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Fire Drill

Novel By: Kathrine72

Cassandra and Sam don't get along; At the moment. hey used to have a great relationship but that has since faded. Can they now get along again like they once were or possibly even better? Compromise is the answer, you have to give a little to get a little. View table of contents...


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Samuel and I used to be friends as children. Once puberty hit and Sam found out that he was attracted to girls, not that he liked boys before because like I said once puberty hit it started, we grew apart. It happened rather quickly. It seemed one day we were playing football in his backyard and the next he was avoiding me like I was the plague. We still talked every once and a while though. Our parents would have Christmas parties and because our dads worked together. There were the fair share of work parties. But every summer our families would spend at the lake house up north.

Our parents were really close and still are. It seemed that we were friends again like nothing had changed, but once school started up again he ignored me, avoided me and sometimes he was out right rude to me. Soon during the summers we started to grow apart. While he hung out with his friends and the 'Hot' girls strutting their stuff in bikinis, I was left to babysit the kids since I had nothing better to do. The only reason we would ever hang out during the summer was when our parents forced us together but usually he found something better to do. That's what I had always liked about him; he always knew how to make the best out of every situation. But that was when I was included. If he couldn't find anything better to do that left me alone he would include me by making fun of my new haircut or anything he could think of.

Don't get me wrong I poked fun at him right back but that's only when he started it. I know. I know this seems childish and that we should just be friends again or leave each other alone but I can't leave him alone. He was my best friend; we told each other everything. He knows everyone of my secrets. Sam can tell anyone he wants and make me even more of a loser but I think deep down he's still the boy I knew because he hasn't told anyone as far as I know. The secrets that he know could destroy me so easily by spreading them through the school.

Once the summer was over school started up again, the summer right before high school our relationship was at its worst. We went into high school hating each other. Last year was sophomore year; he started to talk to me. Well you could call it talking but it pissed me off every time and he knew it. At every encounter he would make fun of me. Saying something he thought was funny and them walking off.

He hung out with the jocks and cheerleaders. I got stuck back in his past. He was popular; I hung out with, well, my friends and stayed out of the popular crowds way. I try to remember him as the little boy I used to know, so sweet and caring, as the little boy who would beat anyone up that, made fun of me; the little boy that had cried on my shoulder when his mom and dad got a divorce. But it was harder now more than ever. It seems as if his position has changed. Now he's the boy that makes fun of me. What I want to know is when's my night and shining armor to come and beat him up?

Now that summer has past and school is staring up again I'm slightly excited. I'm going to be a junior this year. This summer was actually fun even though Sam was present. I got to invite my best friend Rachel to the lake house with us. We had a blast. We got home late on Saturday morning. Rachel and I had in the car the whole way.

"Girls wake up." My mom's gentle voice said. I woke up rubbing the sleep from my eyes. I looked over to Rachel who was still asleep. I kicked her playfully with my foot to wake her up. She opened her eyes but quickly closed them against the blinding sunlight that was seeping through the black tinted windows. I got out of the car to stretch. I looked up at my house.

Ah, I thought, home sweet home. My mom and dad had already started to unpack the cars. I looked over across the street and Sam's house as his family was doing the same. I bent down to touch my toes and then I cracked my back as I rolled my shoulders. I had to get all the kinks out of my body from the uncomfortable car ride. Rachel got out of the car too as I walked up the driveway.I made my way to the front door to get a box that I saw on the porch. I looked at the name it wasn't my name or anyone in my family's names but I did recognize it. It had Mathew Greene written on it. It was a box for Sam's dad. Rachel came up behind me.

"I hope you know that the garage is open." she said noticing that I didn't have the keys to the front door.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. I just wanted to see who this box was for. The UPS guy got the wrong address again. I'm gonna go give it to the Greene's" I said as I made my way across the driveway with the rather large box in my hands. I can't believe they got the wrong house again. But I can't really blame them; the last names Greene and Greenly are fairly close but why can't they check the address? I made my way across the street quickly due to the minimal traffic in our so called 'gated community.' I reached the Greene's front door and rang the doorbell. I heard their two dogs Moose and Sparky bark loudly as I heard footsteps coming to the front door. I set the heavy box down and smoothed out my 'comfortable' clothes from the car ride down. The handle on the door twisted open and a head of thick dark curls poked out.

I looked at Sam. He looked tired. When I didn't say anything he stepped out into full view and asked "Hey Cassie, what brings you here?" Apparently he hadn't noticed the rather large box at my feet. I motioned down and my feet and his gaze followed my motions. He simply bent down and picked up the box and didn't say anything. I looked up at him.

"So are you ready to be a loser once again at school?" He asked as he set the box down inside his house. See what I mean with the insulting. One minute I think he's actually genuine and the next he just ruins it.

"Go to hell." I said under my breath as I walked away.

He just laughed at me and asked "Now, now is that how ladies act? Wait never mind."

"What do you mean?" I asked stopping in my tracks. I was truly curious as to what he was going to say.

He laughed loudly and said "You know what I mean considering you'e not a woman. I mean everyone saw you walk into the guy's restroom." He was inferring that I was a man.

"Oh yeah, you mean that time. I can assure you that I didn't go in there because I'm a guy. I did perform some pretty womanly things, if I do say so myself." With that I had stunned him to silence and walked off. The truth is, I lied. I had actually walked into the guy's restroom by mistake. But for my sake and sanity why not make it seem like I had sex in there as long as it would shut him up? I walked back to my house where Rachel waited.

The rest of the day was filled with unpacking and cleaning out the car and finally sleep. I woke up on Sunday still tired. Rachel had gone back home after she unpacked and helped us clean the car out. That was nice of her because we had told her she didn't need to stay. I rubbed my eyes and got up and got dressed for the day. I went down stairs and ate breakfast.

The rest of the day I made phone call to my friends about school tomorrow while they told me the latest gossip about who was going out with who and other useless things. "OMG! Cassie, guess what!" My friend Amy yelled into the phone. I rolled my eyes at her dramatic personality. "Sam and Gabby are dating and a little more if you know what I mean." She said.

I scoffed at the fact that anyone would ever want tot go out with Sam. But then again the school slut, Gabby, doesn't make any exceptions when she's trying to conquer the school. I sat on my bed for the whole day either talking on the phone or watching the Law and Order Marathon. Some time between 10:00 PM and 11:00 PM I fell asleep on the phone with my best guy friend Tate.


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