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Lovers' Crisis

Novel By: Kathrine72

Lena Jacobs doesn't know what has hit her when she meets the hot Cameron Castillo at her cousin's wedding. They 'meet' again soon after; meaning the next morning under unusual circumstances, well unusual for Lena. That one meeting leads to several more, along with some major and minor twists and turns. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 24, 2010    Reads: 1,276    Comments: 13    Likes: 9   

"Hurry up Lena!" My mother whispered harshly, pulling me out of the stretch limo parked in front of the church.

The day was bright the sky was blue, not a clouds in sight. As carefully as I could I climbed the stairs so not to trip over my own feet as my mother marched me towards the door. "We' are going to be late," She grumbled.

"Mom, we wouldn't be late if you hadn't stopped at the drug store right before," I sighed still hurrying to keep up with her.

"Well, I had a run in my tights," She huffed looking at the slightrip on the top of her thigh.I swear she acted like a child sometimes. "I needed something to stop it, I couldn't just walk in there tight-less,"

I rolled my eyes as I listened to her trying to defend herself.

"Of course not," I said sarcastically.

"Don't you use that tone of voice with me young lady, you'll never get yourself married if you keep acting the way you do," She said stopping suddenly near the side entrance to the banquet room where the wedding reception was to take place.

That's right we missed the wedding. The whole damn thing.

"There was a ton of traffic," she tried again being over defensive now that she knew I wasn't going to take any of her bullshit.

I'll give her that one though. There was a ton of traffic, unexpected traffic. Found out over the radio that it was because some importantbillionaire had decided to arrive. Aren't all billionairesimportant in one way oranother?Why woulda rich guy showing upmake traffic heavier you ask? Well, he decided to make some emergency landing in the middle of the highway. Well maybe it wasn't him exactly because he wasn'tflying the plane but I'm sure he had something to do with it.

"Okay honey," My mom said in a rightly maternal tone that sounded sugar sweet. A little too sweet. She turned me aroundto face her and looked over my dress. Smoothing out the wrinkles on her own. I followed her movements and then slightly patted my hair hoping it wasn't frizzing up. "You look beautiful," She said swatting my hand away from my hair.

I sighed and dropped my arms. Slowly she walked in front of me through the entrance. I followed behind her, bobbing my head around the corner. My eyes widened at the sight of the bride and groom dancing among their friends and family. The groom's eyes never left his bride's as he swept herthrough the room in their first dance around the ballroom.

I reached out and grabbed my mom's shoulder to stop her from walking any farther and ruining the moment.

Finally after the song ended it seemed like the party really got started. People got up and walked around with drinks and arms linked pulling each other onto the dance floor and talking loudly almost drowning out the music playing.

I walked over to my cousin, Ryan, the groom, and gave him a huge awkward side hug because his hand waslinked with his new bride. I pulled back and smiled brightly at them.

"You guys are too cute," I sighed.

"Thanks," Camilla, the bride blushed brightly and embraced me in another side hug.

Just then someone called Camilla's name. I looked over her shoulder and saw tall handsome man walking our way. Dark hair and a dark tan and melted chocolate brown eyes. My eyes widened a bit as I took a sip of the champagne that I snagged from a passing waiter and few minutes ago. Camilla turned around and then he smiled.

I choked slightly as the drink went down.

He was even more perfect when he smiled. His eyes twinkled happily as he embraced Camilla and then turned to shake hands with Ryan. They all started talking and that's when I noticed he had a slight accent. It was soft and barely there but there it was. I almost died at that moment.

Too perfect.

I cleared my throat slightly as I walked up to Ryan's side.

"Oh, sorry," He smiled down at me. "Cameron, I'd like you to meet my cousin Lena,"

"Nice to meet you," the man Cameron said politely reaching out to shake my hand.

I smiled up and him and we shook hands.

Yeah. That's it.

We shook hands.

I'll admit I was hoping to do a bit more than that with him. I sighed inwardly as I thought about what I would like to do to him later in the coat room. My smiled widened.

"Lena this is my brother," Camilla beamed. I looked back and forth between them both. I did notice the resemblance.

"The one you were talking about?" I asked giving her a look she understood right away. She nodded and smirked. A while back Camilla was telling me about her brother, trying to hook us up. I refused several times not wanting to go on a blind date. I had seen pictures of him but they surely did not do this man in front of me justice.

My mouth hung open but I recovered quickly. "Oh, well then, it's nice to meet you too," I breathed out looking into his eyes.

He smiled politely again and continued the conversation that was going on before I interrupted. I listened in amazement as he talked about the renovations going on at his house and that he was staying at his beach house in Hawaii. I smiled and laughed and nodded when appropriate but other than that I watched him.

I'll admit it was a bit creepy.

But I couldn't help it. A couple times Iwe made eye contact,but it never lasted long. I alsomade eye contact withCamilla and she just smiled smugly in an 'I told you so' way.

Ugh. I'm going to kill her later. She was holding out on me purposely. She could have told me her brother was so hot, and that he had an accent. But I should've guessed because of her accent too.

After a while I dismissed myself from the conversation and went to the bar to get something a bit heavier than the champagne. Sure it was light and bubbly but light and bubbly was going to get me no where, whereCameron was concerned. I needed a bit of liquid courage before I decided I wanted to chat him up.

The music pumped through the bar stool that I was sittingon and I lightly tapped my foot to the beat. I watched as people danced, couples, kids and even in groups. I smiled when I saw Ryan and Camilla dancing together again with kids surrounding them.

"You should really go a little slower on the drinking," Someone said from behind me.

"Yeah, well you should mind your own business," I glared ahead at nothing in particular, knocking the third lass of rum and Coke back.

Someone sat down next to me and ordered the same. "Do you always talk to people like that?" the same person questioned. "If youdo you must be a real charmer," I looked over at the manand glared. My eyes raised when I realized who it was. It wasn't the same creepy old guy that kept hitting on me in the past hour;

That's for sure.

"No," I hiccuped. "I thought you were someone else,"

Maybe I went a little over board with the 'liquid courage.'

Cameron laughed heartily and took a sip of the drink the bartender just served. She winked at him and I envied her confidence. Maybe she was just as tipsy as I am though. She does have opportunity having access to all the booze and all.

"I love this song," I said mainly to myself. I set down my drink and started to wiggle around in my bar stool.

"Wanna dance?" Cameron asked me setting down his own drink. I smiled and nodded.

If I can get up and not fall flat on my face.

He held out his hand and we walked, slowly, towards the dance floor. I wobbled a bit but I'm sure it wasn't as noticeable becauseCameron has afirm grip around me. He was basically doing the walking for me.

And for that I will be forever grateful to him, I thought.

Finally we took our place and danced wildly to the music. Well I can only really speak for myself, because the next morning I woke up and couldn't remembermuch past that moment.


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