginia to recover from the scars that the war has caused. While home for 6 months he falls in love with his best friends little sister, Vannessa Wilson. Torn between love, and war he has to make a decision. View table of contents...


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The most important thing about becoming a Navy SEAL is learning to trust the man next to you. It's one of the hardest things to learn, but when your life depends on it, you learn fast! If you can't, well it isn't just your life in danger, but your whole team and more. It's plain, and simple. No if's, ands, buts or maybes.

Most guys have a problem with understanding this, and thats why they won't make the cut. But, the guys who understand become part of a select group of individuals, Navy SEALs. It's truly a life long lesson, you live by it every single day of your life in everything you do.

Coming from a long line of, Marines' my family couldn't understand why i wanted to become a, Navy SEAL. My dad thought that it would be a dream that would just go away, like when i wanted to become a NFL super star, and when i turned 18 i would become a U.S Marine, instead. But my mom, she knew different and she didn't mind as long as I followed the time honored tradition and served.

By the time i graduated high school, and finished my 8 weeks of Navy basic training, my dream started to become a reality. As soon as i graduated basic training i went strait in to SEAL training, or what is greatly known as, BUD/S. I spent seven months in Coronado, California for the training to become a Navy SEAL. I stayed exhausted, my muscles ached beyond belief and my body seemed to stay chilled to the bone. I remember telling my self "You can make it!" Over and over again. With Instructors screaming, and shouting at me, i became more, and more motivated. This was what i had always wanted, and what i had thrived on for 6 years.

Now8 years later here i am, A United States Navy SEAL, and a platoon leader on mysixth tour in, Afghanistan. I walked under the mid night sky, my back loaded down with all of my gear. Slade, my best friend sense child hood, was walking next to me adjusting the gear on his back. He stumbled in to me. I reached out and pulled him up by his gear. "Hey, man you alright?" I asked him, putting my hand on his shoulder, as we walked.

"Yeah, I'm good." He nodded. "Don't worry about me."

We had been patrolling on foot for the past 2 hours, and with the gear on our backs it made it harder to walk, and concentrate on our surroundings. The uniforms we were in made us feel like we were in a boiling fernnis. Sweat pouring down our faces, our muscles aching.... Yeah, i would have to say it's a living hell here.

I stopped in my tracks looking over at, Slade "Somethings wrong." I told him. He stopped, and looked around, scanning the top of the buildings.

"Nothings there, man." He looked at me.

I shook my head, watching the other guys walk about 15 yards ahead of us. "Its to still." I told him

His eyes went back up towards the buildings.The brisk night air was still, noise was gone and Slade looked at me, "Dude, you really think someones up there tonight? I mean come on, really?"

I raised my eyebrows. "Your to nieve." He looked over at me, and cracked a smile. "It's nothing to smile at, stupid.

"Your just paranoyed."

I raised my eyebrow at him. "Has our time out here taught you nothing? You idget. Let's just say that I am trusting my instinct. Come on let's go tell the others that they need to be more quiet. I can hear, Davison all the way back here." He nodded, and followed me.

When we we're almost caught up to the group they finnaly relized that, Slade, and I had been missing. They turned to look at us, and started walking again. It truly pissed me off that this group of, Navy SEALs could careless about the guys in their own unit! But, then again we hadn't been under fire in 2 days, so they had been way to relaxed. My legs were aching from walking in the sand, i could feel sand moving around in my socks annoying the hell out of me. Slade, walked by my side, silently. I cupped my hands around my mouth "Hey, boys!" I called out. They all stopped, and turned towards us.

"You think thats the way to be?" I asked them.

I could barley see the guys faces, but i could tell by the moonlight that they were looking confused. one of the guys stood up straiter. "Sir?"

"Well, wouldn't ya'll make your old instucters happy! Leaving two men behind the way you sorry bunch did, in a fuckin war zone! What happened to never leave a man behind?" The group looked down at their boots. Boy did they look pathetic to, Slade and I. Slade crosed his arms, and shook his head at the group. "Just because we haven't been under fire dosen't mean all is well in the world tonight." I walked forward until i was in, Davison's face. "And you, i could hear you talking all the way back there!" I pointed my thumb behind me. I turned my attention back to the group. "Ya'll better get your shit together, before i get it together for you! Do i make my self clear as fuckin day?" I shouted like an instructer would do to his recruits.

"Sir, yes sir!" The men chimmed in together.

I nodded, and took a step back. "Now that thats cleared up, ya'll need to keep your mouths shut, and stay at attention it's to quite tonight." They all looked at each other, and then back at me.

Once again they all chimed in "Sir, yes sir!"

We all started walking again. "Stick together!" I reminded them. This time i didn't get an answer, they all kept walking. Slade, was by my side again. "Hows, Raegan?" He asked. I looked over at him, and chuckled. Raegan, was my little sister, well only by 10 minuets any way. I also have a younger brother, Avery and hes my little brother, by only 5 minuets, and hes a Recon Marine, like my dad.

"Dude, shes married and has 2 kids!" I groaned, knowing that he was pretty much in love with her.

He shrugged "Your point? I like her kids, and im in love with her!" He grinned.

I held up my hands "End of conversation!"

"Oh come on." He nudged me. "Shes so fine!"

I choked. "Just for that when i get home im Taking, Vannessa on a date." I told him. He started to make gagging noises. His face was a picture as he faked putting his finger down his throat.

"Bro, i love you but, no way are you taking my little sister out on a date, and incase you have forgotten she has a 7 year old little girl!" His face showed shock that I thought of his sister that way even though she had a kid. I had always had a soft spot for Vannessa, but he really didn't understand how.

"Whats your type of girl?" I asked, Slade becoming more seriouse. He looked down at the red sand, smiling.

He looked over at me, as i almost tripped over my own feet when i tried to get my water bottle. "About 5'4, Black wavy hair, blue eyes and witha body that will blow you out of this world!" I chocked on my water. He was describing my sister. More than likely to piss me off, but it didn't because shes married to a, Marine im sure she will never leave. "Whats yours?" He asked.

I shugged, and thought about it. After a minuet of deciding to mess with, Slade's brain i told him."I prefer blue eyes, and brown hair but, il defenitly go for a girl with brown eyes, and an awesome personality. Oh, and a girl with an, ass to die for!" He rolled his eyes, knowing i was describing, Vannessa.

"Shes got a ki....." We heard gun fire, and then one of the guys screem, as we all dropped down on the sand with our M16's.

"Its coming from over there!" I reconized, Davison's voice.

We scralled across the ground and huddled in what little defensable positions we could find. Slade was looking around shellshocked. "What the hell, where the hell did they come from? They are more organized than usual"

I smacked him. "You dumbass, I tried to tell you that they were around us, now let's do this."

We put on our night vision systems, jumped up and saw carnage around us. Slade, was on my right, and Young was on my left. We moved swiftly tryin our best to dodge bulits. I looked at, Slade and he gave me "the nod". I stopped, and dropped to the ground, Young, glanced over at us, and crawled next to us. "Get the stand." I told, Slade as i fixed my M16 making sure nothing was going to jam Slade, dug through the pack on my back pulling out my guns stand.

"Here." He handed it to me.

"Calculate the yards!" I shouted over the gun fire. Young, was fireing next to me trying his best to guard me, and Slade while we set up to have our acuret shots. Young, was new to our team, and he was a damn good shot, but he mostly controlled the radio. Young moved out of my way, and mannaged to get behind me. "Young, call for back up!" He nodded, and started working the radio.

"200 yards!" Slade, shouted. "Aaron, your gonna make your dad proud!" I don't know why he said that, but i needed to hear it. I cleared my thoughts, and calmed my adrinalin, and blocked out all of the hollers, and screams of the men. I shot the gun. I looked at Slade, his hand was on my shoulder, Giving me the knowing look that i had made the pefect kill shot.

"Next round?" He asked, as he started calculating another distance. I nodded. "180 yards!" I set my scope for the second time. "1,2.." Slade, counted off on 3 i shot the rifle not missing.

A scream pierced the air. It was coming from me. I felt a hot then cold feeling come over me, as my body went limp, and i couldn't move. "Oh God, Aaron! He is down!" Slade, yelled moving closer to me. "Hes shot! Where the hell is reinforcement?!" He was yelling at, Young.

"There getting here!" Young, was ripping open my uniform. "He still got a pulse?" He asked, Slade.

His voice scared, and shakey he answered, "Yeah, hardly but hes still got one." Slade had two fngers pressed to my neck checking for my pulse.

Young, looked at slade, "It's bad. Hes shot in the stomic.It's possible he will bleed to death." He told him. Slade, moved to his pack, and started pulling out cotten balls and huge rolls of bandages.

"Can you pack it?" Slade looked at, Young whose face had turned white as the cotton balls.

Young's, face was big as saucers, as he shook his head looking at me lying there almost lifeless. "I - i- i can't." Slade moved, Young out of his way, and started packing the big wond I grouned as, pain shot through my body i reached for, young and grabed on to his shirt.

"Leave me im gonna die." I told, Slade through my clentched teeth.

He looked up from what he was doing, and shook his head. "Your not going to die, your momma, and Raegen need you, along with your team." His eyes were misting with tears.

"If reinforcment don't get here he will die from bleeding to death!" Youngs, voice was clear as another pain feeled through my body.

"Shut the fuck up!" Slade, screamed at young. I unclenched my hand from, Young's shirt and put it on, Slade's shoulder.

"Tell my mom i love her, tell Raegen, im sorry i didn't keep my promise of staying safe, tell Avery, to never give up the Marines' and, tell my dad i hope i made him proud of his son." Tears were rolling down mine and, Slade's face.

Slade put a hand over mine. "I won't have to, your going to make it out of here alive." He reasured me.

"Slade, your my best friend, and you've been by my side through all of it..... I preshat that." I told him, as everything went black.


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